How do YOU envision your "next" hero?

HERO: Arthur - 'Sword in the Stone’
mid-line/support hero.
weapon: bow and arrow

WHITE SKILL: Clumsy Shot
Debuff: Arthur launches an arrow into the air distracting the enemies, and giving them a X% chance to miss any attack for the next 10 seconds.

GREEN SKILL: Squire’s Duty
Arthur holds up a sword for Kay, who runs in and performs a powerful swing to the enemy front line, causing X damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.

BLUE SKILL: Flight of the Sparrow
Fantastic Damage: Arthur is transformed into a sparrow and calls a flock to fly around the enemy causing X damage over 10 seconds.

PURPLE SKILL: Sword of a King
Arthur finds the sword in the stone and pulls it out, granting all allies X% attack power for 10 seconds, and heals them for X over 10 seconds.


Aw nuts, mad props for the drawing! Blows anything I can whip up out of the water!

All of these are great, though, y’all! Keep 'em coming! :basketball:


Hero: Belle - ’Beauty and the Beast’
A mid-range control hero who uses the help of her enchanted friends to help mop the floors with their enemies.

White Skill: Chips Rescue
Fantastic Damage. Belle has Chip come in with a giant woodcutter that chops through all the enemies dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Abra Burst
Normal Damage. Belle uses Lumeire to create a line of fire that goes towards an enemy dealing X damage and having a low chance of causeing burning damage to enemies under level X.

Bule Skill: Hot Tea
Fantastic Damage. Belle has Mrs. Potts pour steaming hot tea on one of the enemies dealing X damage and having a chance of causing burning damage to enemies under level X.

Purple Skill: Turning Time
Belle uses Cogsworth to slow down time causing the enemies speed to slow down by 20% and enemies attacks to slow down by 20% for 10 seconds, this may be able to fail with enemies who are under level X.


Mostly I would like to see some modern and classic characters from Disney. Mine is a really ambitious and big request but there are my favorites. Not too sure on what their skills or movesets are going to be though. It’s a bit much but if it would get me to play the game even more that would be amazing.

Big Hero 6:
-Hiro Hamada
-GoGo Tomago

Disney Afternoon:
-Darkwing Duck
-Max (Goof Troop)
-Gizmo Duck
-Scrooge McDuck
-Launchpad Mcquack
-Morgana Macawber
-Chip & Dale (Rescue Rangers)
-Gadget Hackwrench

Atlantis the Lost Empire:
-Milo Thatch
-Princess Kida
-Audrey Ramirez
-Helga Sinclair
-Vinny Santorini
-Dr. Joshua Sweet (Healer support character)

Treasure Planet:
-Jim Hawkins
-Captain Amelia
-Long John Silver


Hero: Simba

White skill: Just Can’t Wait…
Jumps on enemies dealing dmg.

Green skill: Trio
Timon and Pumba show up and do a hula dance, dealing blind to every enemy.

Blue skill: Roar
Simba roars at enemies dealing dmg.

Purple skill: Next King
Simba pounces on targets dealing fantastic dmg.


I want characters from Meet the Robinsons to join the game soon

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Here’s another attempt for a new hero :slight_smile:

HERO: Tamatoa - 'Moana’
Melee Frontline Tank

WHITE SKILL: I’m So Shiny!
Tamatoa flashes his shiny shell on his back to the enemy team, making them stare at it for 7 seconds. He taunts all enemy heroes, making them focus their attacks on him and blinds them at the same time, making them miss their physical attacks. This effect is reduced for enemies above level X.

GREEN SKILL: Pincer Attack
Using his big claws, Tamatoa snaps at a nearby enemy, dealing X amount of damage.

BLUE SKILL: Bone Prison
Tamatoa places an enemy in a bone cage, stunning him for 3 seconds. This effect is reduced for enemies above level X.

PURPLE SKILL: Time to Hoard!
Tamatoa fixes up his shell by hoarding even more shiny artifacts and treasures. He now starts every wave with a X amount of shield. This shield does not expire and is refilled each wave.



HERO: Baymax - 'Big Hero 6’
Front-line/tank hero.

WHITE SKILL: Baymax 2.0
Baymax activates his battle suit, granting him extra X Armor & Y Reality until his energy runs out. His battle suit can activate at half a bar of energy & depletes 100 energy every second.

Normal Damage. Baymax fist bumps the closest enemy, dealing X damage.
Baymax 2.0: He now uses his rocket fist to also knock back his target.

BLUE SKILL: How Would You Rate Your Pain?
Fantastic Damage. Baymax targets the weakest ally OR foe, healing them for X health OR dealing Y damage.
Baymax 2.0: Baymax wonders if his target is satisfied with his care. When this skill activates, a happy/sad face roulette will spin above the weakest ally and foe. Happy Face applies an additional Z health OR damage. Sad Face has no bonus.

PURPLE SKILL: Scan Complete!
Baymax scans the enemy team at the start of battle, granting him X Basic Damage & increasing his Crit Rate by Y.


Some good ideas in here, I’d love Big Hero 6 characters added; with Baymax adding the all important second healer option to be able to swap Yax out from time to time.

I’m sure we would get some players trying to use Yax & Baymax together, but their lack of damage should cause that to fall.

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So we have got quite a few characters now, but some of them are kinda generic in their skills, ralph, jessie& eve for examples, and also skill like felix’s “honey glow” although is useful, it is not very fit to its characteristic. We also definitely need some more team energy filler rather than wall-e right? So here comes a thought of Stitch, it may be a very interesting character to think about skill and stat wise. Here are my ideas to increase some diversity and adding some randomness, if Stitch ever gonna be implemented into this game.
imageimage picture derived from google, but it’s from one of the cartoon episodes I believe, sorry for the copyright

Basic damage: high
Skill power: mild
Max HP: mild
Max energy:1000
Role: tank
position: mid
team: yellow, since yellow team contains characters with animals characteristics.

