Friendship Refresh Overview

We’ve heard a lot of feedback that friendships are difficult, overly complicated, and hard to manage. With the Friendship redesign we’ve tried to address these issues by making the system more intuitive and easier to work with. We hope you enjoy these changes! They will be going out to all servers with the 2.3 update.

Note: This is just a preview, so any numbers or functionality listed below (or seen in pictures) are subject to change by the time the feature is released.

Friend Campaign / Progression

  • Friend XP and Friend Level have both been completely removed.
  • Friendships now unlock as long as you have both Heroes in the friendship.
    • The level and rarity requirements for unlocking friendships have been removed.
  • Friendship Campaigns now give out rewards for every episode completed.

  • Here are the rewards for completing each episode:
    • 1st episode: Unlocks the Disk (but it can only have 1 Star)
    • 2nd episode: 3 Memories
    • 3rd episode: The Disk can have 2 Stars
    • 4th episode: 3 Memories
    • 5th episode: The Disk can have 3 Stars
    • 6th episode: 3 Memories
    • 7th episode: The Disk can have 4 Stars
    • 8th episode: The Disk can have 5 Stars
  • If you’ve already completed stages, no worries. The Memory rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Note that the enemy difficulty of existing Friend Campaign stages will be unchanged, but you’ll now be able to use Disks in the Friend Campaign itself! You’ll also have a lot more time over which to strengthen Heroes, since after unlocking a Disk, you really only need to progress in a Campaign whenever you can add a Star to that Disk.
  • Navigation to Friend Campaign battles is now easier–you no longer need to go through the map!
    • That means no more interacting with a cluttered map screen like this:
    • It also means Friend Campaign stages are never blocked by normal Campaign progress.
  • Friend Quests have been removed from Daily quests
    • We realize this makes the Weekly Quest harder, so we’ve also taken the opportunity to make the Weekly Quest easier to complete in general:
      • New: 21 / 42 / 63 / 84 / 105 total quests per Weekly Quest tier
      • Previous: 35 / 70 / 105 / 140 / 175
  • The friendship wall has been cleaned up–it now just shows the most crucial story information so that it’s easy to re-read through the Hero Dialog!
  • (Unchanged) Friend Stamina will still be used to complete Friend Campaign battles.

Memory Disks

  • You’ll now be able to preview Memory Disks for locked Friendships!
  • Disks now visualize how many Stars they have (in green) and their current Star limit (in gray).
    • Remember that Friend Campaign progress now determines a Disk’s max Stars. (Previously it used to be Friend Level.)
    • (Unchanged) The max Stars is still 5.
  • Heroes no longer need to be Purple rarity to equip Disks.
  • (Unchanged) A Disk’s max level will still be determined by the secondary Hero’s level.
  • (Unchanged) Memories are still used to Evolve Memory Disks.

