Milo Thatch (Atlantis Concept)

So here’s my first attempt at coming up with a character concept of a character that I grew up with and loved. Please forgive any formatting faux pas that I may commit, I’ve only been here for a few days and I’ve yet to familiarize myself fully with the editor.


Milo Thatch (:star2::star2:)

Quote: “Atlantis is waiting
Bio: Plumber, Cartographer, Linguist, and 11th King of Atlantis. Milo seeks to restore the lost city of Atlantis and bring it to its former glory.

Control Character, Far Back (farther than eve/barbossa/maleficent), Blue Team

Collection Buffs: Control and Stun

Low damage, high hp and defensive stats, high conservation hero

Notable stats would be 50% conservation achieved as early as Purple 3 and high tenacity.

Going with this outfit over his usual scholar’s garments puts Milo in a better position to use the skill concept and he’s in a more settled timeline as opposed to pre-Atlantean Milo.

His Basic Attack will be lava rocks that he uses to feed Obby (Lava dog) in a two-step attack animation.

Costume suggestion would be his wedding garment shown at the end of the first movie.



Milo’s extensive knowledge of Atlantean secrets allows him to lure the mechanical Leviathan into the field that sweeps all enemies backward with it’s claw, dealing 200 damage +1.10 SP

damage type: fantastic, knock back distance: 650, cast animation: 1.30 seconds


Milo becomes increasingly tense and spouts gibberish with every 0.75% health lost and gains 2% energy gain and attack speed.

Passive, cast animation: instant, Effect is reduced against enemies higher than Milo’s level. Shows up as Atlantean characters comically coming out from his sides and speeds up the more health he loses.


Milo throws an activated crystal imbued with Kida’s Atlantean essence and lightly wounds the enemy with the highest energy for 50 + 0.15 SP and instantly removes 300 energy and reduces the energy gain by 30% in a small area around the target for 6 seconds. Wounded enemy
will bleed 50 energy per second.

Instant energy removal reduced for any enemy higher in level than Milo

Damage type: True, Initial CD: 1.5 secs, CD: 8, splash: 500, cast animation: 0.25 secs


As the 11th king of Atlantis, Milo can cleanse all status effects for the entire team using Atlantean magic and he becomes immune to disables for 4 seconds when his health reaches 25%. Can only be activated once every 11 seconds.

Passive, cast animation: instant, a blue light smites down on Milo (visuals would suggest the light is coming from the Heart of Atlantis).


Gaston (lvl 118) “slick adventurer”

King of Atlantis also receives invincibility for 1 sec (+0.75 sec per star) and heals by 4% max hp (+4% per star).

Disk Level adds HP for self and allies. Level also increases self Basic Damage.

Hercules (lvl 120) “sea of monsters”

Improves Shepherd’s Journal, adds mechanical Kraken animation and extra damage. Allows Milo to cast the skill instantly once the energy bar is filled and continue with basic attacks uninterrupted. Increases Tenacity by 11 per star.

Disk Level increases Skill Power.


I refuse to believe this is your first concept (just kidding.)

This is fantastic for a first timer! Great work!

@The_Autumnal_Vizier You’re too kind! Thank you for that, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’m fascinated by other people’s work around creating concepts and I decided to give it a try as well. In fact, I’ve read some of the ideas from your C. C. C. thread too!

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Great Concept nice to see someone doing a concept on a lesser known Disney character 10/10!

@Doge_Of_Autumn Thank you, mate! I’ve created a new one and I’m beginning to see a subconscious pattern––I think I’m drawn towards Disney Kings (Good and Bad) and might end up creating a concept for their collection once I finish creating a few more of them :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to my most recent one: The Horned King (Black Cauldron Concept)