Kim Crawford (Kickin’ It Hero Concept)

Kim Crawford


The Bobby Wasabi dojo’s only woman steps in to fight for the City and its citizens.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Boom goes the dynamite! I said BOOM!”

Entrance: Kim walks into the battlefield and poses for battle. If Green Skill is unlocked, she enters with her hood on.
Victory: Kim tears off her gi, revealing her Seaford cheerleading uniform underneath.
KO: Kim attempts to attack the enemy, but she slips and falls on her back.

Basic Attack: Kim Crawford kicks enemies.

White Skill - Sparring Partner - True Damage
Kim links with an ally of the player’s choosing, absorbing all damage taken by the linked ally until Kim Crawford reaches 0HP. This link will carry over to any following waves.

Green Skill - Hoodie On
At the start of each wave, Kim enters the battlefield with her hood on, becoming immune to disables for X seconds. After removing her hood, she whips her hair, charming the last enemy that attacked her for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill - Pep Rally
Kim waves her pompons, granting herself shield and granting X stacks of hardy to all allies.

Purple Skill - Girl Power
For the first 9 seconds Kim has her hood on, she does not attack enemies, thus remaining Dormant. While Dormant, she steals X HP from each enemy that hits her, sharing it with the weakest ally.

Red Skill - Let Her Win
“Pep Rally” adds an extra stack of hardy to allies and increases their White Skill Power to X.

Kim Crawford + Mulan
Campaign: the Clash of Yu and Wasabi - Shan Yu threatens to tear down the strip mall where the Bobby Wasabi dojo is located, forcing Kim and Mulan to team up and face him.
Disk: Ancestral Statue
Disk Memory: Kim’s “Hoodie On” charm time is increased by 50%.
Disk Power: Z energy gain

Kim Crawford + Jack Brewer
Campaign: Love on the Job - Jack and Kim, who just found out they are on patrol together, focus more on each other than on the creeps.
Disk: Disaster Dummy
Disk Memory: Each time Kim blocks an attack using her “Pep Rally” shield, her HP increases by X%.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power, Z HP gain


She definitely reminds me of Kim possible lol great concept!

Cool that you made a concept with Olivia’s character. If you want to do your version of my concept of Skylar from Girl vs Monsters. Go for it.

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