Freelance dentist? (PvZ 2 series #1)

(I decided to follow in the footsteps of other concept creators and make a new concept series based off plants vs zombies 2…lets start off with one of the new plants you gained in ancient Egypt)

Bonk choy


1 star, frontline damage

“Here’s an offer, I’ll knock any zombies block off for no charge at all”

A plant who excels at taking on enemies at close-range, bonk choy rapidly punches and uppercuts his way towards a victory


Entrance: a bonk choy seed packet gets placed into his position and it instantly spawns bonk choy into the position.

Victory: bonk choy uppercuts the air and then wipes his forehead.

Defeat: bonk choy gets tired and tries to catch his breath.

Basic attack: bonk choy rapidly punches any enemy in front of him, dealing x damage every 0.25 seconds that he punches


White: 5x5 flurry

Bonk choy unleashes a flurry of punches and also attracts the nearest frontmost enemies towards bonk choy in order to damage them, this deals x damage per second to each enemy that bonk choy attracts with the move while also dealing x damage per second to enemies that try to go around bonk choy when he activates the skill.

This skills lasts until his energy runs out.

Green: uppercut

For every third basic attack, bonk choy uppercuts the enemy he is attacking which deals x damage to that enemy and also stuns the enemy for 8 seconds.

Blue: choy slam

Bonk choy jumps from his planted spot and rapidly punches the ground with his fist which creates a crater to damage any nearby enemy for x amount and also stunning any nearby enemy for 8 seconds

If any enemy is already stunned, the stun time of the enemies will be extended by 5 seconds.

Purple: enforce-mint

Bonk choy gains x max health and x armor for everytime that he stuns an enemy with “uppercut” or “choy slam”. This can stack up to 5 times.

Red: two teeth for the price of one

All attacks done to stunned enemies are now increased by 100% when bonk choy is under 50% of his health.

“Uppercut” decreases x armor from any enemy who has been disabled by any source.
+X attack speed
+X armor
+X damage to “uppercut”


Bonk choy/Mulan
The karate plant
Faster uppercuts

“uppercut” is now 100% faster when bonk choy defeats an enemy that has been disabled by any source.

Bonk choy/King K. Rool
Strong glove
shield-breaking “choy slam”

“Choy slam” now breaks shields that are under 30% of their health and also takes 30% of the shields HP for himself.

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Who should I do next for the PvZ 2 concept series

  • Snapdragon (Pirate seas)
  • Pea pod (Wild west)
  • Rotobaga (Frostbite caves)
  • Red stinger (Lost city)
  • Infi-nut (Far future)
  • Sun bean (Dark ages)
  • Thyme warp (Neon mixtape tour)
  • Guacodile (big wave beach)
  • Snow pea (PvZ 1 bonus)

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It’s always nice to see PvZ concepts being made. :slight_smile:

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