Skills: I leave those exact numbers since they will be increased via levelling up those skills.

White skill—(name needed): stitch switches to its alien form, and became outrageous, does———(massive)damage to random 4 opponents(four hands lol), while doing 10% damages to nearby allies if their levels are below ———. So basically a skill with positive& negative effects :slight_smile:

Green skill— eat them: Stitch eats up random opponents attacks without losing his HP, and convert those damage to its energy(based on cartoon stitch eats almost everything), it will fail if the opponent skill level(yeah skill level, not opponent level) is above———.

Blue skill— Ohana: Stitch cheers the whole team up using his ukulele, gives allies ——— boost in attack, after that he checks his “doing-good-thing arm band” which shows a +1, and he gains——— energy.

Purple skill—cousins: Stitch calls random cousins to do their ability, it can be spaky which makes opponents paralysis, and etc. just gives all those effects like going to sleep, scare, paralysis, frozen, burned… There are ——— chance of calling 3 cousins at a time.
I hope you guys like it :slight_smile: Thank you!


Hah! I like the fact that you went all out & included a stat page. Stitch sounds much more like a DPS than a tank, though.

Even though green skill sounds way too OP for the game, I really like it! It’s interesting & I agree, we need more hero skill diversity. Having a hero taunt & absorb hits & turn it into something else? Definitely cool. Maybe the energy he accumulates gets shared amongst the remaining team members? Or instead of his green producing energy, it fires damage back at the enemy team :face_with_monocle:

I think my stitch is better

Elsa from( frozen)
Quote: " let it go , let it go can’t hold it back anymore!"
Back line support mage who can show ice power to her enemies with her magic hands.
She summons Crystal rain that deals damage to enemies on the field .every Crystal that hurt an enemy deals 200 damage to them .The rain last for 2 .5second.
Make a big snow flake on a short area .after 1 second the flake shines and freeze all the enemies who was on that field for 5 second.
Blue skill
She freezes her weakest ally.The frozen ally can’t attack or be attacked and also she restore that ally health.all of this last for 4 second.
Purple skill
Her skills and attacking have a chance to reduce enemies energy.
Some gameplay and tip:

  1. you can use her when you want to attack with a player that have hero with a powerful ultimate for example" emperor zurg" .because she can force him to lose energy so that good reason for damage dealers.
    2)when you have a damage tank like rex because of her BLUE skill .She can freeze rex so enemy’s can’t attack him and also she can heal him so rex can exist longer in fight.
    3)her ultimate is have a really good damage .so she need to cast that very fast .try to let her use her ultimate.
  2. his second skill is really good for starting the fight she can freezes enemy’s so your heroes can kill them easier.
    Pls like this .Pls

I love this idea one the best ideas i read

I love this idea very much.


haha thanks, since the skills are just randomly used(except the white skill you can control)and not used all the time I don’t think any OP skill would be really matter that much. I like your idea too tho

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Marry poppins
“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun!”
front line controlhero who can fly with her umbrella above the enemys.
WHITE SKILL :The sleeping choir
Marry choirs with her beautiful voice and put all the enemies to sleep for 5 second.
GREEN SKILL : marry from above
Marry start to fly above the enemies then she throws two kind of her objective the first objective that she throws on weakest enemy deals damage to him and the second objective that throws on enemy with most power will stun him for 5 second.
Blue SKILL:the marry on mirror
She summon her mirror image to fight for him.
The image just can do base damage .The image damage is X and maximum Hp is Y .The image last for 10 second if the enemies don’t destroy it .
When marry poppins disable an enemy she will so X damage to them also.
Some gameplay and tips:

  1. when she is underpurple she is just a control hero and have got no damage so she can be a control hero in your teams.but after purple she will have some damage .
  2. she is really good at her role ! Why??
    Because :
    1.her WHITE SKILL can interrupt the enemies for casting their powerful skills or their WHITE Jill’s
    2.Her mirror image is great way to avoid enemies single target damage.for example when elastigirl or Judy ultimate can cast on this mirror image so your heroes can survived.
    3)when you want puck this hero you must have a tank that can protect her.She is front line hero but she is not a tank .so she can’t be your foremost hero!
    4)her second ability can let her avoid some abilities while she is flying.wish when Buzz lightyear or zurg ability is casting she casts her second skill!!
    Jessie:the White umbrella
    she makes one other mirror image .and also increase duration of mirror image.
    Thanks for reading if you want a hero say in comment pls!!!

Mid range support
Quote: “Are you familiar with Gazelle? Greatest singer of our lifetime? Angel with horns?”
WHITE:Snack time
Shares allies some sacks which both heals them and gives them that increase damage and speed. Effects last longer and heals more with each upgrade.
GREEN:Kind Heart
Gives motivation to allies that gives them an armor boost
After trying to run he would get tired and trip causing him to roll over the enemies caising damage to them.
PURPLE:Try Everything
Calwhauser will play a song by Gazelle which gives all allies a random damage, attack, or defense boost

Edna Mode
Back ranged damage
Quote:“No Capes!”
WHITE: Security Defense
Edna pulls out a pad that she enters with a pointer to have laser pointers pop out and blast the enemies. Increases damage depending on how many enemies there are
GREEN:Diva moment
Edna gets furious and whacks the nearest enemy with a rolled up newspaper
Edna draws a new super suit design on a piece of paper which gives your allies increase attack speed
PURPLE:Fasion Queen
Insparation now slowers your enemies and Sequrity defense stuns them as well


It was my idea to making quotes don’t steal it pls

This edna mode is a support not damage!!!

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