Flik/Pocahontas Friendship Campaign Concept

Here is Flik’s second friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Harvest Together



Allies: Bunsen and Beaker, Esmeralda, Joy

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Flik and Pocahontas are now friends!

Pocahontas: Hello. I haven’t seen you around here before, what’s your name?

Flik: Oh, I’m Flik. What kind of a bug are you? I don’t think I’ve seen one like you before.

Pocahontas: Actually, I’m not a bug, I’m a human. have you met a human before?

Flik: No, I’m not sure if there’s any on Ant Island.

Campaign Story: Flik and Pocahontas decide to prepare a feast for all of their friends.

Pocahontas: There are so many new places. Even with new friends.

Flik: I know. Some of them even help mand and the other ants get accustomed here.

Pocahontas: There must be something we can do to show our thanks.

Flik: Maybe there is.

Chapter 1: Harvest Hour

Chapter 1-1: Flik tells Pocahontas about the harvest the ants do.

Chapter 1-2: Every Spring and Summer, they gather food for when the rainy season approaches.

Chapter 1-3: This gives Pochahontas the idea.

Chapter 1-4: She wants to prepare a feast for everyone that has helped them upon arriving in the City.

Chapter 1-5: Flik likes the idea, but is unsure at the same time.

Pochahontas: What’s wrong? Is it not enough for them?

Flik: No, I think it’s perfect. But I’m not sure if I could do it.

Pochahontas: But you and the ants do it every year.

Flik; yeah, but that was for the colony. This is for almost an entire city.

Chapter 2: A Helping Hand

Chapter 2-1: Pocahontas tells him that they don’t have to do it alone. They can have some friends help too.

Chapter 2-2: Flik is then on board and wonders where to first.

Chapter 2-3: But as they ponder, they see Joy attacked by creeps. They rush in to assist.

Chapter 2-4: Pocahontas summons the wind, trapping the creeps in place.

Chapter 2-5: Flik then fires grains and berries at the floating creeps.

Joy: That was amazing! Thanks for the help!

Flik: Always happy to help. You know, maybe you can help us with something.

Joy: Sure what is it?

Pocahontas: We’re thinking of a gathering of all our friends. Showing them we are grateful for their help.

Chapter 3: Friend Finder

Chapter 3-1: Joy loves the idea and agrees to help with preparations.

Chapter 3-2: She gives them a list of all the heroes in the CIty.

Chapter 3-3: While she gets the area set up. Flik and Pochahontas find their friends.

Chapter 3-4: From the rest of Joy’s friends to Elsa, they agree to the friend gathering.

Chapter 3-5: They look over on the list to see who’s left.

Flik: This is great! I bet we’ll have enough friends to show we are grateful for them in no time!

Pochahontas: But what about who’ll help Joy with preparations? I doubt they will all want grains and berries.

Flik: You’re right. Do you by chance know anyone who can help with that?

Chapter 4: Catering

Chapter 4-1: Pochahontas remembers that Linguini and Collete can prepare meals for big events.

Chapter 4-2: The two venture to Chez Remy, but are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 4-3: Flik fires berries at them, but it wasn’t enough to stop them.

Chapter 4-4: Just as they thought it was over. A flurry of ingredients surprised they horde.

Chapter 4-5: As the creeps disperse, Flik and Pochahontas see Linguini and Collete.

Pocahontas: Thanks for the help there. We were on our way to see you.

Collete: Oh, how can we help you two?

Flik: We were wondering if you can help with catering for our friends.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Pochahontas: Flik, I’ve been meaning to ask. What is that leaf cone you carry with you?

Flik: You must mean my telescope. It’s one of my latest inventions.

Pocahontas: Well what does it do?

Flik: You can see from a distance with this.

Pochahontas: Amazing.

Chapter 5: Continuing the Search

Chapter 5-1: Collete and Linguini agree to help because they know they have things to be thankful for too.

Chapter 5-2: With that problem resolved, Flik and Pochahontas resume finding more friends to invite.

Chapter 5-3: Some of the next heroes on the list are the more odd kind. Like the Mad Hatter.

Chapter 5-4: They find him at a tea party. It took some coaxing, but, the Mad Hatter has agreed to join.

Chapter 5-5: The next person they saw on the list surprised them.

Flik: The next one is Maleficent. Do you think we should invite her?

Pochahontas: Probably should. The last time I heard she wasn’t invited, she placed a curse on someone.

Flik: O.k…, let’s see who’s next.

Chapter 6: The Pumpkin King

Chapter 6-1: The next person on their list was Jack Skellington.

Chapter 6-2: They show up at his house, only to find he’s not home.

Chapter 6-3: Just as they’re about to leave, they hear the sound of screams.

Chapter 6-4: They turn the corner and see Jack Skellington and Sally battling creeps.

Chapter 6-5: When they finish the last creep. They turn to see Flik and Pochahontas.

Jack Skellington: Greeting friends! Only 321 days till Halloween you know.

Pochahontas: That’s nice. We wanted to see you for something.

Flik: Although, it’s not Halloween-related.

Chapter 7: Friends Gathering

Chapter 7-1: After explaining the friend gathering. Jack is elevated and decides to bring Sally as his plus one.

Chapter 7-2: Believing that it’s enough friends to invite, they head back to the Park.

Chapter 7-3: But by the time they get to the Park, they see everything taken over by creeps!

Chapter 7-4: Flik, Pochahontas, and the rest of the heroes battle the creeps to the best of their abilities.

Chapter 7-5: After the battle is over. Everything was in shambles.

Flik: Oh no! It’s all ruined! What’re we going to do?

Pochahontas: We have our friends to help us. We can remake this together.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Flik: You never told me you had a bird friend. He doesn’t eat bugs, right?

Pochahontas: As far as I know, Flit doesn’t.

Pochahontas: Most of the time he just eats the crops my tribe grows. And also any crumbs Meeko drops.

Chapter 8: A Thankful Ending

Chapter 8-1: Everyone pitches in to help the gathering back on track.

Chapter 8-2: Heroes like Joy, got the tables and seats together.

Chapter 8-3: Others like Collete and Linguini got the food ready in time.

Chapter 8-4: When all is done, they each share what they were thankful for.

Chapter 8-5: With everything and everyone together, the celebration began.

Pochahontas: I believe this brought us closer than before. Do you want to know what I’m thankful for, Flik?

Flik: What is it?

Pochahontas: The friends I made, like you.

Flik: You know, that’s something I’m thankful for too.

Campaign “Harvest Together” complete.

“Bug Traveler” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving-themed friendship campaign!

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