King Of The Koopas (Unlikely Concept)

BOWSER (Movie)


”I’ve finally found it! Now, no one can stop me!”


Bio: The most powerful being in all of the lands has come to wreak havoc on the battlefield, while also confessing to his true love.

Team: Red
Position: Front
Role: Tank

Basic Animations

Entrance: Bowser drops down from his ship, onto the battlefield.
Victory: Bowser laughs maniacally.
Defeat: Bowser’s eyes widen as he looks sadly into the enemy team.
Basic attack: Bowser punches the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Troops Of Koopas
Passive: Instead of Performing a basic attack when a koopa is on the battlefield, each koopa heals him a random amount of HP every 5 seconds.

Active: Bowser sends a koopa in, which performs a basic attack every 2 seconds. (No more than 3 Koopas at once can be on the battlefield.)

Green Skill: Bowser’s Fury
Bowser breathes fire into the enemies, dealing X damage, silencing a random enemy for 5 seconds, and stunning another random enemy for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Peaches

Bowser breaks into song on his piano, charming 2 random enemies for 6 seconds, and also providing a shield to a random ally for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Causing Mischef

Now, with Bowser’s White Skill, “Troops of Koopas”, there can now be 5 Koopas at once, all of their attack speed is increased by 100%, and now there is also a chance a random koopa could come back as a Dry Bones.

Red Skill: Behold!

Bowser’s Green Skill, “Bowser’s Fury” now damages enemies X damage per second for 5 seconds.

  • X damage added to normal Basic Attack
  • X Duration added to Charms
  • X HP added to Koopa Heals



Playing With Fire
Allies- Manticore, Jake Long, Maleficent

Frollo and Bowser discuss the power of Fire, and use it to defeat their enemies.

Bowser’s Green Skill, “Bowser’s Fury”, now disables a random enemy.

Bowser/Li Shang

Training The Troops
Allies- The Horned King, Phoebus, Prince Phillip

Bowser hires Li Shang to put his troops into place, learning about his ways of teaching.

Each Koopa Troopa now deals twice the damage, and stuns the enemy they hit for 2 seconds.

Alternate Costume

Wedding Outfit


I truly put a ton of work into this project, making it realistic and unique.

I went to see the Mario movie the day before this was posted, and really enjoyed Jack Black’s version of Bowser, so I felt like doing a concept for that specific version.

I really hope you enjoyed this concept as much as I enjoyed making it! Please leave recommendations and advice down in the comments section down below, and I also take requests, to an extent.




Yep! Loved that part of the movie!!

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I wish they use crossovers from dreamworks and illumination

Please do not revive dead topics. Thank you!

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