Hero Progression: September 2021

We want to hear about your experiences with hero progression.

  • Do you feel that you’re able to keep a team of heroes at the current content releases (the latest chapters and ranks)?

  • Are there things in the game that are blocking you from promoting your heroes?


Yeah I have 15 yellow+ characters but what’s annoying is upgrading a new from white to yellow as I’m not P2P.

The stamina costs of course, it would be good if you decreased it a bit but you are giving more badge crates so it compensates that problem but only a little bit.


Not really…
The increase in badge booster crates given certainly helps - and I appreciate them being included more in contest rewards - but keeping 15 heroes to max rank is still pretty difficult - and raising a new hero from zero is even more

Badges’ costs are too high. Too many old badge bits are required to craft newer badges


It’s very difficult to max a new hero.
All things considered like stamina, disk power, mods upgrade pieces (like green skills) are very hard to get.
And it’s impossible to max with ease a red skill, once I max it and because it takes 3/4 months a new and better hero is released.

Since red skills for most of heroes are main reason they are good, then yes, red skill chips.

Then badges.

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-No :frowning:, It’s even more complicated.

:white_check_mark: :))) , Some badges hinder the upgrade process (Ex: 1 badge costs 1000 Stamina but is incomplete) Only the Badge Booster Crates can cure the pain.

No, not at all. Especially now on S19. I spend on occasion and I have still never had my top 15 heroes reach cap, and I only designate resources to those 15 heroes.

In particular, red skills are extremely difficult to keep up with because of city watch keys (2 day delay between getting skill chips because you need to raid for keys) and high hero chip costs (elite campaign awards next to nothing and uses way too much stamina).

And on S19, there is nothing being done about red skills to accommodate the double cap increases. It’s a little frustrating. I did see the double red skill chip crate, but if you can’t choose the hero, it’s totally worthless for that price.

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Only team levels. Other than that, no.

Lack of badges :woozy_face:

But to get badges we’ll need badge crates and stamina :frowning:

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If we’re referring to, literally, a team - then yes. I have 20 heroes at the current rank + level cap. I don’t spend often at all, but I do play regularly and do well in Challenger seasons, providing enough Diamonds to maintain this.

Many more than that would be a major struggle, which is a huge shame considering there are so many more heroes in the game who I’d love to try out.

Stamina - or more specifically, the cost of badges. I don’t really want more stamina as it takes forever to use, but I want the stamina I do have to get me more badges.

Hero Chips and Disk Power are my 2 biggest bottlenecks, that are affecting even heroes in that top 20. We don’t earn nearly enough of them to keep up with Red Skill & Disk Level costs.

If my stamina went further, I suspect I’d also be quickly running out of Hero XP. I currently have plenty for my 20 heroes, but only because I don’t enhance Battle Badges (not worth mentioning as the cost is simply beyond astronomically absurd). If I had more stamina and could upgrade more heroes, XP could become restrictive.

The Codebase not having scaled is also blocking me, in that I can hardly promote any Battle Badges.


Kinda yes. 6-day contests and increased Badge crate rewards make it easier to get badges a lot, at least for me. Levels and skills(Non-red) are also bearable. Disks, not really, not for a whole team, have to pick favourites. Mods and red skills…weird case, getting chips isn’t easy, other resources are decent at getting. Battle badges are hard, yes, lack of scaling kills the idea for me.

Kind of yes, with the Badge Crates in Contests my ability to keep up has moderately increased. I wish there were like 200 in the course of 4 weeks though and not sure we are there yet. (Even with the Wall and stuff)

Not as much promoting, but I would really appreciate lowering the enhancement requirements for Battle Badges as well as raising the substantial amount of Hero XP Drinks paid out while raiding campaign.

As far as I am aware, the same Hero XP Drinks are paid for raiding a Chapter 20 stage as are for raiding a Chapter 47 stage. I believe it should have risen continually every chapter as it did for 1-20. :man_shrugging:

Now that we are gettin more chip crates as rewards Im starting to have hope with ranks but, exp drinks, megabits and hero chips need to revamp especially hero chips, or you start to give more stamina to farming elites or increase the drop rates bc is impossible. My only hero with the red skill maxed is the swiss chef. Exp problem could be fixed with more double port days (seriously the last one was the last anniversary if im not wrong…) and megabits adding more levels to megavirus or just increasing the difficult like the other trials.

I feel as though that it really hard to hard to keep up with the ever growing ranks. It takes forever to the enough badge bits needed to make a badge. So far I am at Red-4 and the current overall ranks is Yellow-2. So, you can probably guess how long that will take to get from my current rank to the newest rank.

