Game Economies: September 2021

We want to ask you about your current experiences with some game economies - specifically gold, stamina, disk power, megabits, red skill chips, and mod power.

  • Do you feel you have the ability to earn enough of these currencies to keep your heroes progressing?

  • Are there any of these currencies that you feel are blocking your hero progression?

  • Are there any of these currencies you feel are irrelevant or meaningless (you have way more than you need)?


No. Main problem is with disk power and skill chips (for red skills).
No idea what I can do there I never have enough.

And secondary, gold. It’s also problematic. And obviously stamina.

Red skill chips. :frowning:

Mod power. I have over 30M of it and nowhere to spend it.

Would be nice to trade it for disk power in ratio of 2:1 or 3:1

Gold yes, stamina no, disk power depends, megabits no, red skill chips yes, mod power yes.



Gold is pretty much enough rn - but who knows after the amount reduction from surge in the update.
Stamina is way too scarce, but the issue is slightly smaller than it used to be thanks to badge crates - it still needs some improvements though
Red skill chips, I feel like they’re lacking a bit, but I don’t see it as much of a problem right now because they’re still many times faster than hero chips to farm as F2P

Megabits and Disk Power are VERY lacking

Apart from promoting heroes being pretty hard… Red skills take way too long to max - but it’s the hero chips mainly, not the skill chips.
Oh and I’ve given up on working on battle badges. Everything about them is ridiculously overpriced.

Not really

No, no no triple no.
Gold was okay before the today Patch.

Stamina, whre i can find more?
Pay 10€ per month for stamina and dont have enough to keep my top 15 on top.
(we have 150 heroes or morge? Dont wanne talk from them)

Is the same as stamina
We ask for more since over a year.
Run 15 daily Tasks, for DP and have w oug to keep my top 15 actual.

Magabits… Have to say more?

Red skills are okay.
No greater Problem.

Mod Power
Uf, again to less.
Increase reward massivly in Invasion.


You forgot HERO CHIPS
The RS costs are insane, cant keep at least one hero actual

Changes are needed.
And that’s what we ask in the last two years

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  • Gold - Yes, but remains to be seen how the Surge tweaks will affect this

  • Stamina - Not a simple answer. Yes… sort of, but also No, not at all. I feel like I get plenty of stamina to use, and having any more would take a tremendous amount of time to spend - the issue is that badges cost sooo much !! I would want the stamina that I do earn to go further.

  • Disk Power - NO!!

  • Megabits - NO!!

  • Red Skill Chips - also not a simple answer. Yes, I earn enough of these - but only because I don’t earn enough Hero Chips to advance my Red Skills anyway.

  • Mod Power - Yes, I earn enough of this to keep my mods at a level I’m satisfied with. Mod Levels have diminishing returns, so I’ve no desire to upgrade them to silly heights.

Everything that I’ve answered No to, plus Hero Chips.

Well… Gold, but only because I don’t have enough heroes at a powerful enough rank to spend it on.

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Gold - I have enough, but because of the gold nerf to surge, I don’t think I can judge the amount of gold yet

Hero XP - Not enough. Very difficult to get. The only way I get enough XP is by saving up stamina and using it all while also have a double XP consumable activated

Diamonds - Okay, ig

Stamina - We need more. A lot more.

Disk Power - Same as stamina.

Just the lack of it, really. Oh, and skill points.

None, ig.

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Gold - depends on the Surge Tweak

Stamina - low, in both new and old servers it should be at least 3x as much (Free Stamina given thrice a day, specifically)

Disk Power - would be better if one was capable of raising 15 characters´ disks. From the experience I am able to keep up with mayyyybe 10 every 4 weeks. So at least 1.5x to 2x as much as is right now.

Mod Power - since Mods are now essentially defunct I don´t think there is a need for more Mod Power. If you plan on releasing new tiers or refresh the Mods, it might depend.

Red Skill Chips - This one is especially tiresome in progression and does not go up well. I was pretty disappointed with the CW Skill Chips change several months ago as I personally hoped that one slot of Skill Chips would cover one level of current cap raise. It does not.
Similarly, Red Skill Chip Crate Items should go up as the time goes. If they gave 1x, 1.25x or 1.5x of amount needed to level up the Red Skill at the cap, it would be fine with me.

Megabits - as much as Codebase and Battle Badges were interesting at Y0, they are now the true bottleneck of the game. They aged far worse than Red Skill Chips back at R0-R6 by Y6.
Considering one earns 500 for one type and then 150 for others per day, while needing over 5000 per level.
Besides, the Enhancement just has unrealistic expectations for XP drinks for F2P players and even P2W players, where many left the game. Only enhancing 5 Battle Badges needs 1200+ Ultra XP drinks… OwO

I even tried to give an explanation of how the costs raise in Battle Badges, I have yet to be heard likely.

Gold: Until now yes, idk after this week update…

Stamina: Yes and no, the lack of hero chips makes hard answer this question…

Disk Power: Quite enough but with the pass of the updates and level caps is gettin quite low

Megabits: I beat megavirus since day one with the max rewards and once again with level caps the rewards are gettin insufficient

Red Skill Chips: Right now with the lack of hero chips and the increase you made after the level caps I have enough of them

Mod Power: Yes and no… Mods is a feature that after the red skill and the pass of the updates I dont use it bc I prefer spend hero chips on red skills than mods. I use the invasion mods (I buy always the hero one with diamonds) I equip the free ones from rewards, upgrade them much as possible without spend hero chips and next.

Right now Hero chips is a bottomless pit, and megabits is starting to became a new one. Im starting to deal with ranks but just bc we are getting more bit crates as reward

Nope everything is too small to keep up with barely 5 toons as a ftp. Be nicer if slowed down the color ranks to bi monthly and level ranks monthly as we been asking for over a year.

