Forum talk: Proper flagging + News!

Hello, welcome to forum talk:

We all know that getting flagged is not good but why?
If someone flags you then they have read your post and hit the flag button. After they flag the post a perblue employee reads the post and chooses if it is meant to be hidden. and could get a account banned.

Flagging off topic posts!

For an example,
character concept made

Person: “eggplant?”

That is off topic. Unless the concept is an eggplant… This is the most common reason to flag a player.

Flagging inappropriate posts

For an example,

Person “your a @$#%”

This is the worst one you can see. And is always best to flag it.

Flagging spam posts.

For an example,

Person: spam spam spam
Person spam spam spam

Although this is not the worst, it is still against the forums rules.

Flagging something else

For an example,

If you are in a pm and getting harassed flagging it as “something else” will invite a employee for them to see the problem.


Don’t just fly, Soar over to the new character contest.
Starts march 30th, and ends April 17th don’t forget to make your concepts.

Forum members delayed until further notice.

New game “Disney sorcerer’s arena”
Find are club, search; Guardians of battle!

Do you have a question you want a answer to? Pm me this account and I might make a topic about it.


Are you @NewsBot, but as a different account?

Actually, it’s already full. 50/50 members. But all the same, feel free to send me or the other co-leaders a friend request. :smile:

Newsbot belongs to Disney Doge, while Forum Guide is Kayla/Timelesss.

What does that even mean?

Sorry, I didn’t know it was full…
I will keep it because someone might leave.

Nope, but somewhat inspired.

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So you’re @Forum_Guide, am I right Kayla?

I am,

She is,

(I just had too)

@Timelesss Thank you for including the contest to the news…

Great topic!
Very informational and helpful!
Can’t wait to see more of these topics from @Forum_Guide / @Timelesss :grin::+1:


Glad to see you again!


Hi there. Welcome back! I was confused by the name

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That was quick lol


Lol I know right? I didn’t expect our guild to fill so quickly

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