Guild War Overview


You can have multiple people defending a single car. There are guild perks that allow a guild to have more defenders per car.

Guild with the most points when the war ends wins.

Matchmaking happens for everyone at the same time. Guilds can queue for the next war while they’re in the battle phase, and then matchmaking happens at 11 AM CT the next day.

So it goes like this:
Day 1:
Matchmaking at 11 AM
Sabotage Phase Begins

Days 2:
Attacking Phase

Return to day 1 and repeat.


Will there be set strategy and attack days? Such as Monday/Wednesday/fridays being an Match/strategy day and tuesday/Thursday/Saturday are attack days?


If you defeat all heroes on a car, you can attack the car next it, or above it?


I have one question that is asked in chat today since the update hit. Since all members can’t take part until we unlock all the spots in the cars. If we win the war does everyone in the guild get rewarded like coins. Or is it just the members that have heroes defending a car.


If you win the war everyone in the guild gets rewards. Those not defending can still attack in the war, attacking isnt limited to just those players with defenses set.


Is there any explanation of how we earn the points?
I only know there are 3 cars at the top which has some effect that influence the points.
But is that all for how we can earn the points or is there other rules for that?


New players in the guild can join the active guild war or only the next one like the surge? What about if a kicked player has a team defending. Will it stay?


Question regarding the attacks. Will it be done like the coliseum, ie. you only proceed to the second lineup after defeating the first and subsequently the third? Or are they 3 seperate attacks and the result is independent of each other.

Also, what happens if one of the defending lineup is already beaten? Do i still have to set up an attack lineup for it?

Would appreciate an answer soon cos my guild’s 1st attack phase is coming up in 6 hours.


You move on to the next round regardless of winning or losing the fight, so its unlike coli in that respect. Not sure about your second question sorry I cant help there.


Im still confused on how the extra attacks works. If we unlocked one extra attack per war, does Is it mean EVERY MEMBER of the guild gets one extra attack? or does it mean THE GUILD has one extra attack that needs to be used wisely by ONLY ONE member…


The guild gets 1 extra attack that any member of the guild can use, ie leadership cant allocate it to one person in particular. Once that extra attack is used, that’s it.


So its not per player but for the entire guild as a whole,thanks!


You don’t need to setup attack line, but you still use your attack even if all you have to beat is one Hero


n’t mean I did not mean to flag this I apologize


I am wondering this as well


@Polaris I’m looking at the sabotage page and there’s a target toggle, but no description anywhere of what it does. Does it mean only I can attack that team or what?


Asked and answered here


When a Hero is Off Duty, is that for the coming War that we can set up for or the Current War happening. I am so very confused about this.


@Polaris. What do the numbers in the orange circle next to the cars mean?


That is the car bonus perk level. So, for car 1, it adds a reduction to the attacker HP for Boomer.