Invasion - February 14-21

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • Do you enjoy Invasion?
  • What’s your favorite part?
  • What about Invasion you would change?
  • How much time does Invasion take (too much, too little, just right?)?

This is a complicated-ish answer. I enjoy the regular invasions, but not really near the end. It can be fun and challenging, but the last few tiers are a bit too challenging especially for F2P players. But even still, it’s a nice addition to the game.

Now for the “special” invasions. I hate them. Many times the “special” heroes are too weak for me. Many are still white level and TL 1. I focus on a few heroes and try to level up heroes needed for friendships, but most of my heroes are under 10,000 power and even 5,000. To me, it feels like the special invasion is a way to get people to spend some money to level them up.

Working with my guild since I can help them defeat bosses for points and they help me defeat mine.

Make the rewards better and easier to get to. Higher tiers are too hard to reach and many of the rewards aren’t very good.

For me, it’s half “just right” and half “too much.”

Some days it’s fun and quick to defeat the bosses and get to higher tiers.

Some days it’s annoying to take out so many wards and spend resources to take out wards, get breakers, get stamina. It feels more like a grind.

So basically. Regular invasion is mostly great, but the rewards can be better. I don’t like the special invasion. Hope that wasn’t too brutal.

EDIT: since this Villiantine invasion is almost over, I just wanted to say that it has reaffirmed my dislike for these special invasions.


I enjoy it for the most part. It can get a little grindy, but I don’t mind.

I’d say the rewards, but they could definitely be better, especially the non-mod stuff. I know you guys said the invasion rewards were meant to be mod-centric, but we really need those other resources.

Like what @TherMasterStitch said, make invasion tiers easier to reach. I find that I am only able to make it to tier 27 out of some 50 or so tiers. And I am only five levels short of the server 1 cap.

It does take me a while, but that might just be because I get pretty far in the wards, but I don’t mind the lengthiness of the process. That’s probably an unpopular opinion though.


Only real change that Invasion needs is MUCH more mod power per tier. It takes several invasions just to work on one mod right now.

I already said it week ago, but we really need to have enemies on breakers on max rank available in player level, not in server. For players lower 100 lvl invasion is impossible

I was. When it was first introduced. At that time, the rewards were good, the tiers were complete-able. But then, things changed. For the worse

Rewards got cut-down with ridiculous reasons. Tiers got added (they still are) constantly

I was able to manage to reach all tiers when there were 45, but after that, I got exhausted that I haven’t tried too hard, or at all, since then. And now, with 53 tiers, well, you know the answer

Unlike War, Arena, Coli, some of the heroes that shine in Invasion are not in the meta. Which I love. I can finally use them based on my opinion, my decision and am not forced to use them because everybody does

  1. The rewards system. Why do we only have 1 reward each tier? Why are there many tiers like this? Is there an endgame in Invasion or tiers will be added non-stop? Rewards should be increased… a lot. As of now, at lv 149, those rewards you guys offer mean little to me

  2. Decrease the point to reach tiers. I know, there are some guys who get billion point in Invasion, but that’s just minority. As you can clearly see, Invasion is not as popular as before. The goal we need to reach is so far away that it makes us exhausted, with little rewards, and that’s the reason why many have quit doing Invasion. Half of my guild doesn’t care about it, and honestly, I can understand why

If people want to compete with others, they could have billion of point for all I care. But not us, we just want to complete it and then stop. They could go wild all they want, just please dont assume everyone is the same

  1. Enemies level and rarity: they always at highest level and rarity, making them too hard to beat, especially Bosses. The majority of us can’t reach that high that fast, man. You have to have a bigger look, look at us, consider our ability plsss

Way too much. We play this game to relax, to have fun, not to have a second job that requires every second of our day. So please, find some way to cut down time-spending in Invasion. Otherwise, soon, there will be some playing it. Invasion took months to complete and they are near dead after a few weeks… Don’t you guys feel anything looking at that situation?


Yeah. I play it the most out of all of them, and it crashes the least. It also has few issues aside from being slightly repetitive.

