In-Game Events


The Bad Eggs events have ended and we hope you enjoyed hopping around The City, gathering your goodies! I know you’ve been missing these fun bonuses between our seasonal events and we are planning to have these events on a more regular basis. Keep an eye out for more events in the game in the coming weeks!


Easy events?! Yay!! Thank u @Polaris! Keep up the amazing work.


Really enjoyed all events and contests. It really gives you extra chances for gathering resources, and keeps you playing much more daily, at least in my case. Example: for last contest as not so high i couldn’t rely on infested areas, i’ve needed to grind it with friend points, but it was really worth it in term of prizes from contest and as motivation to speed up process with friends cmpaign. Keep them coming!


Nods Head in Aproval
This is good. This will make people happy.


Let me get this straight so now there will be more of the free events, and also keep the pay to play events as well?
Well this is a great idea if you want more badge or tokens etc. And possibly make them a little harder on some and easy of course well this is very nice!


Such a good news!
I really missed random 2x port/trial/CW rewards and much more events.
From few months these was only for Christmas, Valentine and Easter, not really much, comparing how it was last year.


Thank you @Polaris for the good contest.


So, we should expect more easy events? Dat sounds nice. Always will enjoy dis game. Keep it up @Polaris & team perblue.


The events as elite x3 or similar must be announced at the 6/7 am… Not after 11… Because lots of players play at the morning… :tired_face:


@Polaris, some feedback: The Bad Egg event was excellent. Finally a return to diamond deals and free events in a big way!
Even if I buy one of every 6 diamond deals offered - I love having the choice and it generally adds to the excitement to the game.
The free events are always welcome and although late, they helped people catch up with some much needed gold earnings.
On the subject of gold, the increase from CW and Surge difficulty raise is really noticeable and added to the rewards from Invasion has removed the gold drought of the O4 patch.

The best event, however, came after the Bad Egg week. Today’s “Booster Crate”!
Please add these every week or two :slight_smile: - they are amazing.
Not only do they deliver pretty decent rewards for your diamonds but the chance to get back a huge portion of diamonds or a huge drop like 300 stam pots / 250 diamond crates makes the gamble that much more worth it and exciting. I also think they are priced right.

good work PB!


On the subject of events, are we planning to have something big on 1-year anniversary this May?

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We are planning something big at the end of May to celebrate the anniversary. :tada:

When is the next update? 1.9.2?
Anniversary event

Waiting with baited breath to see what it is! :grin:

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Are you getting Love Händel. Because on Phineas and Ferb they got them to celebrate their parents anniversary. (Yes a very obscure reference I know).


I actually saw that episode!!


I cannot wait until the Anniversary! It’s going to be exciting!


Maybe a x10 drop. That would be amazing. All ports and trials open and bam x10 drop

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Can we also change trials now. They have been stagnant for quite sometime. They contain o1 and maybe o2 badge bits. I have almost over 600 of those. It will be nice to see o3, o4 and o5 bits in them. Additionally also adding the lower level bits(like peaches, love bug etc) again to higher trial levels. They are req in tons of badges. Just a small suggestion.


I hope so, players on 14 are leaving the server. Some are tired of spending, others because of the frequent updates. Today is a sad day on S14


I agree with the master stitch plz add them i have every hero so plz add them