Invasion Feedback wanted!


Server 1 players,

We are making a few small tweaks to Invasion for next week. They are aimed at slowing the Invasion down slightly so that it takes a little bit longer for people to get as far in the Breaker Quests.

We are also looking for your feedback on Invasion so far.

  • What are you enjoying?
  • What could be improved?
  • What motivates you to play Invasion?
  • When Invasion is running, how do you feel about the amount of time you spend playing it?
    • Too short? Too long? Just right?
    • Is 5 days per Invasion too long, too short, just right?
  • Do you like which days of the week Invasion runs?
  • Do you like that Invasion runs every week?
  • What is your strategy for doing well in Invasion?


No, don’t slow it down come on.
Let us smash things it’s not like the tier rewards are respectable.



It’s boring. Rewards too small for the effort. Takes too long at higher levels of bosses; attack, die, wait 2 hours to try again.



Invasion is too tough. Please make it easier.



Invasion is great but it takes too long because you have to play it all day.

The cooldowns make it so. Shorten the cooldowns so just a couple hours a day can use up all our breakers.

Get rid of the 75% reduced speed, 50 would be plenty!

Give more powerups, let us smash things let us advance let us enjoy the one enjoyable thing so far.



I agree you have now made it too hard so we are having to wait 2 hours between attacks which is just ridiculous it takes too long in the first place and rewards are rubbish



My major issue with invasion is reviving heroes. I would rather have a cooldown and automatic revival than a somewhat unnecessary step of revivng them manually. Also, once you reach a certain level, and your heroes can’t fight anymore, there really is no further reason to play. Perhaps if you could repeat the last level you fought, it might work.
I don’t think the times it runs is a major issue. It’s a mobile game, and it’s a bad idea to set times to anything that played on a casual basis.
I like playing it because it is a good source of mod points. I would probably play it also because i like casual combat too, as long as it seems to be leading somewhere.



Excellent idea. If you’re gonna make us wait two hours might as well just auto revive.



Sorry PerBlue but I have to agree with FrostyP. It is boring and quite repetitive to be honest. I don’t play it actually. Sorry for the negative feedback. That is just my opinion.



Agree with you on that!! Boring because it takes forever to take down bosses. Need to have better rewards when u take down a big boss. Because it is so tough to take a big boss down.



Don’t slow it down! Any slower and I wouldn’t want to play it! The bosses don’t stay long enough for the casual player to defeat with the characters you prefer having a two hour cool down after being defeated. The rewards are what keeps me playing but they aren’t enough for me to continue if it’s harder to get breakers to defeat a boss.



Agree with u 100% totally agree



Your instincts are way off here Perblue.
You’re going to ruin something with great potential. Making it easier and enjoyable will actually make people buy the diamond powerups in shop and crates. They’ll spend diamonds and buy deals to upgrade heroes so they can smash all the more in invasion.

Make it easier and it’ll be more profitable for you and more fun for us.

You’ve got it backwards.



We need better rewards for all the time and effort it takes.



Hate it. Boring. Takes too long. Feels like Per Blue was iust trying to add to the game. Feel the same about ,challenges. More is not always better.



Im having fun with it so far, agree the 75% spped down should be reduced cause its a pain, but

its all about strategy. Rewards might need to be kicked up a bit as there isnt much that lends itsself to the rest of the game besides mod energy. Needs to be user friendly for all players, it is also time heavy so running it once a month, or shortening duration and running twice a month would be more suitable, so as not to burn out players. In GOH they call it quality of life improvements.



Overall I am enjoying the invasion. However, the game has so much to do Daily that it is becoming a part time job. Honestly I think it could be a once a month event rather than yet another daily activity. Perhaps run guild wars for 3 weeks and then treat Invasion like a call to arms for all guilds to setaside their turf wars to battle against a common enemy. Run it for a week as a server wide co-op with a really sweet award if the “boss” is defeated by anyone on the server. Make the participation award something small but upgradable by increased participation. Heck the killing blow could earn a cool title for s month and their guild receive a nice buff.



Its boring. Super boring. A huge time sink for laughable rewards. You do the same thing over and over and over. I honestly just ignore it because its not worth the effort. I have 30+ breakers right now with no desire at all to use them. Pretty much just do dailys and then only because I like seeing all my dailys done.



I really like Invasion. Unlike Guild War Or Heist I don’t need to wait on others to play nor do my rewards depend on others gameplay. I like that it’s only competitive to you alone with a guild rank if you care. I think the rewards are okay since you can’t get pod supply for your mods in many other ways often leaving me to have an unfinished quest everyday. The Invasion has helped me with this hindrance. I wish it didn’t have a rest period. I would like to earn more breakers for bosses maybe even the option to reset the shop to buy more. I would like to use my power-ups the way I want to instead of only select characters. Forcing to use one just to move on to the next line of characters that I probably don’t want to power-up either. I wish the cool down didn’t take so long or I could use something to make it faster much like missions. I think the campaign gets a bit hard even with taking down their boosts. I don’t like that the campaign has been expanded taking longer to complete and the rewards aren’t really worth it now. Overall, I really like playing this.



Add a raid feature for any breaker fight where your average Invasion power up level is higher than the creeps. This would allow the earlier levels to progress faster for those who are bored with them.