Zazu (the Lion King Hero Concept)


Zazu is the advisor to the king of the Pride Lands, which means he controls how his allies perform in the battlefield.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “If this is where the monarchy is headed, count me out!”

Entrance: A log appears in the battlefield, and Zazu flies infield to perch on its branch.
Victory: Zazu takes a bow.
KO: Zazu’s log breaks apart, sending him falling forward.

Basic Attack: Zazu damages enemies by flying at them and hitting them with his beak.

White Skill - Morning Report - True Damage
Zazu delivers a morning report, granting X energy to the two strongest allies and increasing their attack speed by 55% for 6 seconds.

Green Skill - Out of Wing
Zazu orders the ally with the most HP to target the weakest enemy for 5 seconds. Each time they attack that enemy, they gain X additional HP.

Blue Skill - Now See Here
Zazu scolds the three closest enemies, silencing them and slowing their attack speed by 40% for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Survey the Land
If Zazu reaches 0HP, he will regenerate his HP by 50%, study both enemies and allies for 4 seconds, and automatically decide which of his allies should target the strongest enemy.

Red Skill - For the King
Zazu cannot be studied by enemies that have more HP than him. All allies that Zazu advises deal 25% additional damage to enemies.

Zazu + Simba & Nala
Campaign: Don’t Lose Them - Simba and Nala want to go to the park, but they have to have Zazu monitoring them. As they try to escape the hornbill’s supervision, they bump into creep territory.
Disk: Might of the Savannah
Disk Memory: Zazu takes 40% less damage from White Skill attacks.
Disk Power: Z armor

Zazu + Jack Skellington
Campaign: A World Full of Kings - Zazu may be Simba’s advisor, but in the City, where kings roam the streets as mere civilians, he is left with no idea on how he belongs, until he is appointed by the Pumpkin King.
Disk: Graveyard Hater
Disk Memory: Enemies scolded by Zazu after he performs his “Now See Here” skill have their attack speed slowed by an additional 30%.
Disk Power: Z shield power

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