Laurel Lightfoot & Blazey (Onward Hero Concept)

Laurel Lightfoot & Blazey


This woman elf and her pet dragon are extremely protective of their family, and will work to conquer anyone who threatens them.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I am a mighty warrior.”


  • Laurel walks into the battlefield.
  • Blazey scurries behind her.

Victory: (victory animation has both Laurel and Blazey animated together as the two perform in the battle separately)

  • Laurel cheers, and Blazey climbs onto her shoulders excitedly.


  • Laurel falls to her knees in exhaustion.
  • Blazey coughs up smoke.

Basic Attack: Blazey breathes fire at enemies.

White Skill - Warrior Workout - Fantastic Damage
Laurel grabs a handheld weight and jogs in place, granting herself and Blazey X HP while enemies that attack her are all silenced for 4 seconds. Until all enemies have been silenced at least once, Laurel will continue to jog in place.

Green Skill - Dragon Feed
Laurel feeds Blazey, granting him X HP. After he finishes eating, he breathes fire at the two closest enemies, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill - Emergency Hotline
Laurel calls Bronco, sending him driving his police car through enemies and dealing X damage.

Purple Skill - Family Matters
Each time Laurel uses her “Warrior Workout” skill, she grants X HP to the weakest ally and increases their attack speed by 45%.

Red Skill - Bad Dragon
Any skill Laurel uses that involves Blazey has its power tripled. Also, Blazey alone is immune to freezes and silences.

Laurel Lightfoot & Blazey + the Manticore
Campaign: Pawn Shop Problem - The Manticore has once again misplaced the Curse Crusher, so in order to get it back, they have to bring one of the City’s deadliest creeps to their seller as a fair trade.
Disk: Special Souvenir
Disk Memory: Laurel’s “Warrior Workout” skill will also remove X energy from enemy Laurels.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z reality

Laurel Lightfoot & Blazey + Elastigirl
Campaign: Parenting Done Right - Both Laurel and Helen are struggling to keep their kids in check, but taking each other’s parenting advice might solve their problems.
Disk: Motherly Miracle
Disk Memory: Laurel’s attack speed increases by 35% each time an enemy takes damage from her “Dragon Feed” skill.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power, Z energy gain


So they are like Kristoff & Sven? Having separate HP, basic attack & etc? Or they share their stats but Blazey will continue to attack while she is frozen?

All of the above. Laurel and Blazey are separate and perform independently (as in two different heroes like Kristoff and Sven, but still a package deal).

So they perform in an independent way, but share stats? Kinda interesting

Say if an ally gives HP or energy to either of the two, they both get it.

How does warrior workout deal fantastic damage? Please edit and give us a reason

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