No such thing as mercs, regular skills, yellow badge requirements, battle badge requirements, red skills etc just keep going up.

I just need more stamina! I’m work on 6 more characters if I can. :pensive:

Dificuldade pros iniciantes em alguns eventos difocultando nas batalhas

Well I have a lot of stamina but I refuse to use them because I’m saving up to move every one who I don’t have in red yet to red

No. Everything is just too much

1.Stamina is the most needed and lacked in this game. We need some improvement but really, I won’t hold my breath. People have been saying that for years and nothing changed :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: badge bits need to be cut down. That’s insane how many bits we need for 1 single badge!!!

  1. Disc power Do you guys even check before increasing it? It was fine until it went up 200 per lv and now, we need 1.5M to max 1 while we earn 10k, if not less, per day… Really???

  2. Hero chips and red skill chips The cost is getting ridiculous and it doesn’t stop growing!!! We need some adjustment ASAP

4.Mega bits Do I even have to explain this anymore???

5.Exp drink I never have enough of these. I don’t even have a 2nd enhanced battle badge because of obvious reason. We need more exp

Hero chips and red skills chips. While red skill chips get increased with our lv (I don’t say it is enough but at least it does), hero chips don’t. And we need 2000 of them to max 1 hero. Isn’t that too muchhh to us?

What should we say? Gold to make you guys feel better and self righteous after the nerf yesterday? If you act like a villain, don’t expect people to comfort and tell you it is necessary thing to do, to make you feel like a hero! You are not!

Back to your question, it is mod power. I only advance my mod to lv 60 as higher lv mod is just a joke, considering how little extra they give me and how few I have of hero chips

Definitely not, currently the only thing i have in excess is XP drinks, but our server has yet to hit Yellow, so I cannot comment on this or megabits.

Gold, disk power, mod power, stamina, mod upgrades and mod fragments

  • Friendship stamina - would be great if we could donate to guild members similar to other stamina.
  • White, Blue and Green Badges - these should not be dropping from guild crates, diamond crates or any crates anymore after servers got to Red+0
  • Duplicate emojis
  • Extra friendship memories, these were given out in recent contests for which some players already had 5 star disks, which makes them useless.

I have enough and can make:
Gold, red skill chips

I dont have enough and cant make enough:
Stamina, disk power, megabits, mod power

I do have the ability to earn enough of the following: Gold*, Stamina, Red Skill Chips**, and Mod Power.

*I need more days of Surging to see how much Gold has changed between the previous update and this one.

**I farmed Hard Mode for quite some time before Raiding became available for Epic, so I had a ton of Keys with which to easily farm Red Skill Chips. I believe the total amount used to be 30, and it’s a shame to see that drop to a pitiful 20, since I did Hard mode today to test out some Mercs.

I do not have the ability to earn enough Disk Power and XP Drinks.

The amount of XP drinks given in Heroic, especially the Ultra XP Drink, is woefully low, even with VIP 5 where the Docks are doubled - a mere 14, are you kidding me?

That’s not nearly enough, especially since Heroes require so much XP these days to level up.

Don’t even get me started on the low amounts of Disk Power in Missions; it would be nice if the base 100 could be boosted to 250 or 500, depending on the Rank of both characters, much like how the time it takes to completes missions is shorter, the more maxed out both characters are.

Megabits are in an inbetween place for me - the amounts given are pitifully low, though considering I don’t have a lot of Yellow Heroes beyond my main 15, nor do I intend to upgrade all of their Battle Badges (especially with the steep price of XP Drinks :unamused:), I have a good amount of all Megabits currently, being in the 10,000s

While I do have the ability to earn good amounts of Gold, I think that the places in which we earn Gold must be increased, if only to counter the astronomical prices it now takes to bring up a new Hero up to speed.

I’m currently bringing up Pocahontas, and it would take around 130.46 MILLION GOLD to bring all of her skills to her current level of 211 - and that’s not even taking into account that I don’t have enough Skill Consumables to fully max out her Purple!

  • Sidenote, this is nothing new, but the price for Gold has been increased again, considering that before the update, my Pocahontas needed about 128 million gold.

The Docks could use some more money too; whatever happened to those Emerald Credit Cards? I think it’s time to bring them back to the game.

Mod Power. I currently have 72.97 Million Mod Power. It’s nice, but useless; it would be nice if we could convert surpluses into something else, so it doesn’t go to total waste.

I don’t know if this next bit falls under Game Economies, but I’ll run with it:

Another thing that hinders my builds for Heroes is the lack of access to certain Mod Upgrades, specifically Attack Speed Boost and Green Upgrades.

They are still locked behind Arena/Coliseum, when they should’ve been part of the rotating line up of Mods in Invasion, as they were originally planned.

It’s nice to get Reality Mods and Blue Upgrades in Invasion, though I must admit that their spawn chances are kinda low, considering I still get ridiculous amounts of Normal Crit, Fantastic Crit, and Purple Upgrades

I hope red skills costs and disk power will be adjusted and lowered. This is ridiculous.

No way to get 12k skill chips.

Some but not everything.

Hero chips, Gold and Disk power are in the needed materials.

Mod power and Red Skill chips are in the overdone part. But can’t be used for a single reason: Hero Chips

Hero Chips, Xp Bottles, Gold and Disk Power.

Mod Power (Because you can’t upgrade a Mod without Hero Chips that are lacking currently)

Red Skill Chips (Because the same reason Hero Chips and XP bottles)

Well I have the chance to do it

Yes which level I’m facing during a friendship campaign

Well its meaningless because don’t think I have everything because when I’m using heroes from frozen It’s not complete because Anna is still missing

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