Likely concept - Taffyta Muttonfudge

Taffyta Muttonfudge

Do not be fooled by Taffyta’s charming look, because she is everything but charming

“I can’t stop heavy inhale I can’t stop”
Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Midline
Trials Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Taffyta points her lollipop out dealing damage
Entrance: Taffyta drives in with her go kart, once shes in position she waves bye to her go kart as it leaves the screen. Once gone Taffyta fixes her hat and is ready for battle

Victory: Taffyta jumps into the air with a sweet face and arm out holding her lollipop as it shines

Defeat: Taffyta starts crying uncontrollably as she uses her hands as fans to her eyes


White Skill: Stay sweet! :white_circle:
:fist: Normal
Taffyta points her lollipop out to the strongest enemy and removes 50% of their reality for 15 seconds and stuns them for 8 seconds, Taffyta then gives 20% reality to the strongest ally.

If any enemy is silenced or charmed while Taffyta performs this skill, she slows the entire enemy teams movement and attack speed by 80% for 6 seconds.

If the enemy dodges the reality removal they are damaged for X damage instead.

(the damage she deals is not dodge-able)
(Taffyta can be the strongest ally)

The slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Green Skill: Gold metal :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Taffyta shows her gold metal to all enemies blinding them for 10 seconds, Taffyta then shows her allies her metal which increases their reality by 30% permanently and gives them all a 50% speed boost for 8 seconds.

Taffyta then throws the gold metal at enemies, the gold metal bounces between enemies 5 times and deals X damage, with each bounce the damage decreases by 10%.
If enemies are silenced or sapped the damage stays consistent with each bounce.

(The reality increase can only be done once a wave, when Taffyta performs this skill again in the same wave the reality increase won’t work)

The reality increase has a chance to fail against allies above level X

Blue Skill: It’s the glitch. :large_blue_circle:
:fist: Normal
Taffyta hops in her go-kart and drives past all enemies dealing X damage.
The enemies get stunned for 6 seconds and Taffyta gives her allies reflect for 14 seconds.
If the enemies were silenced or blinded their reality is decreased by 30% for 8 seconds
Reality decrease has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X

Purple Skill: We are SO sorry :purple_circle:
Every 8.5 seconds Taffyta removes 3 debuffs from all allies and heals herself for X hp

Red Skill: Yeah, you can’t race :red_circle:
:fist: Normal
When Taffyta or any ally removes reality in anyway the enemies are sapped for 8 seconds

When the gold metal from “Gold Metal” bounces it has a chance to steal X energy once while bouncing, when she throws the gold metal again this resets.
The energy is given to Taffyta
(cannot stack)
Sap has a chance to fail against allies above level X

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Max HP
  • Z Healing for “We are SO sorry”


Respect The Princess

Taffyta and Vanellope
When Taffyta dies she increases all allies reality by 40% and heals them for Z HP

Disk Power
+Z Reality
+X Basic Damage

When Taffyta performs “We are SO sorry” Taffyta gains a 5% speed increase for 8.5 seconds
Every star increases the speed by 5%

Allies: Ralph, Goofy, Alice

[Learning to share]

Taffyta and Mable Mabel Pines - Hero concept
Taffyta gives 20% of the energy she gains to her allies without losing any energy she gains

Disk Power
+Z energy gain from all sources
+X Damage to all blinded enemies

Taffyta’s allies get 10% of the healing from "We are SO sorry
(every star increases the healing to allies by 10%(

Allies: Elastagirl, Disgust, Bo peep

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Um, the trial team is wrong. Characters from Wreck it Ralph are on the Blue team, not yellow.


Oh yeah you are right, sorry I kinda forgot about that

Lol I forgot that’s her last name.

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