Iago (Aladdin Hero Concept)

Before I showcase my hero concept for Iago, I would like to once again honor the man who provided his voice, the late actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Some had the chance to meet him personally, while the rest were honored to laugh at his work in his name. May said laughter continue for as long as comedy exists, as may Gottfried’s legacy.


The cockiest and most smart-mouthed macaw in Agrabah joins the City, takes on the vile creeps, and seals a powerful victory with flying colors!
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I can’t believe it, I just don’t believe it! We’re never gonna get a hold of that stupid lamp! Just forget it! Look at this, I’m so ticked off that I’m molting!”

Entrance: Iago walks into the battlefield, disguised as a flamingo. Iago ditches the fake beak, but keeps the stilts.


Victory: Iago laughs maniacally.
KO: Iago flies away, molting feathers and leaving the stilts behind.

Basic Attack: Iago hits enemies with his stilts.

White Skill - Temper Trip - Normal Damage
Iago gets angry and flies through enemies, dealing X damage and stealing X Skill Power from each enemy hit.

Green Skill - Beak Condition
Iago throws the fake beak at enemies like a boomerang, dealing X damage and removing X reality and armor from enemies.

Blue Skill - Impressionist
Iago imitates the sound of a creep (selected at random), charming two random enemies for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill - Polly Wants a Cracker
If Iago reaches 0% his max HP, he regenerates his HP completely and hits the enemy that last attacked him with a cracker in hand, giving them Dysentery. Enemies with Dysentery have their attack speed slowed down by 50% and gain 60% less HP and energy.

This skill can only be performed once per wave.

Red Skill - Get a Grip!
Each time Iago performs his “Temper Trip” skill, he deals X additional damage to the enemy with the most HP.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Beak Condition

Iago + Jafar
Campaign: Hostile Takeover - Jafar and Iago failed to take over Agrabah before, and now that there’s a City waiting to be controlled, history may not repeat itself… unless Iago screws up and gets himself and Jafar caught by the CPD.
Disk: Wingman
Disk Memory: Iago steals X energy from enemies charmed by his “Impressionist” skill or his allies.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Eeyore, Gizmoduck, Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo

Iago + Zazu
Campaign: What the Squawk - Iago and Zazu are caught in a debate, both disapproving of the other’s means of advisory. When they fall into the crosshairs of a creep horde, they team up to both evade certain doom and learn from one another.
Disk: Under New Management
Disk Memory: Each time Iago performs his “Beak Condition” skill, the weakest ally gains the reality and armor removed from enemies Iago hits.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Miss Piggy, Pacha, Tia Dalma


Very great concept and tribute to Gilbert Gottfried.

By the way, was Iago’s friendship with Zazu inspired by Tiki Room Under New Management? Because I was reminded of that when you posted that concept.

Never knew about that, but it’s interesting how I unknowingly made that click for you. :grin:



I can’t unsee it now.


Nice tribute to Gilbert Gottfried. Also. It makes sense that Iago and Zazu have their friendship, because not only they appear in the closed Tiki Room Show many years ago, but also their both birds.

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Was caught off guard by the “Dysentery” status, absolute gold.

What does that word mean anyway

It’s another word for “sickness.”

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I feel like one animation should involve kicking the lamp like he does in the second movie (or at least making that a skill icon).

Not only is this a great concept, but also a great tribute to the late Gilbert Gottfried. May he forever rest in peace.

Speaking of concepts for Aladdin characters, can you please do concepts for Abu, The Sultan, Razoul, Cassim (Aladdin’s father), Abis Mal and Sa’Luk?

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