The dining room proudly presents.....(Remake-cept)


1 star, mid-line support

“Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious! don’t believe me? ask the dishes.”


Entrance: lumiere hops into the battlefield and flashes a charming smile at the player before facing the enemy team.

Victory: lumiere tips his cap and smiles at the camera

Defeat: lumiere gains a shocked look on his face as his candlelights go out

Basic attack: lumiere shoots out a fireball at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Burning passion

Passive: lumiere’s basic attack now deals continuous damage for 5 seconds at a time.

Active: Lumiere blows into one of his candles which causes a huge flame to shoot from his head, dealing X damage to all foes, dealing X continuous damage for 5 seconds to each foe and inflicting 2 stacks of fatigue onto each foe the move hits.

Green: Charming candle

Lumiere charms the foe with the most skill power for 10 seconds, while the enemy is charmed by lumiere, they are immune to disables and will heal lumiere and the weakest ally for each attack that they deal to the enemy team while they are charmed.

Blue: Gray stuff

Lumiere pulls out and shows all allies the gray stuff, healing all allies for X amount, increasing the attack speed of all allies by 100% for 5 seconds and making all allies immune to crits for those same 5 seconds.

Purple: Deepest pride

Each stack of fatigue drains 25% energy and decreases X armor from enemies inflicted with fatigue.

Red: Enchanting flames

“Burning passion” now deals X more damage to enemies with stacks of fatigue already inflicted on them.

“Gray stuff” now also increases the max HP of each ally if they are under 35% of their max health.
+X damage to “Flaming passion”
+X armor
+X skill power


Lumiere/The beast
Show that smile
longer charms

The charm from “charming candle” and other charms inflicted by allies now lasts 4 seconds longer.

Lumiere/King louie
Royal feast
hardy heals allies

Every hardy removed from an ally now heals them for X amount and cleanses 1 debuff off of them.


Nice love it :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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