Game is in a update loop

So when the latest update came out today my game says I need to update. When I go to the app store it thinks I’ve already updated the game and I can only play or uninstall. I’ve tried both. I’ve also tried turning off auto update. Still nothing. I’m completely locked out of the game entirely. Please help. There’s a contest goin on right now and I’m looking my score.


Mine too and I can see some reviews posted about the game that this is happening more frequently now

Ya it’s garbage. I’ve been trying for a hour.

Same. Can’t see an update on Google Play yet.

I too have this issue @Polaris, is there an issue with android store?

I left a bad review

I just now went to the store and instead of going to my updates, i searched for the game and was able to update that way. Good luck.

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You the man bro hahaha thanks alot

What server you play on?

Or women lol

In the patch notes, Loutre mentioned that people might have to clear their Google Play cache.
details how to go about that

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The update wasn’t available from the game page. I had to click on “manage apps” in the play store and update it from there

This is an issue on Google Play Store so unfortunately we cannot do anything to solve it on our end. The solution that seems to work best is to clear cache for the Google Play Store App.


I can’t see update too

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Yep, in another two or three updates I’ll be able to go through those steps without thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Disney heroes should compensate people who have this issue. Especially when there’s a contest going on. They can they figure it out with play store. Really erks me

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This is an issue with the Google Play Store App.


PerBlue should compensate people for a problem caused by another company’s app?

It’s not hard to clear the Google Play Store cache, and it takes about a minute once you learn how.

Yes. They should do that or change there screen from saying go to your play store to if problem protists follow these steps. It’s a flaw. You shouldn’t have to go hunting around for a fix to a game that should work…

I’m not very techy and it really put a block in my day figuring it out. I’m sure some people are even worse when it comes to internet and stuff. I bet ALOT of people totally stopped playing because they couldn’t figure it out.

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