Joestar... Joseph Joestar- Unlikely Concept

                              Hero Info 

Hero Name: Joseph Joestar or Jojo(nickname)
Source: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency
Position and Role: Frontline Control
Basic Attack: Swings his clackers at the enemies.
Collections: Control, Stun.
Trial Team: Red
Stars: 2
Description: “Jojo controls the enemy lines with his prediction skills and unexpected Hamon tricks”
Entrance: Walks into the battlefield.
Victory: Yells “Nice!” with his arms crossed
Defeat: Yells “OH NO!” with hands on his face.


White Skill: “…I outsmarted your outsmarting!” Damage: :stars: Fantastic

Passive: At the start of each wave, the player selects an enemy to be the “predicted” enemy. Joseph dodges all attacks from the predicted enemy, which will have a X armor debuff and target Joseph for their single target attacks. If in auto mode, the predicted enemy will be the enemy with the most skill power.

Active: Joseph creates a web from the threads on his wool hat on the enemy field, then applies Hamon to it, dealing X Initial Damage, Y damage per second per 4 seconds and blinding enemies for 8 seconds.

Green Skill: “Your Next Line Is:…” Damage: :fist: Normal

When the predicted enemy would use one of their skills Joseph attacks them with a Hamon punch before they could use it, dealing X Damage and Stunning them for 8 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds after its first use. If the predicted enemy is not on the field, the enemy with the most skill power will be targeted.

Blue Skill: “Hamon Glass”

Joseph charges two glasses with Hamon, keeping one for himself and giving one to the allie with the least hp, giving them both reflect for 8 seconds. When the reflect wears off, they gain X armor and 100 energy.

Purple Skill: Goofy and Annoying
Every time Joseph dodges an attack or an enemy misses an attack, he gains 50 energy.
The energy gain is reduced if Joseph is above level X

Red Skill: “Hamon Beat”
Now, “Hamon Glass” and “Your next Line is:…” will blind nearby enemies for 8 seconds when used. Now, when the “predicted” enemy is K.Oed, another enemy with the most skill power will be selected to be the “predicted” enemy. This can only happen once per wave. When the predicted enemy is switched, Joseph gains W tenacity.
Another stat boosts:
+X Skill power
+Y Basic Damage
+Z Reality


Joseph Joestar + José Carioca
Campaign: Same Name Buddies: Joseph and José have fun on patrol together, completely forgetting about their objective while using wacky ways to defeat the creeps.
Allies: Ian Lightfoot, Cheshire Cat, Angel
Disk Name: Hamon Umbrella
Disk Abilities: Level ability: +X Evasion +X Tenacity
Star Ability: Every enemy that is blinded by any source is also sapped for 4 seconds(+2 per star)

Joseph Joestar + Launchpad
Campaign: Airplane Curse: Joseph and Launchpad talk about all the plane crashes they have had in their lives, then Launchpad invites Joseph for a plane ride.
Allies: Tia Dalma, The Evil Queen and Dr. Bunsen
Disk Name: Same Luck, Same Soul
Effects: +XArmor and Reality for all allies, Support Allies gain Y Skill Power
Star Effect: Allies now heal themselves for 25% the damage they dealt to Blinded enemies(+25% per star)

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To be continued

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I should have ended it this way, damn

What do you mean?

I should have put a “To be Continued” in the end of the concept lol

Why don’t you just edit it?

yeah, and I will, was just commenting that you gave me the idea of doing it

I got you


Actually refreshing to see an unlikely character I am familiar with!

The skill names could use a bit of work, but that’s the technicality of a concept and mostly unimportant.

All in all, I like it, and will look forward to your net Jojo concept. (Assuming you do another one.)

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I’ll probably do one for Jonathan and then work on concepts for stand users

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