iOS crashing after 1.7

I can report that’s mine is crashing as well even after new update

Same here…still crashing after the update.

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What device and iOS are you guys using? I have the game on my iPad and iPhone XS and have like one of the newer iOS, but the game is working fine for me?

I have iPhone 7 think the game only works on the brand new devices, seems to be only older devices that it’s affected.

Still crashing…but way less…still frustrationing

We have a lead that we’re following. Stay hopeful!

Iphone 6 plus and lower i guess is the only affected one…

@Polaris also said, it “might” fix the problem after the update… so i expected this to happen…

Im useless to gw for a whole month again hayssssss
Thanks for the update…

Well I think my iPad is a year or two old so I don’t know.

I received a Message that the issue with ios devics will be Fixed tomorrow
Hold on to your accounts another update is coming…:dizzy_face:

I take back what I said when 1.7.2 came out. The update did not improve the crashing much. Still crashing on coliseum and arena battles, forcing me to lose them. Here’s to hoping for the next update

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I have an iPad mini 2 it’s not as bad as before but still rather frustrating to complete daily stuff when it just cuts out of the match in arena, coliseum, etc.

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Can you PLEASE put the IOS crashes issue AHEAD of everything else :sob:…this is the 6th week. The crashes have reduced from once every 10 minutes to once every 45 minute, which is a an incredible improvement by the way for a game, but otherwise doesnt contribute of the game flow…
Fix it Felix !!! :yum:

It definitely has improved. But I have still had crashes in both the coliseum and war. And one in guild chat. I’m using a iPhone 5S

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It was 10d ago, so maybe on march update, hopefully it well get fix…

Not to mention the crashing when trying to attack In the guild wars.

Since the update I am unable to aid my guild because as soon as my team enters the screen it crashes.

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Lets hope it will get fix soon on next week update…


I’m about ready to get dropped in the coliseum because I can’t finish a battle. It drops me during the battles, gives me the daily rewards for doing one, but doesn’t credit me for making an attempt so it looks like I haven’t done one for days.

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Wow, crashing during War, Coli,Arena and Heists and Per Blues answer is? Dealing with so stop informing us that you are having difficulties! Two months of inoperable software due to test phase incompetence and you get that as a reply is rather disgusting in my opinion. Not impressed with their working model to date and customer service? Well I think you have all experienced that for yourselves. Rant over but problem still remains

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I have another game I play and the same issue happened where after a patch it started crashing. Their final message to me was it’s a RAM issue. If you have 1 gig ram you will see crashes with the new graphics their people put in. Anything with 2 gigs or more seems to work fine. My iPad mini 2 only has 1 gig of RAM and it’s hard soldered to the board so it can’t be upgraded. I actually am impressed that this place is still working to fix this, where my other game is just deal with the crashing.

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This is the only game where it crashes and it ONLY startef to crash after the last update…No excuses

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