Invite to a PM- F2Ps

Hey everyone! I thought it would be a good idea for all the F2Ps to band together, get to know each other, and help each other out, especially since it is a difficult grind for us! If you are seeing this topic respond to the poll. This is not to discriminate against anyone, especially P2Ps who a kind and are a important part of the forums. I want this chat to be more welcoming, so I am also including small spenders like minnows and dolphins who only spend occasionally in the definition of F2Ps.

    • I want to be included in the PM
    • I am an P2P who has a lot of tips, guides, and other great information who is willing to help F2Ps.
    • I am a small spender who wants in
    • I am not interested

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It would also be helpful if people comment they want in, so I know to invite you. As always, others can invite people who they know who might be interested.


It’d be better if you set the poll to show who voted

Yeah… I am going to fix that when I can

Turns out it says I cannot change the poll. Would the people who responded with a yes please reply?

It has been fixed!

I want to assume you want in.

I definitely want to join!!

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I didn’t vote

Oh sorry. My bad.

I voted but im in betwen lol. I buy stuff but is occasionally and also have tips tp give. I would like to be part of the chat.

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Sounds interesting. I would love to join!

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Once we have a few more members I will start it. Likely tomorrow, my time.

I want to join :blush:

Please invite me!

I am starting the invite now!

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Sounds interesting and would be fun to join and help out :-).

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I want in, please add me

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For the sake of being helpful, I would like to be added. :slight_smile:


What does F2P’s, P2P’s, and PM stand for?

F2P- free to play players
P2P- pay to play players
PM- Private Message (in this case it is a group thing)

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