King Candy (Wreck-it Ralph Concept)

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King Candy (:star2::star2::star2:)

Quote: "I know it’s tough, but heroes have to make the tough choices, don’t they?”

King Candy’s quote is ironic because he speaks to Ralph about Vanellope and indirectly foreshadowed Ralph’s tough choice in sacrificing himself to save the arcade at the film’s climax instead of the quote justifying King Candy’s decision of not letting Vanellope race.

Bio: Seemingly sweet and innocent on the outside, King Candy hides a harrowing and sinister secret within.

Collection Buffs: Tank

Below Tank Average Damage, Below Tank Average Health, Very High Reality and Armor

King Candy is quite a difficult character to conceptualize so I’m not expecting this to be easy. The way I’ve built up his skill set is to mirror his facade in the kingdom of Sugar Rush where at full health (the start of the battle) he’s seemingly concerned about the welfare of the people (or in this case, his team) and functions as a supportive tank with his skills, we later find out his violent capacity the longer he’s on the field (when his HP drops), his skills become more selfish and oriented towards self-survival and drops the support skills altogether.



King Candy momentarily rides the royal racer and shoots three sweet seekers that slows 3 random enemies by 50% for 8 seconds and deals 100 + 2.2SP each.

Cy-Bug form changes this skill to “Rolling Charge” where he balls up and charges across the field to deal 200 + 2.5SP of damage

Damage type: Normal


King Candy heals himself and an ally with the lowest hp for 150 + 2.0SP by throwing a bunch of sweets.

Initial Cooldown: 2.5 seconds, Cooldown: 10 seconds

Cy-Bug form changes this skill to a passive buff that heals King Candy for 45% of damage done. Healing % is reduced for enemies higher in level.


King Candy pulls out and snaps his special chest and silences enemies for 4 seconds. May fail on enemies higher in level than King Candy.

Initial Cooldown: 5 seconds, Cooldown: 14 seconds

Cy-Bug form changes this skill to a passive buff that increases King Candy’s damage reduction by 8% for every enemy still on the battle field. MAX: 40%


King Candy’s code unravels and activates a few tricks and changes his appearance throughout the battle.


Turbo Time (Hp above 30%)

King Candy glitches back to Turbo and dodges an attack and disable and studies enemies in melee range for 4 seconds. King Candy can dodge an attack and disable once every 8 seconds.

Attacks that do Normal Damage will crit on studied enemies.

Initial Cooldown: 1.5 seconds, Cooldown: 8 seconds


Cy-Bug (Activates Below 30% hp)

When King Candy’s health drops below 30%, his glitch upgrades into a virus and he turns into his Cy-Bug form for the rest of the wave and is invincible for 2 seconds after he transforms and gains 300 energy. King Candy also goes “Turbo” and the player will not be able to control his skills as they go on auto.

Energy gain reduced against enemies higher in level.

the percentage at which this skill activates is a direct reference to Ralph’s Purple skill


Scar “Long live the king”

Scar’s cunning friendship allows King Candy’s White Skill to pierce through shields making a percentage of his damage directly apply to health. 20% at start + 20% per star level.

Disk Level adds Armor and Reality

Since this is a very difficult concept, I’d like to hear how you feel about it! Please vote below and help me improve my concept writing skills.

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Whoah! No way that’s dangerous

Are you referring to the disk with scar?

My thinking behind it is that since he has low base damage and skill power, he needs a way to peel enemies when his team gets bursted down and he’s the only one left standing because of his Cy-Bug invincibility frame. Being able to directly deal damage to health is one way to do that.

Does that make it more feasible?

Are you referring to his disk? Do you even know him?!!

Thank you for the votes so far! I really appreciate everyone :slight_smile:

Um… about the Memory Disks, it should be something new, that only King Candy and Scar can relate to. It cannot be named after one’s own skill. But other than that, it was great with all those movie references.

Oh, I didn’t know it was already a skill! Thanks for pointing that out––Scar hasn’t been released in our server yet so I didn’t know :smiley:

You are making me want a King Candy character way more than I already have been (can’t you tell by the username? Haha). This is fantastic! I really love the thought-out skill set, well done.

Dude why revive this topic?

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I… apologize? Didn’t mean to ruin your day? I’m new to the game and I love Wreck it Ralph. Nothing wrong with that.