Kremling king (unlikely concept 3/10)

king k. rool


2 star, frontline damage

“Come back if you ever get the courage to challenge me”


entrance:he drops from the sky with his arms crossed then gets into position

victory:he shifts his eyes left and right before getting into a triumphant pose

defeat:he falls onto his stomach with a dazed look on his face

basic attack:he punches the nearest enemy with his boxing glove, dealing x damage and knocking the enemy back.


white:kannonball shot

k. rool pulls out his blunderbuss and shoots a kannonball at the most wanted enemy which deals x damage to the enemy.

there is a 40% chance for the kannonball to be replaced by a barrel which deals x damage and stuns the most wanted enemy for 5 seconds.


k. rool throws his crown at the enemies which deals x damage to any enemy hit but them the crown boomerangs back to k. rool which deals another x damage to the enemies

blue:kingly uppercut (:zap:fantastic damage)

k. rool uppercuts the nearest enemy which deals x damage to the enemy and stuns that enemy for 5 seconds

purple:brass belly

“kingly uppercut” now breaks shields when the shield is under 40% health.

red:Kremling kaptain

k. rool now regains health overtime for 6 seconds whenever he stuns a enemy.


king k. rool/captain hook
pirate off
stronger when shielded

k. rool attack power now increases when he is shielded

king k. rool/dr faciler
Tiki curse
stronger kannonballs

“kannonball shot” now deals x more damage and now reduces the armor of enemies hit by the kannonball by 60%


I love this

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