Friendship Refresh Overview

I would actually say that a F2P person can beat a P2W person, even if 1 in 5 chance or 1 in 10 chance in a Arena battle. If the F2P has a team that can counter the P2W person’s team then they may win, or at least in the Arena as Coliseum require that you spend on 15 characters when it is hard enough to keep up with 5 characters for a high leveled F2P player.

The best thing a F2P can do is to focus on counter characters, the best examples right now probably being Tron, Minnie and Timon and Pumba :-).
I have Tron good and working on Minnie right now, and after that probably Timon and Pumba maybe.


Yeah, I am a F2P and can usually beat in a few attemps any arena team I have to fight, with the exception of really well built teams with also a lot more power, by combining my heroes in different ways if my main doesn’t work


Okay, let’s take a look at Kim’s daisychain for Chapter 2 of her Friendship Campaign.

Captain Amelia has to be upgraded to 175 Red8 and her skills need maxing, all of which have a cost in ingame resources (which are pay2acquire).

Now to earn her Friendship disc to boost her skill in the Campaign, Captain Hook needs to be upgraded too:

And to boost Hook requires boosting these two:

To be clear, I am not using any of these four characters, so spending real money to upgrade them just to get past one Campaign is not sensible.

And the probability is high that the next chapter will demand the use of some other random character I don’t use/upgrade.

That is why the campaign needs to be redesigned to allow the “assisting hero” to be freely chosen, for example, my Red 175 Mulan or Red 175 Kida would be far more effective here then some lower level character.


This would be a very nice feature to have, but as far as I know the current plan is that there comes a special way to boost heroes just for the friendship campaign, in update 2.4

We’ll have to see if that makes it easier to advance on friendship missions, but I’m not without hope

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In a top 11 guild and top 15 in total power (in my guild) without spending.


Teach us your ways


I don’t even spend money on DHBM…

I’m not bad at the game either…

This thread is about the friendship refresh :eyes:, not whether F2P’s can beat P2W’s.


They don’t mean on the server lol

@Polaris, would it not be too much ask , but would there be a way to PERSERVE the stories that was wiped out from the game here rather than be thrown away.

Or perhaps a more better way, have there be separate tabs on the friendship wall when seeing the dialog. ONE would be from the friendship campaign, and the OTHER would be for mission story updates

And the good thing is that it would not be big mess with both together

Also, another thing that would be good is that the content from the wall would flip its content the other way, like the way we receive text messages from our phones(new on the bottom, and scroll up for the old ones)

Plus understanding the reason why it was done in the first place, the whole process of having to make new stories for each new hero is very hard is understanding. But having to run away and forget doesn’t solve anything. The stories are the very reason why we keep playing. Having us find out what happened next, the curiosity, the adventure, and the humor. They are a big part of the game that makes things come to life.


And another thing to suggest, if it was so hard to keep up with the missions stories, considering the fact that you Polaris want to show something new quickly as possible, perhaps its best to slow things down. Consider not always thing that you need to add something new immediately because a lot are asking for it, which makes sense why you would drop having to make mission stories, why u changed missions, and why stopped something that was never broken

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My take on the refresh over a week later now it’s not much better then the original way memories are way down, I actually liked using badges for friend missions saves me on hero chips so I can use them to evolve my mods and star levels but now I’m running out of chips of hard to get hero’s so that’s upsetting I could always farm a badge more easily then a heroes chip.


@Polaris can you explain what the criteria is for memories to appear in memory tokens shop now it used to be level 7 I think or something like that and was wondering what it’s based on now

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The criteria for memories to appear in the market has not changed.

So it’s still level 7 or what was it

It’s still 7.

I have made a Friendship refresh feedback post with polls in order to let us players more easily give PerBlue concrete feedback for them to work from. I hope this post can overall help us players let PerBlue know what we think about the Friendship refresh and for them in return to more likely know what went right and adjust things if needed.

I hope it can be an enjoyable and interesting post, so yeah thank you for taking your time if you decide to check out the post and vote :-).


I have kind of a Idea on how to keep the level conversations (The one that happened at level 7 and 11+). Its simple actually, just show them when you add a star to your disk. That way we won’t lose that much of Story content (But still we’ll lose the mission content sadly.)


Because it’s not worth the money, but a lot of people like the characters. And not every person is able to spend money on a video game during a pandemic.

U r great, bhai. So inspiring…

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