Mabel Pines - Hero concept

Mabel Pines

Mabel’s terrible singing skills, love for summer romance, and fun personality all join the battle!

“Yeah, at least when I go home I always have Dipper. Good old reliable old…"
Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Backline
Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: See passive

Entrance: Mabel rides waddles into battle, she rides waddles upfront then rides waddles back into position. When in position Mable hops off Waddles and gives Waddles two head pats.

Victory: Mable hops 3 times happily and then picks up Waddles, hugging and rubbing her face on him.
(I would like to say I do not know Waddles gender, so I am going to refer to Waddles as a boy. If Waddles is a girl please let me know and I will fix this)

Defeat: Mable sits down and puts her sweater over her head and legs, then Mable starts rocking back and forth.


White Skill: Smile Dip :white_circle:

Passive: Mable licks the stick from Smile Dip giving her 1 stack of “Fun” every time she licks it.
Each stack of “Fun” gives Mable X energy and has a 50% chance to increase Mable’s attack and movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds. Mable can have 12 stacks of “Fun” at a time. (Speed can’t stack)

Active: Mable jumps in the air three times, each jump healing allies for X HP. If Mable has 6 stacks of “Fun” or more when using this skill, her allies and Mable also gain a 35% movement speed increase and X basic damage with every jump for 4 seconds. (+2 seconds each jump)

When Mable performs this skill she cannot gain debuffs (can’t be silenced, stunned etc)
Movement speed increase and basic damage increase has a chance to fail on allies above level X

Green Skill: Singing better :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Mable grabs a mic and terribly sings into it, all enemy’s get silenced for 8 seconds and Mable gains 4 stacks of “Fun”.

If Mable has 6 stacks of “Fun” while performing this skill enemies take X damage and the three allies with the lest HP gain a shield that blocks X damage and heal X HP
(I don’t imagine the healing on this skill would be much, but still good)

Mable does X extra damage against enemies with a shield when she performs this skill

The extra damage against shielded enemies has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Blue Skill: Waddles The Runner :large_blue_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Mable sends Waddles to the farthest enemy, running across all enemies dealing X damage. When Waddles reaches the enemy he hits the enemy for X damage and steals X energy, if the energy Waddles steals is less than X he steals more from the enemy beside him. He then runs back running over all enemies again dealing X damage and giving the energy to all allies including Mable.

If the enemy’s Waddles stole energy from had less than 50% HP Waddles steals X HP and gives it to his team, healing them for X HP.

If Mable has 4 stacks of “Fun” when she performs this skill she gains 3 stacks of “Fun” and hugs waddles for a shield that blocks X damage, if Mabel is above 60% HP she gives this shield to the enemy with the least HP.

Purple Skill: Twin Superpowers :purple_circle:
Each stack of “Fun” heals allies for X HP every second, every extra stack of “Fun” heals allies for X more HP.

If Mable has 8 stacks or more of “Fun” The healing is doubled. (Each stack of “Fun” will still increase healing, but now its doubled.)

Red Skill: Ultra Performance :red_circle:
After Mable has 12 stacks of “Fun” for 6 seconds She uses them all for a huge wave of healing, all allies Max HP is increased by Z and heal for Z HP.

“Singing Better” now silences enemies for 12 seconds and scares enemies for 8 seconds

“Twin superpowers” Healing is increased by Z HP

+Z Skill Power
+Z Max HP
+Z Healing to all allies

Friendships: :handshake:

Twins Forever

Mable and Dipper: Dipper Pines - Hero Concept
Every 3 stacks of “Fun” Mable gives all allies X basic damage permanently

Disk Power:
+Z Tenacity
+Z Max HP

All speed gains Mable gets is increased by 5%
(+10% every star)

Allies: Merlin, Vanellope, Joy

Sing Off

Mable and Taffyta: Likely concept - Taffyta Muttonfudge
Silenced enemies take X damage every second and heal Mabel and Allies every second

Disk Power:
+Z Reality
+Z Max HP

Whenever Waddles hits someone in “Waddles The Runner” Waddles takes 3% of their max HP and gives it to Mable and Allies (+6% every star)

Allies: Disgust, Violet, Jessie

Which Friendship would you use
  • Dipper
  • Taffyta

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Like Dipper, I don’t know if this is a likely concept or not

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These concepts are unlikley beacuse of copyrights isuses with gravity falls

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Thank you for telling me!

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