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im not hardly active since i never know what to say sometimes since im shy lol.


Please stop with alts! I got a gold badge but with no reason. Please stop.

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It might just be because there’s been an influx of new forum users because of the Invasion poll. :man_shrugging:


Well… the usernames seem like they were generated through DHBM though…

Yes, but 20 likes in one night? And have only liked one post seems off.


The same people liked this post ONLY out of the whole post. Happy Stitch Day! (+Stitch Appreciation!)

Something is wrong with that…

Stitch requested that his guild mates come to the forums to like his topic.

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Yes, but that wasa while ago and this topic is not that one. Nor the comment to thekid7

But it doesn’t matter I’ll that much.

I’m just saying that here is a known reason for Stitch topic post to have a bunch of new users liking it.


Maybe, but whoever’s doing it is doing it very intentionally. They are still coming (liking in both posts) with less than a minute of read time.

They’re all the same person.


Bit much…


That is a bit much


Thank you for adding me :slightly_smiling_face:


Perry don’t get desperate

Your deleted post said otherwise


It said a lot otherwise

@Filadae_Djaq im sorry for coming off that way, i apolgize

Top 12th post on the forums!

I am going to try to update this soon, but I might take some people off the next list… If you are on it now and off it later, don’t feel bad. I just need more time on other people.

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Wow could u make me ??I’ve not been in forums for a long time and I’ll love this

Wait I’m sorry os it only for important people?I completely understand if I’m unable to be on here because I’m really just another player and a hard feelings taken

This is the only thing stopping you from being in the post as of now

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