Isabela Madrigal/Aurora Friendship Campaign

Here’s Isabela’s second friendship campaign!

Campaign Name: Floral Frenzy


Allies: Kermit, Oogie Boogie, Bagheera

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Isabela and Aurora are now friends!

Aurora: Oh, what a lovely flower. Where ever did you find it?

Isabela: I created it.

Aurora: Really? How did you do that?

Isabela: Well, I have a gift that I can make any kind of plant with a wave of my hand.

Isabela: * creates a rose with her hand *

Aurora: Oh, how lovely!

Campaign Story: Isabela and Aurora search the City for who could be destroying Isabela’s plants.

Aurora: Thanks for inviting me to see your new floral garden.

Isabela: Of course. It’s always nice to see people enjoy my new plants.

Isabela: Well… most people here.

Chapter 1: Perished Plants

Chapter 1-1: While still getting used to life in the City, Isabela made it work.

Chapter 1-2: With her flowers and various new plants. She’s managed to get a smile on almost everyone she met.

Chapter 1-3: Some people just don’t appreciate her plants for some reason.

Chapter 1-4: Just as she and Aurora arrived at the Park, a sight was too much for them to bear.

Chapter 1-5: All the plants Isabela created suddenly shriveled and wilted!

Isabela: * gasps * But… how could this happen?! They were in bloom when I made them.

Aurora: Oh, dear. Do you think someone destroyed them?

Isabela: That could be anyone. I don’t know who would want them gone.

Chapter 2: Green Directive

Chapter 2-1: Isabela may know anyone who would want no plants, but she knows some friends that can help.

Chapter 2-2: She leads Aurora further into the Park in search of WALL-E and EVE.

Chapter 2-3: It didn’t take long for them to find, hearing the blasting sound from a distance.

Chapter 2-4: Isa and Aurora find WALL-E and EVE defending themselves from creeps.

Chapter 2-5: Isabela creates a sundew vine and traps the creeps.

EVE: Directive.

Isabela: I’m glad to see you and WALL-E, EVE. But I need your help with finding out who destroyed my plants.

EVE: Aaahh!

Aurora: We know, it’s terrible. Do you happen to know anyone that could do this?

WALL-E: * whistles *

Chapter 3: Creepy Pests

Chapter 3-1: WALL-E motions for the two to follow him.

Chapter 3-2: But WALL-E soon finds himself overwhelmed by creeps. Isabela and Aurora rush to help him.

Chapter 3-3: Isabela blinds some Brutes and Turrets with some pollen.

Chapter 3-4: Aurora gets help from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather of taking down Mages and Chomp Chests.

Chapter 3-5: After the battle, WALL-E runs off again, with Isabela and Aurora behind.

Aurora: WALL-E, where ever are you taking us?

WALL-E: Directive.

Aurora: Yes, you’ve said that before. But what exactly do you mean by that?

Isabela: I think if I had to guess, he may have an idea of who’s been ruining my plants.

Chapter 4: Plant Bait

Chapter 4-1: A few minutes later, WALL-E has led Isabela and Aurora to the Black Market.

Chapter 4-2: It could be anyone here that would destroy Isabela’s plants. But she gets an idea.

Chapter 4-3: Sneaking into an alley, Isabela creates a single flower.

Chapter 4-4: Isabela explains to Aurora that they’ll lure the culprit out with her flower.

Chapter 4-5: A figure slips and plucks the flower.

Aurora: Did you see that? That has to be the person responsible for destroying your plants.

Isabela: They’re getting away! After them!

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Isabela: What was with Flora and Merryweather changing the color of my flowers?

Aurora: I’m not entirely sure. I’ve never seen them act like this when I’m around.

Fauna: You would have to excuse them, Isa dearie.

Fauna: Sometimes they can be fixed to their ideas.

Chapter 5: Petal Chase

Chapter 5-1: Isabela and Aurora follow the figure out of the Black Market.

Chapter 5-2: Some creeps tried to slow them down, but they were no match for the madrigal girl.

Chapter 5-3: Following the flower petals and pollen, it was leading down an alleyway.

Chapter 5-4: Getting closer, they could hear shouting and thumping.

Chapter 5-5: Peeking around the corner, Aurora could recognize who was making the shouting. Madam Mim!

Madam Mim: I hate these flowers! I hate them!

Aurora: Goodness! It’s Madam Mim!

Isabela: Madam Mim?

Aurora: She’s one of the people that finds delight in the gruesome and grim.

Isabela: She won’t be an issue dealing with.

Aurora: Isa, wait!

Chapter 6: Close Call

Chapter 6-1: Just before Isabela can confront Madam Mim. She runs smack face into a Brute.

Chapter 6-2: The Brute swings its club at Isabela knocking her down.

Chapter 6-3: Aurora panics and gets in between Isabela and the Brute.

Chapter 6-4: Merryweather fires a spell at the Brute, as it fades away.

Chapter 6-5: Aurora helps Isa up.

Aurora: Are you alright, Isa?

Isabela: I’m fine. I shouldn’t have been so careless.

Aurora: Don’t worry about it. Let’s just deal with Mim.

Chapter 7: Catching Mim

Chapter 7-1: Isabela and Aurora walk quietly down the alleyway to stop Madam Mim.

Chapter 7-2: With creeps milling around, they had to be extra careful.

Chapter 7-3: Luckily, Mim was too busy getting the pollen off her dress to notice the two girls sneaking up on her.

Chapter 7-4: They even manage to overhear her rambling about how she made all the plants in the City dead and wilted.

Chapter 7-5: Isabela quietly makes a vine to grab Mim. The witch is now dangling upside down.

Madam Mim: Ah!

Madam Mim: Why you little-

Isabela: Oh save it, Mim. I don’t know what it is you have against my plants. But it’s gonna stop right now.

Aurora: Well, now that we caught Mim. What do you suppose we do with her?

Isabela: * smirks * You know, I think I have just the idea.

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Isabela: Aurora, I’ve been meaning to ask. How did you meet Phillip?

Aurora: We met in the woods when I just turned sixteen.

Aurora: But another time was in my dream.

Isabela: Your dream?

Aurora: Of course. Once upon a dream.

Chapter 8: Plants Restored

Chapter 8-1: Isabela and Aurora go back to the Park, with Madam Mim in tow.

Chapter 8-2: With a wave of her hand, flowers and various plants are grown.

Chapter 8-3: She even makes sure Madam Mim does her part for what she did to her plants. Much to Mim’s dismay.

Chapter 8-4: In no time at all, the floral side of the Park has been restored.

Chapter 8-5: After that, Isabela and Aurora take Mim to the station. It’s been quite a day.

Aurora: Well, I’ve certainly seen my fair share of plants.

Isabela: Really? I think it’s more of people that try to ruin my plants.

Isabela: Although, after everything today. It does make me wonder if it’s possible to make plants that can fight back.

Aurora: That would be something. It could help with protecting the City.

Isabela: What do you say, Aurora? Should we see what else I can do?

Aurora: That does sound fun, Isa.

Campaign “Floral Frenzy” complete

“Prickly Flower” unlocked.


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