Guild War - February 14-21

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • What do you like?
  • What don’t you like?
  • How would you improve Guild War?
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It’s good now, but lack of ANY rewards after rank legendary hurts, maybe at least 1000 war tokens for each won war after hitting highest rank. For now just 1st part of month is exciting.



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I love the team aspect of it. I love having to work together to accomplish some big hard goal.

I hate the routine of it though. We can accurately predict who our opponents are going to be, because we only fight the same 10 or so guilds over and over again.

I hate the fact that I cant people predict how my attack will go via chat spars. I hate the fact that attacks are not run server side like quick fights are, allowing connection issues to mess thigs up.

I would love the following changes:

Cross-server wars need to be a thing to allow a much bigger pool of contestants.

Allow another extra attack per player, allowed by guild leaders. Some people have dozens of maxed heroes and can feasibly do more than 2 effective attacks.

Allow a single mercenary hire for war hits.

Drastically increase rewards between ranks. Current rewards for the whole season are incredibly worthless for top players.


Working with my guild is always fun and getting rewards is nice.

Guild matching can still be a big mess and lead to unfair battles. Many guild mates don’t even participate but most likely still get rewards which isn’t fair. (Wait, do nonparticipants still get rewards?)

Better rewards. Better guild matching. Bring back posters. If nonparticipants get rewards then have them not get any. Sometimes people attack cars when though we have highlighted a specific car. Maybe allow Guild Leaders to be able to lock cars if one os highlighted?


The war itself.

sabotage prices are huge and often I feel so weak. Though that is prolly cuz I am weak.

Not sure what I can say here…


Like-Getting a choose of rewards if u win for most part

Dislike- that there are several spots to fill people with in cars but only 50 can fill those spots, repeative matchups (maybe just make it so it’s a guild once per season), and that you can’t have like a choice to team up with another guild and do like a 2 on 2 matchup.

What would change- give rewards past first time making legendary, restrict a guild matchup to one per season for more variance. And maybe through in a team up with another guild for a season to do a two on two battle option. I would also suggest increasing guild size (and subsequently check in rewards) to be able to fill all war cars.

I like that it is cooperative with your guild

I don’t really have anything to complain about. Except the guild matching.

I would like to see more rewards after legendary. Also, I think that the guild matchmaking should be based on ranges. Whatever range their guild is in, the may fight another guild in the sans range. Here are my ideas of the ranges. The numbers represent the places of power that they are in.

  • 1-20
  • 21-50
  • 51-80
  • 81-100
  • 101-150
  • 151-200

And so on. The ranges usually include 50 guilds in it. But the more powerful the guilds are, the smaller the range. Please take this into suggestion.

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Make it so guild war at the start have the same points

I generally like war and find it vastly improved over the Dragonsoul version (even though I desperately miss my goblin trio in their little cat suits). One thing that would be nice is an improved reward to encourage participation. Maybe a prize for people that sabotaged and fought in every battle of the season.
One qol improvement: we accidentally missed a battle because someone accidentally unqued us and nobody caught it in time, a pop up confirm asking if you’re sure would be nice.

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On that note about being unqueued, leader and champions should get a notification every time they visit the war tab if you arent queued.


Must have missed it. Ty. I’ll have to experiment with it and look for the notification.

Update:. I tried unqueing and bouncing in and out. Didn’t see a notification.

I made a suggestion about the coming back of war posters here:


Agree that there needs to be some kind of rewards after you hit challenger - it kinda sucks if you hit it early and then just don’t get rewards the rest of the season. On S21 we’ve never even had those posters to get at the end! Seems like you could at least give a bunch of tokens or something like you do with invasion guild rankings.

Matchmaking is hit or miss, honestly. Sometimes we pull guilds that are way more difficult and sometimes we get super easy guilds. Which seems like that’s how it should be. Lately we haven’t seen a lot of close or well matched wars, though. Wish there was a way to fix that. Maybe by including total power or total number of teams as a variable along with MMR?

I do agree with someone above that there should be a change to encourage folks to participate - maybe everyone gets rewards at the end of a season, but during the season you only get them if you participate in the war? Even a sabotage helps out but as a guild officer I get frustrated when some guild members think they can just skate by doing nothing. And then we have to spend time tracking activity across wars to either message the player or kick them.

Would love to see improvements for assigning teams to war cars. After a while we end up just unassigning everyone from all cars so we can re-do them based on everyone’s current teams. Some players grow faster than others and we like to move them around accordingly. Even a button to remove all would help, here.


Continuing the discussion from Guild War - February 14-21:

I LOVE war boxes there really OP keep it up

I like the sabotage system, in theory, to help even matchups. In practice, it’s very inconsistent.

I don’t like the pairing algorithm. Our guild moonlights as piñatas for weeks at a time. I don’t like the noon deadlines (with the random missing day, there’s a real incentive to only attack in the mornings). I also dislike having to curb-stomp or be curb-stomped because that’s all that’s available when I have time to play.

To improve the guild war, I’d remove off-duty (since that only handicaps attacks), balance the newer heroes and allow any attacker to target any defender at any time. The points don’t need to be tallied until a room is unlocked, to preserve the current structure.

No, no… I was suggesting that we need a notification. We dont have it.

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I agree with the statement that there should be cross server match making. At higher levels, you are almost predetermined to either win or lose based on who you are paired with. Maybe have a handicap feature for the guild with lower total/war power? Even the playing field somehow…

War feels very repetitive due to the previously discussed match making issues. Maybe have a way to have thematic wars? Certain toons get boosts for attacks? A series of buffs that can be applied to individual targets that the guild could decide as they are attacking. Anything to make it feel fresh and creative while giving the feeling of the ability to be competitive with your opponent.

Like others have said already, the biggest issue about war is the matchmaking. We hardly face new opponents. Everything become repetitive, so we know the result even before war starts

So, could you pls consider making that we only face each opponent only 1 time per war? That’d make war fresh and people would actually enjoy it

Not to mention, some matchmaking is a joke. We are in top 20 ~ 30 of our server and we just faced a guild from top 10. How in the world can we even stand a chance against them???

1 other issue is the rewards. War rewards are bad, even at Legendary, at the end of month. It’s hard to encourage people to try, given how lousy what they get

  • I enjoy this mode as it’s the only real guild competitive mode we have

  • I don’t like the matchmaking system it doesn’t seem to be in a good place currently. My guild is stuck in the middle we’re we are not powerful enough to compete with the top 6 guilds in the game but are too powerful for the guilds below us. We can lose 3 fights in a row but we still get matched with a guild who has a higher mmr rating than us which would mean we struggle to reach legendary rank but guild who are way down the bottom are reaching legendary seems unfair.

  • the Cars need changing currently the main tactic is to KO the opponents roller diva as that car holds the most points which means in most battle which ever guild KO’s the opponents roller diva will end up winning the war match. We need more tactics in the game to keep things interesting

  • someone is my guild suggested all your opponents
    are selected before the war season begins. Can you deny this or is this what is happening ?

  • can we change the matchmaking so that you only get matched with guilds that are in the same division as you ?

  • can the game recognise that your guild has maybe lost a few matches in a row so matches you with a guild with a lower mmr the next time around.

  • can we reduce the amount of points roller diva has at the start of war matches so it isn’t the clutch car that means win or lose ?

  • can off duty heroes also mean they can not be in the defence teams aswell means more tactical match ups

Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from yo

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