New Missions System

  • Setting up Missions is easier now.
    • Step 1: Choose the friendship (Missions no longer require additional heroes, just the two in the friendship!):
    • Step 2: Choose the Mission type (Memories or Disk Power):
    • That’s it! No more scrolling through a long list of possible Missions. Also, with only two Heroes per Mission, overlap of Heroes on Missions is reduced, making it easier to set up multiple Missions.
  • Running and restarting Missions is now more laid back.
    • Missions automatically restart when they complete.
      • However, Memory Missions will automatically cancel once you have enough Memories to get that Disk to 5 Stars.
    • Your rewards will be banked until you collect them.
    • As long as you claim your rewards every so often, your Missions will continue to run. However, if you wait too long to claim rewards, your Missions will pause.
      • At VIP0 you can go up to 12 hours before Missions will pause, but at higher VIP this maximum time goes up.
  • Mission Specifics
    • Success rate has been removed from Missions; Missions now always succeed.
    • The more progression a Hero has, the faster they’ll be able to complete Missions.
      • Here are the details:
      • Bonus skill levels due to mods will count for the Mission Speed.
    • Memory Missions
      • Reward: 2 Memories for the Disk of the Friendship
      • Cost: 1 Hero chip of the secondary Hero in the friendship
      • Base Duration: 84 hours (but reduced dramatically based on Mission Speed, see examples below)
    • Disk Power Missions
      • Reward: 100 Disk Power
      • Cost: Free!
      • Base Duration: 21 hours (but reduced dramatically based on Mission Speed, see examples below)
    • Examples:
      • Two maxed Purple+0 Heroes have about +133% Mission Speed, completing Memory Missions in about 36 hours and Disk Power Missions in 9 hours
      • Two maxed Orange+0 Friends will have about +198% Mission Speed, completing Memory Missions in about 28 hours and Disk Power missions in 7 hours
      • Two maxed Red+12 Friends will have about +498% Mission Speed, completing Memory Missions in about 14 hours and Disk Power Missions in 3.5 hours.
  • Mission Limits
    • The total amount of Missions you can run at once is limited based on the number of Heroes you have unlocked.
    • Mission types each have their own limit on the amount that can be run at once as well.
    • This maxes out at 120 unlocked Heroes, which gives 15 total Missions (up to 3 of which can be Memory Missions and up to 14 of which can be Disk Power Missions).
  • The Missions building red dot logic has been improved.
    • Red dot will now show up if you have items to collect or if you’re not close to your Mission limit.
  • Mission Speedup Items
    • (Unchanged) You can still use them to earn 2 hours of a single Mission’s progress.
    • There’s now a slider that lets you use any number of speedups at once!
    • Mission speedups can now be sold for 10,000 gold each

Reinfected Node changes

  • Reinfected nodes in the Campaign will no longer appear daily.
    • This essentially removes the feature from the game going forward
    • Reinfected nodes you currently have on your map will not be removed. (But will go away once cleared.)
  • Virus consumable items can still be used to reinfect nodes.
  • Disk Power rewards from reinfections have been shifted into the new Missions system.
  • Antivirus items can now be sold for 10,000 gold each

VIP Changes

  • Any perks not called out on this list are unchanged.
  • Many VIP levels now have a new perk of “Mission Away time.” This is how long you can be away from Missions before they’ll pause.
    • This scales throughout the VIP levels, starting at 12 hours at VIP0, 84 hours (3.5 days) at VIP10, and 732 hours (30.5 days) at VIP18.
  • VIP9
    • Made hidden: +50% disk power from infected nodes
      • Note: This bonus will still be active despite being hidden, so you’ll be able to take advantage of it as you clean up your remaining reinfected nodes.
    • Added: +5 max total missions
  • VIP13
    • Removed: Gain 2 friend XP from friendship quests
    • Added: Disks automatically unlocked
      • This means you can equip and level up Disks immediately for any Friendship, even without beating the 1st Episode of the Friend Campaign! However, those Disks will still be limited to 1-Star until you progress through the Friend Campaign.
  • VIP15
    • Removed: +50% friend XP from missions
    • Added: Friend Campaign - Skip 1 stage per Episode, loot x2
      • Note: Skipping 1 stage also means you don’t need to spend the Friend Stamina on the stage.
      • Note: “loot x2” means loot from stages you complete are doubled. (Skipped stages won’t give loot though.) This VIP perk will not be listed on the VIP screen, but will be activated at VIP15
  • VIP16
    • Removed: Mission instant finish: 1 hour
    • Added: Friend Campaign - Skip 2 stages per Episode, loot x3
    • Changed: More Max Stamina will now be +500 instead of +25
  • VIP18
    • Removed: Mission instant finish: 2 hours
    • Added: Friend Campaign - Skip 3 stages per Episode, loot x5
    • Changed: More Max Stamina will now be +1000 instead of +50
  • VIP20
    • Removed: Mission instant finish: 3 hours
    • Added: Friend Campaign - Skip 4 stages per Episode, loot x11

General note: Some Challenges related to Friendships, Missions, and reinfected nodes have been adjusted to be compatible with the Friendship redesign.

