"Just Co-Workers" - Winter Soldier/Falcon Friendship Campaign

Hello! Welcome to the first friendship campaign made by me, Commander-Rex. This is for @RinoxeRONnte’s Friendship Campaign Contest.

The campaign features the two partners of Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes and the Falcon, Sam Wilson as they adventure through the city in the hopes of putting an end to the charismatic criminal Baron Zemo, whilst continuing the legacy Steve Rogers set for them. Hope you all enjoy it. :grin:

Winter Soldier/Falcon are now friends!


"Just Co-Workers"

The adventures continue! The Falcon, Sam Wilson and The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes find themselves reunited in the mysterious City. After taking on the heavy mantle Captain America, Steve Rogers gave him, Sam has to reconnect with his inner self after losing his shield. He consults with Bucky to find who could have done this. The two share in their knowledge of those in the city and end up partnering with young heroes known as the Big Hero 6. Although the mystery is still left unsolved, getting the shield will at least light a clear path for their way, to finding Baron Zemo before he can destroy all Super Soldiers in the world as they also grow stronger together on their journey. 


Falcon: Well, well, well. Glad to see you here, Buck.

Winter Soldier: Wish I could say the same, Sam.

Falcon: Do you have any idea where here is? I tried asking the locals. Got literally no information at all. The shield was stolen also.

Winter Soldier: You lost the shield?!

Falcon: Look. I was fighting some weird Creeps and then one of them took my shield. I tried getting it back, but the guy blasted me. Don’t hate me. We just have to embark on this quest.

Winter Soldier: Sam…sometimes. (sighs) Alright, alright. First of all, it’s not a quest. Second, here’s what we’re gonna do. You have the Wakandan wings and your suit at least, I talked to a guy that saw Zemo here. He was broken out of The Raft by Walker. Zemo probably wants it back and sent that Creep to retrieve it. The Creep then gave it to the guy I met who’s gonna give it to Zemo. Complicated, I know.

Falcon: At least you finally answered my question. Well, now we have a quest on our hands. Getting that shield back. And putting Zemo where he belongs. Properly.

Winter Soldier: Don’t call it a quest.

Friendship Campaign: “Just Coworkers” started!

Winter Soldier: So the guy I talked to was sort of blue ish. Sort of reminded me of Red Skull from the old days. But blue, not red, you-you get it.

Falcon: Red Skull? Steve told me of him before. Clint told me he also was a Stonekeeper or something weird like that. He also told me Thanos killed Gamora for that dude.

Winter Soldier: Yeah, you’re thinking of the right guy. But anyways, the guy I had was like a scientist. I think we can find him around here.

Falcon: We’ve got to scout this City. We may have to do that in order to get closer on our quest.

Winter Soldier: You do know I have a vibranium arm, right?

Falcon: Heh, touched a nerve. Anyways, it’s the only way we can do this. Steve would have done it. You know…I miss Steve sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I could never fight the enemies he had.

Winter Soldier: (sigh), yeah, no, you’re right. Thing about Steve was…he never beat his enemies by his strength, speed or even…mind. It was his heart. I trust you can do the same. He gave you that shield for that reason.

Falcon: Don’t just trust I can. Know I will. Shield or no shield.

Episode 1: City Patrol

Episode 1: "City Patrol"

1-1: Sam and Bucky take a walk through the city, talking about who the scientist was.

1-2: Bucky pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and draws a picture of how he remembered he looked.

1-3: Sam says he saw a Wanted poster of him when he was flying around.

1-4: Bucky asks him where it was, Sam tells him to follow and they fly to the location.

1-5: They arrive and see the poster but they realize his name was cropped out.

Falcon: I hate it when this happens. He probably saw this and ripped it off.

Winter Soldier: We need to get this poster and see if anyone around knows who it is.

Falcon: Hold on. Redwing is shaking. What’s going on, pal?

Redwing: (Beeps)

Falcon: He senses people around. Stay still. No sudden movements. Eyes up, stay sharp.

