Isabela Madrigal/Daisy Duck Friendship Campaign

Here’s Isabela’s first friendship!

Campaign Name: Flower Power

Isabela/Daisy Duck


Allies: Minnie Mouse, Mad Hatter, Disgust

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Isabela and Daisy are now friends!

Daisy: You probably get this a lot but I love your dress.

Isabela: Oh, thank you. I like your bow, too.

Daisy: Oh, are those flowers on your dress? It’s so beautiful!

Isabela: Yes they are. Though I try to create more than just pretty flowers with my gift.

Daisy: Your gift?

Isabela: Yeah, I can create plants with a wave of my hand.

Isabela: * creates a flowering vine *

Campaign Story: Daisy and Isabela add some floral touches to the City to brighten up the spirits of the citizens.

Isabela: Have you noticed that a lot of people here always seem so upset?

Daisy: Well, aside from Donald. I have seen it, it’s dampening my mood.

Daisy: But what do you suppose we do?

Isabela: I might just have an idea.

Chapter 1: Old Roots

Chapter 1-1: Isabela explains to Daisy that her gift made people smile in her village back at home.

Chapter 1-2: When she learned to make different types of plants, the people were astounded.

Chapter 1-3: Now that she doesn’t have to live by expectations, she’s free to create whatever she wants with her gift.

Chapter 1-4: Daisy loves the idea and they set off.

Chapter 1-5: As they walk, they brainstorm what they should plant.

Isabela: Now I can most likely guess that not everyone will want roses.

Daisy: But roses are so beautiful! Why would anyone not love them?

Isabela: But maybe they’ll want something new.

Isabela: But if you know anyone that loves roses, I’m all ears.

Chapter 2: Seeing Red

Chapter 2-1: One person that Daisy can think of is the Queen of Hearts.

Chapter 2-2: Deciding to please Her Majesty first, the two head to the Queen’s rose garden.

Chapter 2-3: When they arrive they find all of the rose bushes had white roses instead of red.

Chapter 2-4: With a wave of her hand, Isabela removes the white roses and replaces them with red ones.

Chapter 2-5: Daisy quickly pulls Isabela away from the garden just as the Queen of Hearts appears.

Isabela: * whispers * Why’d you pull me away?

Daisy: Because the queen would be mad when she finds us here.

Daisy: Trust me, you do not want to make her mad. That is if you’re so keen on keeping your head.

Chapter 3: Creep Whacker

Chapter 3-1: Fortunately, the Queen of Hearts was too busy admiring the red roses Isabela created to notice them fleeing.

Chapter 3-2: But just as they left the rose garden, they are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 3-3: Daisy quickly slingshots a makeup compact blinding the creeps.

Chapter 3-4: Isabela sends in a flurry of petals that push them back.

Chapter 3-5: Any creeps that were left, Isabela trapped them in sundew.

Isabela: Wow, you sure gave those creeps a makeover.

Daisy: Oh, it was nothing. A girl does need a form of defense.

Isabela: Well, now back to my plants. Do you know anyone else in the City that will love my plants?

Chapter 4: Growing Up

Chapter 4-1: Daisy recalled three fairies that recently arrived in the City.

Chapter 4-2: She takes Isabela to some of the Park’s forest sections to find their cottage.

Chapter 4-3: The forest seems very quiet and dark. Daisy tells Isa to stay close.

Chapter 4-4: But Isa surprises Daisy as she makes a giant flower below them.

Chapter 4-5: Now they could see the entire Park from above.

Daisy: Wow, you sure keep surprising me, Isa.

Isabela: Well, I like to see what else I can do.

Isabela: We should be able to get a better view now.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Isabela: Daisy, have you ever considered adding some color to your dress?

Daisy: Occasionally, yes. But purple is what I enjoy wearing.

Daisy: Besides, pollen can be hard to get out of my clothes.

Chapter 5: Pink or Blue

Chapter 5-1: It doesn’t take long for the two to find the fairies’ cottage near a stream.

Chapter 5-2: Isa lowers the flower and they slide off. Daisy then walks up and knocks on the door.

Chapter 5-3: As Fauna answers the door. She saw the flower the two used.

Chapter 5-4: Isabela explains her gift just as they see bolts of magic bouncing around the cottage.

Chapter 5-5: Daisy and Isabela peek inside and find Flora and Merryweather changing the colors of the flowers from pink to blue.

Daisy: Ladies, please! What is happening here?

Flora: She started it by messing with the color on these beautiful flowers!

Isabela: What color were those flowers before?

Flora: They were pink of course.

Merryweather: Well I prefer if they were blue.

Isabela: I think I can help with that.

Chapter 6: Even Colors

Chapter 6-1: With a wave of her hand, Isabela makes both pink and blue flowers. One bouquet for Flora, and the other for Merryweather.

Chapter 6-2: The fairies were quite pleased with the flowers and thank Isabela.

Chapter 6-3: As they leave the fairies’ cottage Daisy notices Isabela feeling distant.

Chapter 6-4: Making their way to the Park, Daisy suggests they take a break.

Chapter 6-5: While enjoying the Park, Daisy breaks the silence.

Daisy: Isa, why are you feeling so low? You’re making people happy.

Isabela: I know that. but I’m starting to get tired of making pretty flowers.

Isabela: What I’m saying is I want some kind of challenge.

Chapter 7: Garden Combat

Chapter 7-1: Before Daisy could ask what Isa meant. The two are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 7-2: Daisy was mad that the creeps interrupted her, that she throws a tantrum at them.

Chapter 7-3: Isabela traps a good amount in sundew. But more just keep coming.

Chapter 7-4: When it seemed like it was over for them, the creeps were suddenly blown up.

Chapter 7-5: Isabela and Daisy turn to see EVE saving them with her hand cannon.

EVE: Plant. Directive?

Isabela: Uh, Daisy. What’s it trying to say?

Daisy: I think EVE is asking if you have any plants on you.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Daisy: You were just about ready to give everything up to marry Mariano?

Isabela: Wasn’t like I wanted to marry him. My family thought he would be perfect for me.

Isabela: And it didn’t help that abuela wanted me to have kids so soon to keep the miracle alive.

Daisy: But you’re now free from those expectations. Are you still looking for a suitor?

Isabela: At the moment, no.

Chapter 8: Urban Garden

Chapter 8-1: Isabela creates some plants to show EVE.

Chapter 8-2: EVE is amazed by this and notions for her and daisy to follow.

Chapter 8-3: At the Community Garden, they find WALL-E looking bored. Isa also took notice of the plants he was staring at.

Chapter 8-4: Wanting to show him something new, Isabela made various types of plants like cacti and hanging vines.

Chapter 8-5: WALL-E is amazed by this, he invites EVE, Daisy, and Isabela to join him.

WALL-E: Whoopy!

Isabela: Glad you’re enjoying them, little guy.

Daisy: Gotta hand it to you, Isa. You really have a knack for new plants.

Daisy: Do you think we can do it again? I just now got curious about what else you can make.

Isabela: That would be fun.

Campaign “Flower Power” complete.

“Green Feathers” unlocked.



great concept!

I think this is a highly likely concept and friendship.

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