Hurley (G-Force Hero Concept)



With an appetite for action (and cake), Hurley steps into the scene atop a deadly microwave machine, whose connection to Clusterstorm was cut off upon arriving in the City.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Midline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “My stomach doesn’t do well with action-adventure.”

Entrance: The microwave crawls into the battlefield, with Hurley standing on top of it.

Victory: The microwave shuts down, becoming dormant while Hurley eats a piece of cake.
KO: The microwave malfunctions, causing Hurley to fall off.

Basic Attack: Hurley’s microwave shoots hot toaster wires at enemies.

White Skill - Tripwire Trap - True Damage
The microwave races past enemies, dealing X damage to enemies, while also triggering a tripwire, causing an explosion that removes X armor and reduces enemies’ energy gain by 60%.

Green Skill - Cake Walk
Hurley eats a piece of cake, cleansing himself of debuffs and making himself immune to debuffs for 9 seconds.

Blue Skill - Appliance Match
The microwave studies enemies and uses one of three special functions, each one respective to the role of the last enemy that attacked them.

Foods in parentheses are what the microwave recognizes enemies as via icons.

  • Damage (Chicken)
    The microwave deals X damage and removes X reality from enemies with supercharged toaster wires.
  • Control (Casserole)
    The microwave stomps its foot, stunning enemies for 11 seconds.
  • Support/Tank (Popcorn)
    The microwave pushes enemies into the backline with a cooling fan, while freezing them for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill - Hit the Town
Each time Hurley performs his “Appliance Match” skill, he steals HP from each enemy hit or debuffed. His White Skill power is increased to X.

Red Skill - Piece of Cake
Hurley’s “Cake Walk” skill increases his attack speed by 75% for 8 seconds, and grants him a 65% armor and evasion increase.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Tripwire Trap

Hurley + Darwin
Campaign: Online Delivery - The CPD send out brothers Darwin and Hurley to investigate what has caused the sudden shutdown of the City’s online food delivery services. Sounds like a case Darwin’s smarts and Hurley’s gut can crack!
Disk: Mark of the Feast
Disk Memory: Hurley’s “Tripwire Trap” skill deals X additional damage to enemies with active debuffs.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Wasabi, Anger, Maui

Hurley + Sally
Campaign: Cordon Brew - Hurley’s craving some soda, but even when standing atop his microwave, he cannot access the vending machines. In result, he asks Sally to make some of her own. After drinking this concoction, Hurley finds it’s got that bubbly energy, but also some weird side effects.
Disk: Fizz Business
Disk Memory: Hurley gains X HP and energy each time he performs his Basic Skill.
Disk Power: Z armor, Z evasion
Allies: Hades, Sadness, Timon & Pumbaa

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