Episode 2: Look Behind You

Episode 2: "Look Behind You"

2-1: The two turn around quickly and see a rocket fist flying around the corner.

2-2: Sam urges Bucky to get the high ground so he tells him to jump on his back.

2-3: The two fly up to the top of the building.

2-4: The two land on the top and look below over the building to see who shot the fist.

2-5: Bucky points out that there are four people and one looks like a kid.

Winter Soldier: Hey, kid! Did you shoot that fist?

Falcon: Answer the question!

Winter Soldier: Sam.

Hiro Hamada: Oops, sorry. A malfunction! Hey, you guys look like heroes! Come down so we can introduce ourselves!

Winter Soldier: He’s a kid, might as well.

Falcon: You don’t shoot a fist by “accident.”

Winter Soldier: Hulk did all the time, right? Like he never means to “actually” smash cities.

Falcon: (Sighs)…fine. Also, next time I say “I have the high ground”, you say “You underestimate my power” Got it?

Winter Soldier: …really?

Episode 3: Joining A Team

Episode 3: "Joining A Team"

3-1: Sam flies down and Bucky jumps down over the building.

3-2: The kid hears them jumping and he tells the three others to come.

3-3: The four run around the corner to find them.

3-4: Sam runs to them but Bucky stops him.

3-5: Bucky tells Sam he’s still not sure if they’re wasting their time on this kid.

Falcon: Well, here we are, as you wanted so badly, Buck.

Winter Soldier: Stop it, the kid’s here. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Hiro Hamada: Ahem. Uh, my name’s Hiro. Hiro Hamada. My robot Baymax here was having some tech issues before we came over here. These are my two teammates, Honey Lemon and Wasabi. We’re part of a superhero team called Big Hero 6. The other two are busy today.

Baymax: Hello.

Winter Soldier: Uh, hey. I’m James or Bucky. This is Sam. We’re superheroes and we’re looking for this blue scientist on this poster. Have you seen him?

Honey Lemon: What a coincidence! We were looking for him too. His name is Dr. Drakken.

Wasabi: Yeah, he’s a crazy good scientist but kind of…well, dimwitted?

Falcon: First off, I’m the Falcon. Or Sam Wilson. Second, Bucky here tells me he informed him of a dangerous criminal that’s escaped. We need your help to find him so he can tell us where this man is. He also has my shield so…yeah.

Hiro Hamada: Who’s the criminal?

Falcon: Baron Zemo. Sokovian Baron turned extremely dangerous criminal. Once ripped apart the Avengers without even laying a finger on us. He’s already done some things in the City before we even knew about it.

Hiro Hamada: Come with us, Sam and Bucky.

Episode 4: New Leads

Episode 4: "New Leads"

4-1: Hiro tells the two to come with them as he jumps on Baymax

4-2: Sam looks at Bucky and Bucky shrugs, they then follow them

4-3: As they’re following them, Wasabi compliments Sam on his goggles and Sam smiles awkwardly

4-4: They then arrive at Hiro’s home and they all take their suits off while Sam and Bucky are confused

4-5: Hiro tells them to just walk in and pretend to be normal customers for Aunt Cass’ cafe.

Hiro Hamada: Aunt Cass won’t be here until later, so just act natural. Let’s sit by that table there, we’ll figure this out.

Falcon: Why are we doing this again?

Winter Soldier: We don’t exactly have anything else to do. Or anywhere else to go. So…

Hiro Hamada: Alright, so you guys want to know where Drakken is?

Winter Soldier: Uh, yeah. Just search where he is and we can do it.

Hiro Hamada: Docks. I see him on the cameras here. He’s currently giving a round item to someone. Is that your shield?

Falcon: Yeah. But it can’t be that easy.

Winter Soldier: No, it’s that easy.

Falcon: Yeah, it will be for us but maybe too tough for the kids here.

Hiro Hamada: Honey and Wasabi are adults and I have Baymax. You two also. We’ll be fine.

Falcon: Well, at least I get away from you.

Winter Soldier: Agreed. No offense.

Falcon: Offense.