I’d have to say seeing one of my heroes do crazy damage. I’m not usually big on looking through statistics, but I love looking at the post-battle results and comparing the damage output of my heroes.

A long time, but I don’t use quick fight. It’s good for when I want to play for a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to see more bosses added. Maybe every level 50/100/150/etc. boss could be different.


-Do I enjoy invasion yes and no. I enjoyed it more when rewards were as they were when started. Don’t like the selected toon version, and don’t like that it starts on a Monday when at work and ends mid day on a Saturday

-what do I enjoy: the guild teamwork and points system for it

What I would change: have time start 6 am est time in line with new weekly challenges on Wednesday and end 6 pm est on a Monday. And increase the non mod rewards and introduce the other mod upgrades (for tier that gives that one out, give some of each option as the reward)

Time wise: takes too much time especially when blocked from playing at work. And the way non mod rewards are now, juice ain’t worth the squeeze

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During a special invasion event, the rewards were really good and fun.
I think it should be once a month.
However, I feel the days of invasion are long. The solo battle for a breaker also feels lazy in the second half.

Overall, yes. It’s a pretty fun gamemode. But it definitely needs some reworks.

The Breaker Quests are the most fun part to play Imo.

Two main points:

1 - The rewards. Current rewards for invasion are nothing, they should be AT LEAST 5 times as much as they are now. The points needed to unlock tiers should be reduced a bit too. Again, tiers after 25 are just for P2P rn.

2 - Mama Bots’ power goes up too fast. After level 150/155 Bots, they’re a nightmare. Also, please remove that “rage” thing that makes Bots go faster after they lose some HP.

The time it takes is just fine Imo. But it would definitely feel less wasted if rewards were actually useful.

Add different mode like easy, medium, hard

Only, I think it is yellow, With Nick and Sulley etc.I

I just love powring up my heroes and watching the numbers get higger and bigger, and when Jack spareow spams his white skill on the boss and heals all damage he takes. :grin:

How hard I think it is blue Invasion is. I have no good heroes for that one, and there are no good healers for me to use… :confused:

I like the time it takes, because I can choose how much time I want it too take.

I’d like to see a damage done counter during the boss fight so you don’t have to guess at 10%. I find I’m running far short of mod power with so many toons and higher level mods, we need more. The higher tiers in rewards are too brutal to reach as well. People are bored of grinding for lackluster rewards and do less, which means fewer bots and grinding gets harder and the top tiers of rewards farther out of reach.

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As for the invasion, just give more rewards specially stamina refill & a few diamonds will be great add. And please, don’t make the progress tiers higher (its level 53 right now at server 2 where I’m) for atleast a year if not decreases it. Don’t give any special invasion which can be played by a few selected heroes as many of us either don’t have couple of heroes from there, or don’t levelling up a few heroes at all. Thats all. Thanks.

Overall, yes. However, I’ve enjoyed it much more since the Quick Fight was introduced, which is somewhat contrary to enjoying the actual gameplay of the mode itself. I mainly play it for the rewards and collection completion.

The guild interaction and how just a couple of strong members can really help boost up everyone’s points - there’s no other game mode where the spenders / most active players can directly contribute to the rewards of everyone else in the guild.

The obvious answer here is the tier rewards - since they were severely cut to focus on mods, it seems like those resources we lost haven’t really been replaced or redistributed elsewhere. It also takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort to reach the max tier level.

The rank rewards could do with an overhaul - trying to aim for rank is essentially a waste of time, since the difference between top #1 and top… well, anything else is a very measly amount of mod power. Once I’ve finished the tiers (if indeed I make it), there’s no incentive to continue.

It’s also in the current state very difficult for lower powered players to participate at all in invasion, with the breaker quest being automatically at the highest badge rank. Someone with O6 heroes, for example, isn’t going to get very far against R5 enemies, and their week amounts to saving what little breakers they can get for Friday & Saturday and try to leech as many participation points as possible off the high bots available. That’s not a good gameplay experience.

I’m not a fan of the invasion deals that have started popping up on Mondays. Invasion items have absolutely 0 benefit after the week has ended, and the small amount that is offered is not going to make any tangible difference in rewards attained. Seems like a “why not offer this, we might as well, someone will buy it” rather than a well thought-out, useful deal.

