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You could just pm me

You never answer and when u do, I’m not on

Well, that is ok. Just be patient for a response and you will see it once you get back on.

Oh really, that’s how it is, I’ve seen plenty of things when I’ve gotten back on: your argument on my concept, the one on yours. All I am is a ticking time bomb

Im just gonna leave this, everyone put as many flags on my concepts as you can, I want no evidence of my existence!

New Concept: Albus Dumbledore Concept

Yes. But I’m really busy at the moment and haven’t had time to start yet…

Look at my newest Concept! PJ Duncan Concept

New Concept! Mary Poppins Concept

New Concept: The amazing Fire Sprit! Frozen Concept

Hi, I have an important Latin Test next Monday so I might not be that active the next time…
Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:

Good luck

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benediximus (good luck)

Sorry if it’s a bit late, but how about characters from the Disney+ original film Secret Society of Second-Born Royals if you have seen the film.

  1. Requests are never too late :sweat_smile::wink:
  2. Unfortunately I haven’t watched the movie yet
  3. If I watch it, I’d love to do a Concept Request

Okay. :slight_smile:

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Cruella has been posted: A Spider waiting for kill: Cruella de Vil Concept!

An anniversary and new Concept have been posted: Hermione Granger and an anniversary

Coming soon:



PM me if you think you’ve solved the riddle.

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