Shrek and Donkey Unlikely Hero Concept

Shrek and Donkey Unlikely Hero Concept.

For future reference, normal refers to Shrek and Donkey in their normal form. Alt refers to Shrek and Donkey after drinking a happily ever after potion.


Shrek and Donkey tear up the battlefield as they fight off the creeps. With unlimited happily ever after potions, Shrek and Donkey can change from ogre and donkey to human and horse.

Donkey: “What about my Miranda rights? You’re supposed to say, “You have the right to remain silent!” Nobody said I have the right to remain silent!”
Shrek: “Donkey, you have the right to remain silent. What you lack is the capacity.”


Chips to unlock: 80

Starting stars: :star2::star2::star2:

Role: Tank

Position: Frontline

Trials team: Red


Basic Attack: Shrek punches the nearest enemy.

Normal: Shrek slams open the outhouse door and steps out. Donkey prances onto the battlefield soon after.
Alt: Shrek comes in riding Donkey. He dismounts after assuming his position.

Victory: Shrek and Donkey smile and look at each other awkwardly.

Defeat: Shrek falls on his hands and knees. Donkey lies down and gets sad.

Being hit: Shrek and Donkey both flinch at the same time.


White Skill: Can’t We Just Settle This Over a Pint? (Normal) or Fiona!!! (Alt)
Normal: :shield:True damage: Shrek and Donkey ram into the enemy lineup and knocks them back, dealing X true damage and sapping all foes for 15 seconds.
Alt: :sparkles:Fantastic damage: Shrek mounts Donkey and runs through the enemy lineup, knocking them back, dealing X fantastic damage, and applying armor decrease for 15 seconds.

Green Skill: Do the Roar! (Normal) or Pretty Boy (Alt)
Normal: Shrek roared at the enemies, silencing and scaring them for 10 seconds, and applying armor decrease for 10 seconds.
Alt: Passive: Shrek and Donkey gain attack speed increased, max HP increased, and berserk for 10 seconds. Fiona!!! now stuns the first enemy hit for 10 seconds.

Blue Skill: A Mean Weedrat Stew (Normal) or Bulk Up (Alt)
Normal: Shrek eats a bowl of weedrat stew and gains armor increase, max HP increase, reality increase, and energized for 15 seconds.
Alt: Shrek rolls his shoulders, gaining skill power increase, evasion increase, and health regen for 15 seconds. The duo and all allies also receive shielded.

Purple Skill: Ogres Have Layers
Passive: Shrek and Donkey receive 2 stacks of hardy when an ally is KO’d. Can’t We Just Settle This Over a Pint? now stuns the first enemy hit for 10 seconds. Bulk Up now inflicts 5 stacks of fatigue on 1 random enemy.

Red Skill: Angry Ogre
Passive: At the start of each wave, Shrek and Donkey gain max HP increase for 10 seconds. Ogres Have Layers now grants Shrek and Donkey skill power increase for 10 seconds.

+X armor
+X tenacity
+X reality


Friendship 1

Shrek and Donkey/Maximus


Friendship Campaign Name: Trotting in the Park

Donkey meets Maximus in the City’s park and they become friends right away. Shrek doesn’t supervise them, but comes to their aid when he hears, “Shrek! Shrek! Help us, Shrek! Shrek!”

Allies: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Madam Mim

Disk Name: Two Royal Steeds

Disk Power: +5 seconds of sapped and armor decrease when when Shrek and Donkey’s white skill is used, +1 second per star. Max: +5 seconds. +872 skill power per level.

Friendship 2

Shrek and Donkey/Kronk


Friend Campaign Name: Muscle Competition

Shrek notices Kronk’s muscles and wants to see who’s strongest.

Allies: Pacha, Hercules, and Sarah Sanderson

Disk Name: Strength Trials

Disk Power: +5 seconds of energized and skill power increase when Shrek and Donkey’s blue skill is used, +0.5 seconds per star. Max: +2.5 seconds. +500 max HP per level.

This took me three-ish days to make. I hope you enjoyed it. I know this is a different way of doing outfit switches, but it is a good idea, right? Let me know if I made this concept too OP. When I made other concepts, people were telling me too add more buffs and debuffs into my concepts, so, I did. BTW, happy New Year, everybody!

I know this is just a sneak peek of your next concept anyways, but I would seriously advise waiting a couple of days before posting the full thing so it doesn’t come across as spam.


Yes. Please read the TOS if you are unfamiliar with the community guidelines. Also, you should read other guides about making concepts.

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