Fear Me, if You Dare. Puss in Boots Unlikely Hero Concept

Fear Me, if You Dare. Puss in Boots Unlikely Hero Concept

Using his sword and his sad eyes, Puss in Boots is a helpful addition to any team.

Quote: “For you, baby, I could be.”


Starting Stars: :star2:

Role: Control

Position: Frontline

Trials Team::red_circle:


Entrance: Puss walks up to a tree and engraves his signature, “P” in it. Then, the tree disappears.

Victory: Puss throws his sword into the air and catches it.

Defeat: Puss stomps one foot and hisses.


Basic Attack: Puss slashes his sword at the nearest enemy once.

:white_circle:: En Garde!
Fantastic damage: Puss slashes his sword at the nearest enemy three times, dealing X fantastic damage each slash, applying a 10% armor decrease and health drain for 10 seconds, dealing 2% health per second.

:green_circle:: Fear Me, if You Dare.
Puss makes an intimidating face at a random enemy, applying a 12% basic damage decrease and scared for 10 seconds.

:large_blue_circle:: Today, I Repay My Debt.
Puss takes his hat off and makes sad eyes at a random enemy, charming them for 10 seconds, cleanses himself, and gains a 10% basic damage increase for 15 seconds.

:purple_circle:: Pray For Mercy From Puss…in Boots.
At the start of battle, Puss gains a 10% move speed increase and a 10% attack speed increase for 10 seconds. If an ally is KO’d, Puss gains a 15% armor increase and 10% max HP increase for 15 seconds.

:red_circle:: Lurking in the Shadows
At the start of battle, Puss gains a 10% basic damage increase for 10 seconds and is invisible for 10 seconds. En Garde! now stuns for 10 seconds. Puss gains permanent precise.

+X% Max HP
+X Armor
+X Reality


Friendship 1

Puss in Boots/Shrek and Donkey

Shrek and Donkey Unlikely Hero Concept. :slight_smile:


Friendship Campaign Name: En Garde!

Puss sees Shrek and Donkey at Town Square and asks if they would like to try fencing at his fencing arena. Donkey is enthusiastic about it, but Shrek doesn’t really want to.

Allies: Hercules, Aladdin, and Prince Phillip

Disk Name: The Three Amigos

Disk Advantages: +5 seconds of health drain and armor decrease when when Puss in Boots’s white skill is used, +1 second per star. Max: +5 seconds. +807 green skill power per level.

Friendship 2

Puss in Boots/Jack Sparrow

Friendship Campaign Name: Sword Fight

Puss notices Jack Sparrow’s fighting skills and asks him to duel.

Allies: Captain Barbosa, Jafar, and Pleakley

Disk Name: Dueling

Disk Advantages: +5 seconds of charm when Puss in Boots’s Blue skill is used, +1.5 second per star. Max: +7.5 seconds. +834 Max HP per level.

It was such a great movie

I do have some feedback:

How much of an armor decrease is this (percentage-wise)? Also, I assume “health drain” means the skill does additional damage over the 10 seconds? In which case, it needs its own variable.

I assume this means a Basic Damage decrease?

Same applies here.

How much of an increase does he get for each of these (also percentages)?

Again, I assume this is Basic Damage?

The effect itself is good, but only getting a half of a second more to the effect when the disk is at max level is way too small.

Same kind of applies here.

There’s still some improvements to be made, but you’re definitely getting much better at making concepts, and I’m happy to see it. Keep it up!

Thank you! I do agree that I have gotten better at making concepts since my first one.

A sequel has come out, too. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

The quote should be more like “Pray for mercy from… Puss in Boots!”

Can you plz stop reviving dead topics.

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