Hero Power-Ups - February 14-21

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • What do you look for in power-up events?
  • Do you find them useful?
  • What would make them better?

For this question, we’re asking about these power up events:

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What stat boosts do they actually do? I know they power up the heroes but how?

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They increase Max HP, Skill Power and Basic Damage. We have the ability to change them, so the exact details is displayed on the ‘i’ screen.


First time ever they did mention how and what

No, as they limited, not working in heist/invasion.

Maybe some healing over-time during battle or comeback/reborn (after first death in battle) or better crit stats. Variety.
And ALWAYS put info what exactly is changed during power-up.




I look to see if the event is powering up heroes that I use regularly.

I don’t really find them useful because they almost always power up heroes that I don’t use regularly.

That the available heroes are heroes I use and actually have unlocked. That the modes where we can use the power ups are useful and modes that I play frequently.

Almost never. Many of the heroes we can power up are either too weak to be useful or I still don’t have unlocked.

Maybe allow power ups to be used in more modes. And like Musketeer said some variety. Maybe power ups can give heroes a special skill or something. Many times I don’t even bother to use the power up.


Agree with all up.
I think it’ll be great if you make it weekly (3-4 heroes every week). And with regularity, for we could plan to use this heroes


Also the powering to 100% isn’t useful on weak heroes. Maybe you may to increase heroes stats to max available in player level. It’ll be really interesting


Also it may be like beta-test hero on max. And if player like these heroes, he can use they in future

Is really good to do friendships, so i really like it.

When there are a power-up event, I always hope they it would have the hero I’m stuck at their friendship campaign, as it would help me somehow pass those ridiculous campaigns

Unless, you know, these power-ups dont affect campaigns, then they are useless

It depends. I dont care much about Invasion so the rule “dont effect Invasion” has no meaning for me. As long as I have those buffs on friend campaigns, I couldn’t care less. Last time, thanks to the power-up event of Ducktale, I was able to complete Scrooge’s disc. Without that, I would have been stuck, especially when Red Skills came to my server

Have more variety of selected heroes and these events appear more. It takes weeks, even months for these kinds of event show up, making it lose its value (or some cases, downright useless)

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My top heroes. :grin:

Honestly, I have no idea. I still do not know what the percentage boost is too the stats of those heroes. Of course, I still activate it, but I cannot be too sure how much use it is…

Knowing the percentage increase to those heroes stats, maybe using more than just five heroes…

  • no idea for first two bulletin points
  • for the third point: just automatically update it to active for the entire duration of said power up week time period.

Giving a boost too the speed of the herose

Characters I’d actually had some time to get and work on would be nice. You could have included older villains.

Power-up my toons for long-term

Yes, especially the current one cuz I’m currently working on upgrade some of them.

Any of the following:
*Reduce the amount of stamina/gold needed to create badges for those toons
*Reduce the cost for level-up skills.
*If applicable, boost the number of red-skill-chips rewards for those toons in CW.

Polaris doesn’t have the “shadow man” :fearful:
Are those your toons Polaris? (the ones in the picture)

Pretty much sums up my exact thoughts about it. I would’ve said something about needing more clarification on exactly what was powered up, but that looks like it’s been addressed with the latest event.

Maybe to address the issue of the heroes chosen not being particularly useful for many people, there could be a slightly larger hero pool of say 8-10, but we can only activate the powerup on 5 heroes at a time - of our choosing


I rarely use them and don’t find them useful.
Either A, they’re heroes I’ve built up, in which case they’re superfluous (you can only make something so dead), or B, they’re heroes I haven’t built up, in which case they’re not enough to make them useful.

To improve them, I’d manipulate the rewards for using those heroes instead of their power (e.g. Randall gets an extra 10% xp in fights, or an extra 10% gold/credits for each Incredible you use up to 50%).

Frankly that they can help me to advance in friendships campaign and other modes with limited heroes choices.

Absolutely… No. Most of the time they power up heroes or too weak to confront the current Rank and level cap, or the power is for other modes rather that the ones i need. A difference of Collections i could live without them and don’t bother if they are removed.

Some bigger boost of them depending how far they are from the max rank and level. And more modes affected by it.

Winterbotton server 2 level 160.

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