Heroes: March 16-20


  1. Who is your all time favorite hero? Why?
  2. Who is the most powerful hero? Why?
  3. Who is the most underrated hero? Why?
  4. What makes you most excited about a new hero? Why?

Can i ask a question?

  1. Who is your all time favorite hero? Why?

It’s a hard question to answer since at the moment I do enjoy so many of them; Woody, Baymax, Vanellope, Moana, Dr. Facilier, Rapunzel, Ralph, Mickey, and Jack Skellington being the top of the list.

My favorite hero to see included would have to be Mickey, since games of his genre in don’t usually portray a “traditional” Mickey in the sense of him using abilities of his own (Kingdom Hearts and Disney Epic Quest give Mickey a fictional weapon for both games durations), and this version of Mickey is just pleasing to play around with and involve against so many other characters.

  1. Who is the most powerful hero? Why?

Randall is still definitely up there with the large splash range on his “Monster Punch” just kind of destroying an entire team. But Captain Hook is as well with his long Invincibility period from “Cold Steel” just poking holes in everyone nearby. Combining the two i something I see common, and just a nightmare to combat against.

As much as I like using Randall against other players, fighting against Randall isn’t something I enjoy as much.

  1. Who is the most underrated hero? Why?

Ralph and Vanellope, tied for most underrated. Personally, the Wreck-It Ralph franchise is some of my absolute favorite movies and I would greatly enjoy using both these heroes as well as Calhoun and Shank more as I move forward with the game. Even with Disks equipped, they don’t feel as “boosting” as newer heroes coming in. Which is especially difficult when some are used for newer Friendship Campaigns as allies.

I omitted Felix from the above list since he has had a Refresh in the past, and I feel is already at a good place.

  1. What makes you most excited about a new hero? Why?

The most exciting thing to me about new heroes are their skills and abilities. When I look at patch notes and see who is coming up my immediate thought is “wow them? I wonder what they would do!” and then reading further just answers that question immediately.

It’s a mix between seeing their powers relate to them as characters with rich histories to take inspiration from, and seeing their powers become synergistic with existing heroes and team compositions.

Questions about heroes are welcome!

It’s probably no surprise to most that my favourite hero is Elsa! She’s my all-time favourite Disney character and I think the team did a great job with her design. My only complaint is her defeat animation, but otherwise I think she is accurately represented.

Honourable mentions go out to Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ducky & Bunny, and Peter Pan.

From what I’ve been exposed to, it’s hands down Ducky & Bunny. Everyone else thinks Randall I’m sure, but I haven’t had to face him very often at my level.

In the campaigns, it’s Mr. Incredible. Once he reaches 50% health, he has my team defeated in seconds. It’s a real pain that he comes up in infected areas so often. He’s the reason why my entire map is pretty much always infected…

I would say Colette. I use her often and find her very powerful. I really don’t know why I don’t see her in any other teams.

Firstly, it’s always exciting to see a character I grew up with. Frozen and Tangled characters are the ones I’ve been most excited for, for that reason.

Aside from that, I am most excited based on a character’s aesthetics and designs. The way they look and act is very important to me, especially that they move in a way that is true to their character.

Can you add lighting mcqueen and mater as playable heros in the fhture? I hope its not off topic and who is the charther who supose to give eeyore s second friendship disc? In the patch notes when he got added was realeaed with just 1 friendship disc

  1. What makes you most excited about a new hero? Why?

I like the characters I love in movie. Pete, Tarzan, Clayton, Esmeralda, Ariel, Anna, Prince Eric…

And I like characters’ appearance in game. I like Rapunzel’s appearance.
But I think Rapunzel’s nose color is somewhat cloudy compared to Elsa.
I hope Rapunzel’s nose color to be more clear and vivid

+) I have a question. Is there a possiblities that Tarzan characters come to DHBM?


This might be a known fact, but it is Zurg for those who don’t. I obtained hin from the Surge shop in my first weeks as a DHBM player. I was told he was very powerful. And it was true.

As overrated powerful as he is, I chose Randall. I might not have worked on him much (at level 97 almost all skills maxed), but his skillset and disks are powerful. If I could, I’d equip his Yzma disk, even though it is underrated.

I wanna say Zurg, but judging from the current meta in server 1, I’ll say Linguini & Remy. I think the only reason players may not use him is how limited edition he is, like Jasmine. But then again, she is making her return in the meta after her release into the elite campaign and later on the arena shop. Which leads me to believe the cooking duo will be in the meta.

He is useful because of how many stacks of Hardy he may dish out (pun intended). I’d partner him up with Animal (Go), who can grant him the attack speed needed.

Usually the animations and how easily they may unlocked. It also depends on how close I am to them.

That would be readed(?), and if so something could be changed?

It’s me so, if Kim Possible would be released I would absolutely love her (without ambiguity), she’s great character, fits perfectly to theme of the game, her skills on wakkatu sound good, unique and more… so great, yet ONE YEAR AND NOTHING!

Favorite playable… Linguini & Remy, they are real support, healing and giving stacks of hardy (too slow as for me) another hero would be Nick, crazy fox, his active is very unique, good skills but sadly doesn’t match to meta (hero refresh pls).