Two words: Badge bits.

Here’s how the game is for me at the moment: in the morning, I do my daily video to get raids. Raid till I run out of stamina. Wait for the free staminas. Raid again. Repeat. The game has turned into a never ending grinding session just to get badge bits needed to craft other badges and I can’t seem to enjoy the game because I’m too busy crafting badges bit by bit (heh heh)

Even then, there are these very complicated formulas to get the badges you want and sometimes you forget what bits you need. So, when you think your done you either run out of gold or bits. Either way, it’s very frustrating.

So, I suggest if we get rid of the bit system entirely and just give whole badges of all ranks out right, i wager that hero promotion will go much smoother and faster instead of wasting time and gold just raiding and crafting day in and day out for bits.

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No. Stamina needed is insane and it would be really appreciated if the bits got cut down (50% I hope). These are badges that I really really hate seeing :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: and they are basically needed by every hero

Yes. We need more stamina, disc power, hero chips and red skill chips and mega bit mod upgrade

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Hey loutre can i want sort by team back? I found it useful sorting my team.

Not at all.

  • Stamina is too low / badges cost too much
  • Skill points consumable limit on leveling up skills to beat the chapters
  • Hero chips are not enough from Elite campaign - again needs stamina which we rather want to spend on badges
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Level wise? Yes.

Skills? Yes, though I’m not too sure how long that’ll last considering that the Skill Amounts are now in the millions.

Ranks? Huge no; getting to Yellow+0 from Red+15 is expensive enough because of the sheer amount of Stamina needed; depending if the hero is newer or older, I usually need anywhere from 20k to 40k Stamina to upgrade them, and these are only on Double Drop Days, mind you.

I barely managed to get the last Yellow for my third War/Coliseum team about 3 or so weeks ago, and that was over the course of last year, dedicating each Double Drop Day to a singular character.

The high Stamina costs, and diminishing returns of Badge Bits and Hero Chips.

Even though Double Drop Days are happening much more frequently, which I am grateful for, it kinda feels like I’m not getting as much Badge Bits, since some of my reserves take a big hit, being depleted more often than not, especially with certain badges like the Bunny Ear one (don’t remember the name).

As for Hero Chips, I used to get at least 3 guaranteed in the past. Nowadays, the value is randomized, skewing to the lower side more often than not. I find it kind of disappointing and discouraging some times when a character has 3 places to be farmed in Elite, with each place being farmable 5 times, for a total of being farmable 15 times, only to come up with just 1 Hero Chip.

There’s bad RNG, and then there’s that.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if the requirement for Hero Chips for Red Skills weren’t so high; Red Skills require astronomical amounts of Hero Chips once they reach level 100 and above.

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Only if I buy packs of energy and energy only (not mixed with chests or other stuff because they give you less energy). Other way seems hard to almost impossible.

Specially with the cost sometimes ridiculous of badges in the game.

Those are from today and we have running a double drops event.
Imagine the cost of energy DOUBLED!

I think I made obviously the energy cost in the previous answer and that’s the main priority. With almost 48 chapters in the game already having early chapters cost 6 of energy still feels too much for long term crafting. Specially with some badges requiring 50 bits to be done.

Reducing the cost of those very early chapters could possibly reduce the amount of energy and help us to get more heroes to higher ranks necessary these days for end friendship stories. Because friendship boost like invasion aren’t helping at all.

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As long as I can get them to where they’re supposed to be

Yes it’s how much Stanima it cost and It only goes up to 40,000 and everytime I try to use add more above that number it says I need to spend some

Yes, but I’m always going to be behind. If you didn’t put BBCs in contests, I would have quit a few months ago. They do A LOT!
I have about 20 heroes that I keep at max now. With BBCs, I went from 15 to 20 last month. But… every new hero I add, it’s 6 more BBCs monthly along with too much ultra XP to get to L205 (and L205 for the friend).

I can compete (PvP) with 20, but I definitely lack the total team power (1/5th of the highest player) and can’t get a few main heroes up, because of the stamina and hero chips needed. The only good way to get hero chips is from shops, but the shop rotations haven’t matched most of my team. There just aren’t good ways to get hero chips to keep up red skills. Elite campaign gives 2-4 per day, which is not much, and costs too much stamina. It’s also way too slow.

I don’t understand red skills. White to Purple cost gold (feels just right). Red costs an insane amount of hero chips, gold, and it NEVER ends. Who in the world thought that was a good idea? It’s like going from 1st grade to college. It’s terribly imbalanced.

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