Changes to the preview, based on player feedback:

  • Increased the number of Memories gained from Campaign from 9 to 12
  • Better mission limits: 5 total missions / Up to 5 memory and 15 disk power
  • Better mission limits for VIP9+: 20 total missions / Up to 7 memory and 20 disk power
  • Memory missions are faster: About 11 hours for maxed Red+12 Heroes, 13.7 hours for maxed Red+1 Heroes, 17.3 hours for maxed Orange+0 Heroes

Wow, I’m very excited for that to come

When is 2.3 gonna come @Polaris?


It’s all that I’ve hoped for!

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YAY, ITS HERE. Also can we admire the frame that judy was caught on lol



Sounds good! Hope it comes to server 14 fast.

We’re currently planning the 2.3 update for Tuesday, October 6 :crossed_fingers:


These changes… are amazing! Thanks :heart_eyes_cat:


So will that one come before or after the sign in and shop rotation page?

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I’m just too lazy to review everything, but in general, I absolutely love this! Especially how missions will be faster and won’t pause, making maxing disks A LOT faster :grin:

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These will be so beneficial! Unlocking friendship disks was so annoying but it will be a lot easier now! My full thoughts will come once on WiFi.

This is really great!
Easier to manage, easier to focus on those you need, can’t wait for the update!

@Polaris will the memory market be affected? I have several disks not unlocked on purpose so they don’t appear, but because of VIP 13 it looks like I’ll get disks automatically.

Will disks that are levelled up with disk power still have priority over disks at level 1?


This is so good! I love it I love it!

Thorough Review :eyes:

But that’s too low :confused:

We need 320 memories to 5-star a disk. I think 5 or 15 would be batter to at least get a 2nd star on the disk

Thank you :hugs:


But can the level requirement be decreased?



If I do the math with a 6-star, maxed hero (red skills too) then… it’s amazing…


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This is amazing! Although one thing:

Will we be able to re-read the friendship campaign stories? They were fun to read.

AND mission updates! Will they still be on the wall?


Nice, got to say that the friendship refresh is looking really good and are looking forward to be able to try out all the content and changes ^^. Will probably take some time to get used to, but that’s given and overall looks to improve the current system a lot :-).

Like Tragic-Magic mentioned, I am also wondering if we will be able to more easily read through all the friend campaign and mission story content? :-). If the unlocked story content of both tabs could be easily accessible and not all the story content in the order you unlocked each of them, like a tab or something for each friendship story in the bottom of the wall UI or on the side depending on what fits best.

At least it would be really appreciated if this UX(User Experience) part of the Friendship system could be improved as many of us likely want ot be able to re-read old friendship story content :-).


I have determined that the minimum bonus speed for a maxed hero (and one hero with nothing) without bonus levels is 256%… that means… 32.8125 hours for one mission…


For now 10-hours missions grants 2 memories, but after this change will be 14 hours, and only if both heroes are maxed. :frowning:

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Few questions:

Will this increase as new heroes are added? Currently we can have more than 3 “Memory missions” which helps farming for disks we need to upgrade the stars for.

What about memories that are left after upgrading to 5 stars? The example there had 1,000 / 25 - will we be able to utilise the other 680 in some way in the future?


  • exchange for memory tokens (50% of their value scaled with VIP)
  • exchange 5 memories for a random other memory you require (scaled with guild perk)
  • sell for gold (least favourite option, but at least we will get some value off them)

Curious as to why this is being removed?

Thanks :smiley:


The rework seems good in many ways, making disks at least seemingly very easy accesable.

I do however have some questions:

Concerning the idea that you can get a disk by going through the first stage: Will the difficulty of the current friendship campaign remain or will it be made harder? Will the difficulty still differ per server?

In regards to the infected areas: Does this mean the end for the contest where clearing infected areas was part of the scoring?

In the end I would like to thank you very much for this preview. Much to look forward too!

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