I’d also like to see some variation in bosses. It’s got a little bit stale / monotonous, using the same exact team on a 3 week cycle, knowing exactly how to combat the mama bots. I appreciated the idea of trying to change things up with a different hero set, but it missed the mark on the first attempt because the hero selection was poor. The problem is, even with a bigger hero pool it’s never going to satisfy everyone - so why not create different bot types instead? They could have different appearance, attacks, abilities… all sorts. That would bring much needed variety, without annoying the player base who don’t have X hero levelled up and want to be able to experiment as they choose.

Too long, in terms of value. It was far too long before Quick Fight was added - and this has been a huge improvement - but while the actual hitting now takes significantly less time, in order to reach the max tier level you need to hit soooo many bots that you need to be logging in very often to catch the bots that are open. If you don’t, or don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time on your own bot, there’s no way of getting there.

Obviously a benefit is that you can spend however long you want on it, but the time spent relative to gain is too long. If the rewards were greater, the time it takes might be justified, but as it is it’s too much work for not enough reward.


Mega Boss Guild Raid/ Invasion
I was thinking it would be cool to see seasonal battles for invasion similar to a raid or as an invasion special event. As in the entire guild fights one mega-boss one team at a time lowering the HP of the guild-wide boss.

One idea would be to have the Titans from Hercules as the Guild Invasion/Raid Boss. Hydros (Ice), Lythos (Rock), Pyros (Flame), Stratos (Wind) and Arges (Cyclops) that appear seasonally or rarely throughout the year. With this you could have a different Disable be super effective against each boss (Ice = Charm, Rock = Stun, Flame = Freeze, Wind = Silence, Cyclops = Blind) this would allow different heroes to be used. Finally you could give out “Guild Invasion or Raid Boss” exclusive hero chips that you can only get from your guild beating or doing a certain amount of damage against the titan. I feel like this would be a fun way to have the entire guild take part beating a mega boss that varies instead of the same Mama Bot on Invasion.


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This invasion is even worse than the last one, reward-wise. This one doesn’t give any hero chips for reaching certain tiers. It is just bad.

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The mad rush on Monday at 1pm EST is my least favorite part of the Invasion. It’s relatively easy to fall so far behind as to be incapable of catching up, and tagging each Mama Bot is tedious at best.

My favorite part would be designing and preparing a team, then seeing it perform. Red skills and the “Special” invasions undermine those.

I did, and I want to enjoy it, but no I do not.

It was the rewards. And it would still be if it wasn’t so hard and time consuming to even try and get them.

This is something I ponder a lot. Invasion is bad for anyone who doesn’t have a maxed team for every invasion. That is simply a fact. But how would one go about fixing this? I think the best solution requires very little chage to Invasion directly aside from massively decreasing the required points to earn rewards increasing them slightly and making it cumulative.

New team trials. Currently we have 90+ characters in the game spresd across 3 team trials. This means aprox. 30 per team. The Invasion power up system simply doesn’t work with this set up. It’s to hard to power up the heroes in your team even if you buy every power up in the shop daily. Decreasing the amount of heroes in the pool is the solution. But not through special teams. Through expanding the numbet of team trials and splitting the characters we currently have across them. 6 trials = aprox. 15 per team and more when new characters are added.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much! I only ever manage to get to about tier 18-23 and that’s when I devote 6+ hours per day. It should not take 60+ hours to fully complete an Invasion EVERY WEEK.


Yes in the beginning, not at the end.
It’s more a chore rather that a game mode

Mostly the rewards that aren’t mods related: energy bottles, xp, gold

And of course, advance in collections trough the Early stages of brackers

One of this things.
The score system of high level tiers. They are a joke to me. I used to maxed the tiers barely the last day playing a lot. Now i can’t even reach half way.

The dificulty (rarity and level) of enemies.

Rewards, specially the non-mods related

TOO MUCH. I play constantly and frankly i feel I’m going nowhere with the scores for highest tiers making the gap between the ones how can reach billions and the ones who can’t bigger.

Winterbotton server 2 level 160

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