Episode 5: Splitting Up

Episode 5: "Splitting Up"

5-1: As they leave the cafe, Bucky asks Hiro why they were looking for Drakken and Hiro shows them a record of the activity Drakken has had in the city.

5-2: Sam sees and suggests to Bucky that they also jail him while in the process as he is also dangerous.

5-3: Bucky agrees and suggests that they discuss a better plan once they arrive at the Docks.

5-4: The group arrives and Baymax says that he senses two people around the perimeter.

5-5: Hiro devises a plan for the group to split up into threes. Sam goes with Hiro and Baymax, and Bucky goes with Honey Lemon and Wasabi.

Falcon: So if this goes right, we can nab Drakken while Bucky takes down Zemo. He’s the muscle of the group. He’ll take him easy.

Hiro Hamada: Good idea. But uh…you and him seem to have a tough relationship. Do you guys really view each other as friends or-?

Falcon: We are. Our lives are…complicated. Sometimes, it’s hard to adapt to situations but the best people are ones with flexibility.

Baymax: Flexibility is the key to openness. And trust. And both are the keys to friendships.

Falcon: Exactly. We work together well, and he’s like my brother. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him now and I’m sure it’s vice versa.

Hiro Hamada: I had a brother once too. I hope somewhere, someway…he feels the same way. I can only do what he would want me to do and honor him the best way I can.

Falcon: That’s all we can do. And that’s all we should do. It’s a price I know for a fact I’m willing to pay. And I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

Episode 6: No Chemistry

Episode 6: "No Chemistry"

6-1: Baymax shoots down a door with his rocket fist, while Hiro and Sam sneak in quietly.

6-2: Sam spots Dr. Drakken with his goggles and tells Hiro.

6-3: Hiro tells the three to stay extra stealthy as he sends a message to Honey Lemon and Wasabi

6-4: Bucky, Honey Lemon and Wasabi run around the corner as they suddenly get Hiro’s message.

6-5: Honey Lemon tells the group the message as Wasabi uses his hand lasers to cut a door into the room.

Honey Lemon: So just stay as quiet as possible, turn your phones on vibrate, maybe.

Winter Soldier: Wait, phones vibrate? Does it shake you?

Wasabi: No. It just means you don’t-wait, how do you not know what it means? You’re not that older than us, right?

Winter Soldier: I’m 106 years old. I take it you guys are not that old.

Honey Lemon: Yeah, basically. But how is that possible? Oh! Did you know Captain America? He was over 100 like you, too.

Winter Soldier: Yeah. He was my best friend. My brother. You know, uh…he was frozen, I was brainwashed. Both robbed off our lives. Thankfully, he got out, did good, and I got out, some Wakandans got everything out of my head. You know, life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need sometimes.

Wasabi: We never thought we would be heroes. My dad was just a dentist. I was just going to be a regular kid but life had a different idea. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Episode 7: War For Legacy

Episode 7: "War For Legacy"

7-1: Wasabi cuts the door open as the three jump in but they happen to attract attention from Drakken.

7-2: Drakken shoots a laser at the three but Bucky deflects with his arm, hitting Drakken in the leg, causing him to fall.

7-3: As Sam tries to fly in to stop Drakken from escaping, John Walker reveals himself to be there, emerging with the shield and then hitting Sam into a wall.

7-4: John helps Drakken up as Sam and Bucky create a plan. Honey and Bucky target Drakken while Sam and Wasabi target Walker. Hiro and Baymax then lock off the building so Drakken and Walker can’t escape.

7-5: The team does what they’ve been told as Drakken throws a bomb on the ground but Honey throws a chemball at it, reflecting the explosion into cold air, chilling Walker, allowing Wasabi to slice the shield out of his arms so Sam can grab the shield and then slam him in John’s chest whilst in midair. Drakken then tries to run away but Bucky shoots a chandelier making it fall on Drakken so he can catch him.

John Walker: Ah, Sam. Just when I thought you were actually the next Steve. You just couldn’t let anyone else take the shield, could you…

Falcon: Why do you want it back? Why did you free Zemo? Where is Zemo?

