One of the darkest Villains (Likely Concept)

Judge Claude Frollo
”I’ll find her, and I’ll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris!”
Role: Control
Team: Red
Position: Front


Entrance: Frollo walks in normally, then pulls out his sword.
Basic attack: Frollo swings his sword at the front most enemy.
Victory: Frollo crosses his arms, grinning
Defeat: Frollo frowns madly and walks away


White Skill: Smite The Wicked
Frollo Swipes his sword multiple times at the front most enemy, dealing X damage, and knocking them back.

Green Skill: Hellfire
Frollo throws his torch at the back most enemy, damaging them X Damage every second.

Blue Skill: I Pity You
Frollo looks at the enemy who damaged him last with a glare, snaring, sapping, and silencing that enemy.

Purple Skill: Protect Me, Maria
When Frollo reaches 0 HP, he gains a quarter of his health, and gains a shield for 5 seconds.

Red Skill: Cruel World
Frollo now deals X damage on I Pity You, and now it charms the enemy with the most power. (If that enemy is defeated, the one with the 2nd most power is the one charmed, and so on.)


Dr Facilier: Dark Magic
Protect Me, Maria now gives Frollo half of his health, not quarter.

Quasimodo: Bell Ringer
Hellfire now deals damage to all enemies, not just one, and it now also silences a random enemy.

I really hope you enjoyed this concept, Frollo is my favorite Disney villain, and I loved making this concept. My next concept, I do not know yet, but it will be soon!


This one is so good
I love frollo


Thank you so much!

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Your very welcome ShadowMan12.


For an idea for the description of this infamous Disney Villain for this game it would be: “Judge Claude Frollo longed to purge the world of vice and sin. And he saw corruption everywhere, except within. He uses his sword and fire to attack enemies.”

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That does sound nice. Maybe I’ll put a description next time.

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