In charge of this concept (likely concept)


Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Tank
Trial team: Yellow

“This has gone far enough! I’m in charge here!”

Cogsworth takes charge in the battlefield while being the peacekeeper between the enemy team and his ally team


Entrance: Cogsworth appears on the battlefield in his inanimated form but then he opens his eyes and turns his clock hands to their mustache form.

Victory: Cogsworth does a small dance while smiling

Defeat: Cogsworth becomes inanimate

Basic attack: Cogsworth slices the nearest enemy with his scissors, dealing X damage


White: Chaaaarge

Cogsworth puts on his napoleon hat and then he fires a warning shot in the air which scares all enemies for 10 seconds, then he charges through the enemy team with his scissors, dealing X damage to each enemy and knocking them back.

Green: Time shift

Cogsworth winds himself up, healing himself for X amount, giving himself a shield for X amount and reflect for 10 seconds.

Blue: Counter clockwise

Whenever cogsworth gains reflect, he slows all enemies attack and movement speeds by 50% for 13 seconds.

Purple: In charge

Cogsworth takes 50% less damage from slowed enemies for until their slow wears off.

Red: Voice of reason

Cogsworth is now immune to silences, whenever he would be silenced by an foe he instead heals himself and gains reflect for 15 seconds.

“Time shift” now grants reflect to the two weakest allies, each reflected attack heals cogsworth for X amount and cleanses 2 debuffs off of him.
+X damage to “Chaaaarge”
+X max HP
+X skill power


Palace sitting
Shields grant healing overtime

As long as an ally has a shield on them, they heal overtime for X amount until the shield wears off.

Clocked candle
“Counter clockwise” decreases green skill cooldown

“Counter clockwise” decreases the green skill cooldown of cogsworth and the weakest ally.


Having Reflect and Shield seems kinda pointless to me. But good concept anyway!

What concept do you guys want me to do next? Vote down below…if you want.

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