ShadowMan16’s Concept Library

Hello, I am ShadowMan16, and this is the complete library of my concepts. I hope you enjoy!

Frollo: One of the darkest Villains (Likely Concept)
Miriam: The Best Friend of Meilin Lee (Likely Concept)
Taylor Bybee: What’s up guys, it’s Taylor from Coaster Studios here! (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Bowser (Mario Movie)- King Of The Koopas (Unlikely Concept)
Rameses II (The Prince of Egypt)- The King Of Egypt (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Liam (HFJONE): Liam, not Backpack (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Bryce (HFJONE) MY NAME IS NOT SODA BOTTLE! (Unlikely Concept)
Gelatin (BFDI)- “There’s not enough room up here!” Unlikely Concept
Karen Reynolds (Totally Studios)-
“I’m so sick of these Car Phones!” (Unlikely Concept) (Joke Concept)
Nori And Reachy (Battle for Rice): An Unlikely Duo (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Four & X- (BFDI)- A Powerful Duo (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Jackie Fuchs (Hell’s Kitchen)- The Epitome of Jersey (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Tennis Ball (BFDI)- Incoming Inventor (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Gaty (BFDI)- Best Friend of the Host (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
GPS (The Nightly Manor)- Object Gone Rogue (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Spraypaint & Mouse (The Nightly Manor)- Be A Friend To Me (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Charger Block & Crown (LOTS)- Best Friends to the Very End (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Jared Bobkin (Hell’s Kitchen)- Medic? (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Moldy (HFJONE)- Growing Greener (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Elise Wims-Harris (Hell’s Kitchen)- The Most Hated HK Contestant (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)
Michael (LOTS)- Caretaker in the Afterlife (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)

Hell’s Kitchen Contestants

  • Mary Lou Davis (S19)
  • Matthew Francis Johnson (S20)
  • Bret Hauser (S14 & S18) (Probably after Donut)
  • Tad Walters (S22)
  • Scotley Innis (S18)

BFDI Characters

  • 2
  • Fries
  • Bomby
  • Golf Ball
  • Coiny
  • Pin
  • Leafy
  • Blocky

HFJONE Characters

  • Amelia (Scenty)
  • Airy

The Nightly Manor Characters

  • Sketchpad

Prince of Egypt Characters:

  • Moses

PaS Characters:

  • R,S, and T

It’s Time for The Characters:

  • Alarm Clock

Animatic Battle Characters:

  • Animatic

Inanimate Insanity Characters:

  • Lightbulb
  • Test Tube

BURNER Characters:

  • Limey

Love of the S*n Characters:

  • Pipe Bomb



6/29 and Beyond
-Everyone else listed in the “Coming Soon” Section


Added Bowser to the list!

Added Rameses II to the list!

Sorry for the long break. More concepts are coming soon!!

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Added Liam to the list!

Added Bryce to the list!

  • Gelatin
  • Firey
  • Mary Lou
  • Jared

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Who’s next? Y’all’s pick!
Vote closes 2/26 or when the tie is broken.

Firey is chosen. Concept coming soon!

Firey added to the list! Poll for next concept is on the Firey concept!


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Added Gelatin to the list!

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Added Karen Reynolds to the list!

( I couldn’t find a gif )

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Nori and Reachy added to the list!

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Four & X added to the list! IMG_1085

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Jackie Fuchs added to the list!

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Tennis Ball added to the list! image

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Gaty added to the list!

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GPS added to the list!

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Spraypaint & Mouse added to the list! image

You are doing wonderful.

Might I suggest a few franchise s for you to be inspired by?

(NOTE: these are only suggestions. You don’t have to pick any, but it would make me happy.)

Murder Drones (Notable units. N, Uzi, Doll, Nori and Yeva)
The amazing digital circus (notable units, Pomni, Caine, Jax and gangle, kinger and zooble,)
Indigo park (notable characters, Rambley and Ed, Molly macaw)
Deltarune/undertale (Notable units, Spamton g spamton, papyrus, sans, annoying dog, Queen, King, Noel, and Rules card)
MINCED (Chuck steak and Silas sausage)
And Internecion cube. :stuck_out_tongue: (Ic:on)

Charger Block & Crown added to the list! image

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