Friendships are just too hard

I’m stuck. I’m just… stuck.

I can’t go anywhere on any of my friendships now.

With all these refreshes, either a character is a brickwall and nothing I do leaves hardly a dent or their a bulldozer and they demolish most of my team.

And before anyone say anything about “just level your characters” or “just level their skills” or “change disk” or “just use power-ups” I tried.

Leveling them up the highest I can go? Nada.

Leveling up skills, disks, and badges the highest I can go? Zilch.

Changing disks? Zero progress.

Power-up? NOTHING!!!

I just don’t understand how i can do all of this and still end up losing an incredibly absurd amount of times. I do everything right, I get them to the rank and level they want which takes dozens upon dozens of raids. But it seems like everytime I get them to where they need to be, I’m so behind and I have to wait forever to get them strong enough to defeat the roadblock. And by the time that happens, I’m even more behind then I ever was before and i’m low on everything from coins to gems to patience. I understand that they’re needs to be a challenge but this isn’t a challenge at all. This is a standstill and I can’t take it anymore.

So please PB, I implore you one last time. Make friendships easier.


I agree this is an issue. Not just this, but newer players have basically no acsess to the most META heroes’ disks. Since they get harder and harder with each new hero, it’s almost impossible to complete the newest one.

And with the addition of yet ANOTHER rank, things are gonna spiral out of control. I feel like PerBlue thinks that all players are at the max level, and no new players will ever join. But honestly, if you want to make the game more fun, make disks challenging, not impossible, and have the ranks of the enemy lineup scale with the players TL.



I gave up on Friendship Campaigns a long time ago, because the level scaling of the enemy teams is far too much for my BattleBuddy duo to handle.

I used to play them for fun, but now I just ignore them.

Confrontational Candicy time:

They should level cap the enemy teams at low-mid Red quality, like R5 tops.

So the campaigns can actually be played without dropping real world $$$ into playable character upgrading.


Agreed - friendship campaigns have gotten a lot harder now with the stat boosts rolling out. Individual hero capabilities are all over the board, and it’s very easy to get roadblocked.

And major, major agree with drop the level requirements for new friendships. I want Little John’s disk, but I do not have anywhere near enough power to even bother trying yet (and that’s with Y5 LJ and over 20 friendship power-ups.) Even if new campaigns were capped at Y0, that would make it so much more reasonable. Not to mention I dread having to face Negaduck, Jake Long, Abu, and Pegasus on a limited roster… not that I’m going to even going to be able to attempt any campaign that new any time soon.


I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been stuck on the Cinderella/Fairy Godmother Campaign for about a month now. 150 power-ups still don’t mean squat to Refreshed Chip & Dale.

Wave 1 opens: Esmeralda and Cinderella are instantly gone, leaving Godmother and Underminer, who can never make it past Wave 3.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, I can’t even get past Wave 1 anymore now that Scar’s been refreshed. The extra flinches applied to Underminer now allow Chip & Dale to finish him with their Basic.


Yup, and the City Watch isn’t far behind. Areas I used to do with ease are next to impossible these days without raiding. Been here since the beginning and the grind is getting oldm


City Watch Easy is misnamed.
I used to do that level of difficulty to quickly finish my collections, but now I ignore that too.


I agree! i’m trying to finish Abu’s campaign with Aladdin and i can’t get passed marlin and nemo on episode 4… like it’s impossible and my heroes are a higher level and rank. it’s VERY annoying.


Boy, I feel your pain. I’ve had TOO MANY defeats in any of my Friend Campaigns lately, highest of which is the 8th Chapter of the Kida-Jasmine Campaign. Sometimes, it’s Rex, or Scar, or Buzz, heck I can even add into the list: Ralph, Maui, Moana, and Beast (did I left out any Hero?). Those Heroes I’ve mentioned are just THE biggest roadblocks in these Campaigns.

I mean, talking about the Kida-Jasmine Campaign, not even my almost-30 Power-Ups didn’t do well against someone like Rex, in the 1st Wave. :anger: RAGE, RAGE, RAGE, you know? :anger:

Anyways, I agree with you BIG TIME, PerBlue needs to balance out the scaling of the enemy team, like maybe, half out some of the most recently refreshed Heroes’ stats, just to make it easier and more of a walk in the park to complete a Friend Campaign.


The biggest problem is that they give us specific allies for each one, who are often white-ranked people we haven’t bothered to level up. What they should be doing is letting us choose an ally, from the heroes we have levelled up.


But I see why they do it. They probably do that because they want us to try out characters and disks than when what we’re used to. A little get out of the comfort zone moment. That’s probably the strategy part of the game. I can’t tell you how many characters I found to be useful in a given situation.

But, with these refreshes rolling out, strategy is pretty much thrown out the window.


It seems like the power-up system is only for esthetic purposes. Like, it’s more of a morale boost than anything else.

I poured tons of them into any given campaign (my highest was just shy of 300, I believe) with a power ratio of 1B against 100m or so.
And yet, any hero that wasn’t in at least R0 got instantly KO’ed despite having 10x the power levels and stats. It makes no sense.

All new heroes have their friend campaigns start in the millions on enemy teams. How are new players supposed to keep up with that? Or anyone for that matter.
It’s almost like new heroes are designed to instantly go in the higher yellow tiers. Hmmmmm.


Which would be acceptable if rankups were free, but they are not.
In my experience, you either to save the free resources for months or pay real money, just for one character to be used for a limited number of battles.
I look at them and think it is too expensive.

At this point in the game, I have my pro team and considering they are not even upgraded enough to play the story campaign, they get all the resources I have.

Be observant, eventually they will make Friendships Emerald0 and higher.

Then there is this:

These used to be low level oranges.
My team has been obliterated for the past 2days, so that means I can not finish my Atlantis collection.
I was almost there, 11/12.


Not to belittle your valid complaint, I’ve found that running a Friendship Campaign on Slow (by toggling off the fast mode) makes a tremendous difference! Yes, seriously! Enough that many campaigns can be beat at about half the opposing team power. At least on Server 21. Good luck!!! PB, please ignore this post! :smiley:

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But I have it on normal speed all the time. It’s more enjoyable that way. I only speed up the fight only when necessary.

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Wow, that does make it super hard then! I’m sorry that my suggestion doesn’t work for you!!! You’ve tried everything I have. If I come across something else, I’ll post it in hopes that it helps you. <3

I’ve stopped playing surge and city watch as well.
The power on those have gotten insane.


For me, I think the Game Genie would work for cheats to put in the code for berserk when KO’D, similar to Helga’s Silver disk but, doesn’t gain any buffs from this code. However, it’s fanmade.

Ridiculous. My 12 year old is trying to get the Tia Dalma disc for Sally and can’t beat 1.5.2 because neither Sally or Tia Dalma can hit the skeleton. Even with 131 power ups, nothing.

This is insane. I have been building up Darkwing Duck and Negaduck for the past month. Both are Yellow 19, Level 400, 6 stars, full power top 4 skills, Darkwing has both disks at level 360. Darkwing is at 484M power, Nega at 454M, so 1 BILLION power between them. In the friendship quest, 1st wave, it says the power needed is 650 million or so. Randall Biggs still slices through them like Freddy Krueger. I have tried both disks. What is going on here?

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