Frank Walker (Tomorrowland Hero Concept)

Frank Walker


Frank zaps and scatters his enemies using technology from the hidden city of Tomorrowland.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Backline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Find the ones who haven’t given up. They’re the future.”

Entrance: A bathtub falls from the air and crashes down into the battlefield. Frank emerges from the wreck and arms his plasma gun.
Victory: Frank sits down on the battlefield floor, exhausted, but relieved that the battle is won.
KO: Frank faints, dropping his plasma gun.

Basic Attack: Frank shoots his plasma gun at enemies.

White Skill - Rocket Pack - Normal Damage
Frank equips his old rocket pack and flies through enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy hit.

Green Skill - Pin Toss
Frank throws a Tomorrowland pin at the strongest enemy, sending them vanishing out of thin air. That enemy will reappear infield once all of their allies have reached 25% their max HP.

Blue Skill - Plasma Cast
Frank launches a pulsing beam of plasma energy at enemies, dealing X damage to all enemies and stunning them for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Looking For Dreamers
Frank grants an additional 60% attack speed to the first ally that performs their White skill. The attack speed increase lasts for 7 seconds.

Red Skill - Still Deciding
If Frank ever has a debuff applied to him before he performs his “Pin Toss” skill, the debuff’s effects will be reversed for 12 seconds.

For example, any damage enemies try to deal to Frank will instead grant him additional HP.

Frank Walker + Go Go
Campaign: Dream Big - Frank accidentally bumps into Go Go at the Park after she leaves the City University. Sans her angsty attitude, Frank finds Go Go a very tolerable teen to be around, having learned from Casey Newton, and her tech very unique. As a result, he shows her new ways to further upgrade it.
Disk: Tomorrow Tech
Disk Memory: Frank’s “Rocket Pack” skill also slows the weakest ally’s attack speed by 55% for 4 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Barley Lightfoot, Woody, Ron Stoppable

Frank Walker + Kevin Flynn
Campaign: Innovators United - Kevin and Frank are both fascinated by each other’s fortes: Flynn’s coding skills and Frank’s pursuit of aspiring, talented individuals. They both exchange in helping each other out with their missions and begin a club called “Innovators United.”
Disk: Code Green
Disk Memory: Frank’s “Plasma Cast” skill steals X energy from the two enemies with the most energy.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power
Allies: Hiro Hamada, Donald Duck, Sulley & Boo

So this basically K.Os a enemy right off the bat… kind of OP.

This is weak maybe increase the stun time.

Isn’t this basically useless in arena? Maybe have an alternative for game modes like arena.

Maybe increase the time, seems lacking for a red skill of you can add something more to it.

Over all good concept.

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