I am your host, your ghost host (unlikely concept)

The Ghost Host hero concept
the host of the ghostly retreat is here to scare the creeps into taking a tour
Quote: “Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host… your Ghost Host.”

Team: yellow
Position: frontline
Role: control

Basic attack: hits creep with hatchet

Entrance: bust of the ghost host is sitting on the field and it melts, turns into a demon and the ghost host comes out of the bust

Defeat: pulls on noose

Victory: laughs


The host laughs, lighting then flashes and the shadow of his hanging corpse is revealed. Which will scare the creep and deal x. All health scared from enemies will be given to the ghost host

GREEN SKILL: Swingin’ wake
The host disappears and the ballroom dancers twirl into the creeps knocking them back and dealing x damage, when the host re appears he is holding a chain that would hold a chandelier then a chandelier holding pickwick and the two ghosts falls on the creeps which deals x more damage then all of his skills combined, the creeps will also be stunned

BLUE SKILL: an aura of foreboding
When the host gains health he moves faster and skills move faster as well. When the skill is active he will deal 4x more damage

Purple skill: foolish mortals
The Ghost host will prefer to target invisible enemies with his basic attacks and “swingin’ wake.” His basic attacks deal x bonus damage to invisible enemies and “swingin’ wake” stuns invisible enemies for 12 seconds longer.

Red skill: I am your host, your ghost host
The ghost host’s attack speed is increased by 12% for x seconds each time an enemy is knocked back. This attack speed boost can stack up to 5 times.

The attack speed increase has a chance to fail if knocked back enemies are above level x
+x attack speed
+x health
+x damage to my way


The ghost host/jack skellington
Disk: Haunted happenings
All scared enemies will be sapped
Allies: roger rabbit, Daffy Duck, Randall

The ghost host/chernabog
Disk: king of evil and ghost of evil
When the ballroom dancers dance into the creeps they scare them
Allies: Aladdin, Pete, swirly


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Also here are this weeks concepts in riddles

  • It take’s my breath away, if I had any Emily the corpse bride
  • a classic twist on a classic monster
  • “I can’t handle things by myself” The mayor

The bride from Corpe’s Bride? (Can’t remember her name)

The mayor of Halloween Town?

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Emily, and yes


One still needs to be answered, HINT:
smack, crack, fly, crash, death, goodbye puppy, boom, crack, dead but alive, Welcome life with open paws

Sparky from Frankenweenie?

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Yep, I’m releasing him first, mayor second and Emily third (in that order)

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