John Walker: So naive. Madame Hydra. Valentina De Fontaine. She’s putting together a team. For the government. I need that shield for it. I hired a Creep to take you down, and then Drakken could give it to me. And Zemo? You’ll have to ask him. I only broke him out, I hardly know the guy besides trying to kill him once. This could have been much easier if you would give it to me.

Falcon: You helped Bucky get the Flag Smashers. I thought you changed. Did this Hydra lady change you again? You have a wife, John. Think of her. Don’t do this. We don’t want to.

John Walker: It’s mine. The world wanted me to be this icon. And then it’s taken away from me. Because they took away everything from me. My best friend. He was a brother to me. If I can live without him, you can live without your precious Sam Wilson as Captain America. I know I helped me. But I, Steve somewhere, Bucky and even you to a degree know you’re not Captain America.

Falcon: I’m just a guy from New Orleans. I only fought to help those I cared about. I still do. Steve did the same. You’re a perfect soldier and a good man deep down. But don’t let the pressures and positions overtake who you are. Stay on the path of life, not destruction, John.

John Walker: I AM Captain America! Madame Hydra knows this. I can’t let her or the world down. You took it from me. The world took the mantle away from me. I needed it and it was gone. I need that shield. And I will have it.

Dr. Drakken: Well…since there is a fight occurring, I have no purpose here so…

Winter Soldier: Oh, I don’t think so.

Dr. Drakken: You think you’re all that, Winter Soldier! But you’re-(punched out)

Winter Soldier: It’s Bucky.

Episode 8: Ramifications

Episode 8: "Ramifications"

8-1: Baymax lifts Walker up as he tries to help him but Walker then punches him and escapes, standing up and staring at all his surrounding people before he walks away in angst.

8-2: Hiro and Baymax look disappointed as they feel they weren’t able to help Sam and Bucky but Sam assures them by getting the shield, the fight was a victory.

8-3: Bucky then grabs Drakken and throws him on his motorcycle as he goes to Sam, congratulating him for getting the shield back.

8-4: The two shake hands as Honey Lemon and Wasabi say how happy they are to see they succeeded. Hiro congratulates them also as the team decides to leave so Hiro can get back home before Aunt Cass.

8-5: Hiro tells Sam that he wants to stay in touch in the future and that he would like to work together again alongside Bucky and other superheroes.

Falcon: Ah, thanks, kid. You all have great potential. I’m sure that Steve Rogers would be proud, just as I am. Until our next encounter.

Hiro Hamada: Thanks Sam, you too, Bucky. Take care, guys.

Wasabi: We’ll stay in touch, Sam. I already have so many future questions. Fred will be so blown away by this when I tell him later.

Winter Soldier: Tell him Bucky said hi. Haha, ah, nice kids, eh? Weird names.

Falcon: Yeah…hey, what’s that noise?

Winter Soldier: Our therapist.

Falcon: “Baron Zemo” is a odd way to spell therapist. Phone glitch maybe?

Winter Soldier: I hate you.

Falcon: Ha, I know.

Winter Soldier: Well, we know his endgame. Now, we just have to stop it. You ready?

Falcon: I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t.

Winter Soldier: Walker, Zemo and Valentina are more than we ever could have thought.

Falcon: I got the wings. You got the strength. We’re brothers in arms. Always.

Winter Soldier: Strong apart…

Falcon: But better together.


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

Episode 4

And a callback to a scene in F&TWS where Sam says “No offense” and Bucky responds with “Offense”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Episode 5

Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8

The scene in Solo where Lando says “I hate you” and Han says “I know” in response. :grin:

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Oh also, this is for Rino’s contest as I said so in the future, vote for it. :+1:

Also, none of the stuff in the campaign are really spoiler-y. Only mentions of very minute things in the show. Most of it is a typical journey Sam and Bucky would have in a DH setting. I’ll link this to Bucky’s concept tomorrow so stay tuned. :eyes:

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