Our stupid lizard-thing – Randall!
Dodge skill is stupid OP, increased damage by 400% to scared enemies (if it is fantastic damage, or a crit), broken.
Hook and Donald (afterall) are also annoying broken, Hook just swing his sword and kills all melee character. Donald just broke the ‘‘system’’ to stop things like Randall by stunning/slowing to kill your team, and Donald additionally gives those debuffs to our team!
Lastly, Beast, 10 seconds of brutal action where he can’t be stopped and still gains enough energy to active again his berserk mode, and doing it all over (nerf him!).
Also Duke + Meg combo is too strong.

That’s too personal I would say, I wouldn’t like that my character would get nerf.

Kim Possible, where?!
Unique things are great, those can change meta which was same from LONG time.
Linguini & Remy - bringed ‘‘hardy’’ buff

PS. Pooh is broken (unlimited Hunny stacks are too much for this game, too many bees)


Megavolt: Am I a joke to you?

His stacks of bulbs are removed once his active is used, and on PVP you doesn’t have much control on it (normally he doesn’t ‘‘farm’’ much of those), while Hunny stays for whole battle.

Darkwing Duck because he’s my #1 most powerful hero and he’s cool. (That’s why my username is LetsGetDangerousBro)

Mr. Incredible because he does very high damage since his refresh, making him hard to defeat.

Mostly Ralph because he’s kind of weak with low health. Mostly the older heroes that didn’t got refreshed yet.

Characters like Kim Possible or Pooh because I know them so well. It makes me excited to see them arrive that I’m impatient for the next update to arrive. Even unexpecting ones such as Powerline and Megara also makes me surprised. It makes me like the game more.

Which is why they put a cap on the slows the bees may do.

But yes, I guess Pooh will start the slow meta, who knows. Barbossa (St) have slows just as strong, and last longer.

Seriously, that question is the toughest to answer. I think my all time favorite character is Hercules. First of all, he is Greek so I admire that there’s a Greek hero in the game (along with Meg and Hades). His skillet is great… The effects he deals are also amazing… He’s, in general, an amazing addition to the game.

I would say Mr. Incredible. It’s difficult to defeat him to every battle style in the game (coliseum, heist, surge, arena). His skill set is so strong and he is pretty much invincible.
Same powerful the Beast is… When he bersergs, he can’t die… I mean, long live the Beast.

My opinion is Woody and Ursula. I think Woody’s and Ursula’s skill set are a little bit lower than other players strength.

Um, everything?

  1. Animations
  3. Skillsets
  4. Friendships
  5. Just the image of the character in the game.
    Like I said, everything.

And I have a question and a request.
Where is Kim Possible? I’ve been waiting since the first time I played the game…
Could you please add more Disney princesses?

And thank you guys for doing such an amazing job and keeps us happy with the game… Keep going strong…

Where spam begins…

The slow is not thing which I worried (Animal (or other hero) is here to rescue our day :wink: ), the damage per stack (which is actually broken) is the thing to be worried. 12M damage but it can be much more.

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Mine is Moana, but that is due to personal bias, since she’s my favorite Disney character/movie.

Randall, there’s no two ways about it. He deals ludicrous amounts of damage in single strikes and is still hard to pin down even after the minor nerf you guys gave him.

My favorite hero has to the Goofy and and Duke. They dish out good damage. Duke and Goof both heal, self and team (Cept for Goof). Especially Duke. He’s gotten me out of some sticky situations.

To be quite honest, I think it’s Randall/ Beast/ and D&B. Randall? Need I explain. Beast’s white skill makes it impossible to KO him when he’s on a roll, and as for D&B, their Laser Eyes can vaporize a team in a matter of seconds.

As for underrated, I wanna say Collete. Her blind, stun, removal of buffs, and true damage are deadly. I’ve never used her before but I’ve seen her in Invasion and it’s just a war.

What’s make me most excited are their animations, skills, and just them being able to be included. For example, you guys pulling out Winnie, Tigger, and Eeyore? Who the heck expected that? Except MasterStitch, and yeah after you announced that older characters were coming, but even then, it’s crazy to think characters we never thought would make it in, make it in! Miguel, Mickey, Collete, Eeyore, Madam Mim, etc… STILL WAITING FOR KERMIT AND KP!

Those are mostly characters who are my favourites outside of the game. I would mention the Beast, Jessie and Yzma as my top 3.

A hard question, as almost every new hero becomes a threat. Many would say Randall is. And probably yes, he is fast, strong, hard to punish and has crazy splash attack. Some characters such as Scrooge or Ducky and Bunny enter the meta with their stats, though the most powerful heroes are the ones with unique skills and high synergy.

I always thought that Bogo, the Mad Hatter and Robin Hood are pretty underrated.

Mostly, when a character gets announced, the thing I want to see is their animation set. Soynd effects are kinda included, but those often disappoint me. The animations though are mostly satisfying.

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Stitch and Pooh for obvious reasons: they are my fav characters and very strong!

For me personally, Stitch and Pooh since they are among my top strongest.

Not sure lol

That they are some of my fav characters since they are more fun to play with in game!

  1. Sure Flynn Rider. I don’t use him though (I just don’t have resources ((((
  2. Beast. And even if most said “you can control him”, I whatever said that hero who need all team to beat him is unbalanced. Beast just a pain in Surge.
  3. Ursula (@AuroraVeil video) and Kevin Flynn are underrated. They have unique white skills which are make battles (except Arena&Coli) more interactive
  4. Honestly, most in my guild is annoyed by new heroes, because they are usually too strong and need special heroes to counter (always new heroes). For example, Randall and Magica. Most use Magica ONLY for counter Randall with her disk.
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