List of Bugs on the Heroes and the Design Issues

Hero Bugs


  • White Skill: The Supply Crate falls too slow and its animation is affected by slows on Launchpad, causing the crate/white skill not to do anything for over 10 seconds. Sometimes, while Launchpad is using white skill and is interrupted the crate, doesn’t drop, even after finishing the whole animation of white skill.


  • Red Skill: Enemies are able to remove all buffs even with Joy on the team.


  • White Skill: Enemy’s Hardy stacks and Evasion cause Jafar to be stuck in an endless loop of using white skill as he fails to charm his target.

Donald Duck

  • Purple Skill: The skill completely doesn’t work.

Nick Wilde

  • White Skill: When the skill is used and lemmings appear on the left and meanwhile Nick dies, the lemmings do nothing.

Miguel Rivera

  • Green Skill: The buffs are never applied to non-damage role allies despite clearly stating it should.
  • Red Skill: The Max HP buff is level-capped like before the refresh. (After refresh the level-capped was stated to be removed, yet it still is!)
  • Blue Skill: Blue skill doesn’t decrease attack speed as it should.


  • Red Skill: Mass-applied slows trigger energy gain only once. While with mass-applied freezes it triggers for each enemy frozen.

Agent P

  • White Skill: The skill never deals critical hit, even with guaranteed super crit.

Fairy Godmother, Powerline, Namaari

  • Guild War/Snail Sabotage: These heroes become untargetable and invincible for the whole battle if they were sabotaged by a snail.

Design Issues


  • Purple Skill/All: Due to the vulnerability to debuffs the purple skill can be turned against himself and his allies, causing enemies to take damage from Megavolt’s purple skill which kills his own allies.
    • How to solve: Give Megavolt immunity to all debuffs.


  • Purple Skill: The purpose of this skill is to counter silence and use the white skill more frequently against it, but because Esmeralda can also be silenced the energy gain doesn’t do much as she too can’t use the white skill.
    • How to solve: Give Esmeralda immunity to silences.

Miguel Rivera

  • Red Skill and Battle Badge: Miguel receives Basic Damage despite having on him 0 effect.
    • How to solve: Replace Basic Damage on red skill for tenacity/evasion and on Battle Badge for Skill Power.


  • Battle Badge: Same as Miguel, she gains basic damage despite having no use for it.
    • How to solve: Replace Basic Damage on Battle Badge for Skill Power.
  • Red Skill: Evasion scaling per level on the skill makes it fall behind the maximum level and makes it have no effect
    • How to solve: Change scaling to be exactly as same as Meilin’s tenacity from her red skill


  • Red Skill: Tenacity scaling per level on the skill makes it fall behind the maximum level and makes it have no effect.
    • How to solve: Change scaling to be exactly as same as Meilin’s tenacity from her red skill


  • Animation: Victory animation is broken

Jack Sparrow

  • Red Skill: Normal Crit bonus has no use. Jack’s core NC guarantees super crits.
    • How to solve: Replace Normal Crit with evasion/tenacity.

Kim Possible

  • Purple Skill: Kim’s purple skill doesn’t do a thing. Kim’s core NC guarantees super crits.
    • How to solve: Re-design purple skill which will have a new effect.


  • Blue Skill: The skill can be interrupted by enemies and Maui will never apply buffs to his allies.
    • How to solve: Tie-in blue skill to the entry animation as Timon’s green skill.

Judy Hopps

  • Green Skill: The skill can be interrupted by enemies and Judy will never apply buffs to his allies.
    • How to solve: Tie-in green skill to the entry animation as Timon’s green skill.

If someone has other bugs with heroes, then post them here to be added.
This is just a thread to keep all bugs in a single place, so none will be forgotten.


Jack Sparrow´s red skill Normal Crit is useless at Y23.

He already has 557 (+15) Normal Crit on a 350 cap, which is guaranteed super crit.

With the red skill he has… 557 (+15) +150.

Unless some extention of Super Crit is unveiled, please change the bonus (ideally some slightly working Evasion or Tenacity).

x4 Crit could be named Ultra Crit :thinking:


It seems necessary to remind two major bugs then.

FGM : when snailed in war she’s never aimed by the attacking team so she’s litterally invincible…

Naamari : almost same bug, sometimes she’s not aimed by attacking team but I don’t know the prerequisites

Lucas (cosmetic bug) : in heist, if Lucas is one hero that can be called for support, his entrance move quick appears even if he’s not in fact being called.


Luca and Alberto. Yes it is known.

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Snail sabotage causes issues with most heroes that have a slightly alternative entrance (Powerline, Hank and Dory)

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Repost this, the third. So far it hasn’t been fixed


It’s rare, but clawhauser can get stuck in a white skill loop against a reflect line, even after reflect should be gone. Wish I was taking a video of it instead

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Maybe someone could think of a design issue with Quasi? If he’s still alive with at least a minute remaining, then he’s near impossible to kill and just leads to timeouts since he regens too fast to kill him. Not asking for a total redesign, but if it’s 5 vs 1 with 75 seconds remaining then it should be easier to kill him, but he survives with barely a scratch of damage. It’s fine for coliseum, since you can plan for that match to be a timeout, but it sucks to lose due to a timeout in the arena after you’ve easily beaten all of the other opponents.

Might also just be me here, but I feel the Zeus white skill nerf went too far. It should be eased back a bit. Maybe not as much as originally, but it should do more damage than it does now that the red skill has been nerfed.

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Use better heroes against him.

Aurora and 22 especially leave him crying for help (again).


Yax’s red ability doesn’t work properly to make enemies lose energy before taking body odor damage.

a question: have you ever thought of some way for heroes that don’t do damage, like miguel, joy… to cause some kind of damage, even if it’s minimal, instead of just healing? for example Mickey does damage, even if it’s minimal

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I agree, but sometimes even using multiple counters against Quasi isn’t enough. He doesn’t need a huge tweak, but maybe just a timer/delay in some of his abilities - like only once every 10 seconds or such.

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The fact that this one is still a problem upsets me greatly, it’s been mentioned so many times (probably more than the rest of this list) yet nothing has been done about it.


Because all his abilities have a Max HP% heal and Armor/Reality gain.

It’s more that any debuffer (not buff remover!) against him makes him ultra tanky.


Yes, it just looks like there is a proper tank after many years of not having one.
Amd then there are 4 more!

Just remove his buffs and he dies.


You just like him and Meilin being broken, don’t ya? :smirk:


Add in Demona’s Blue Skill.

The Scare at the “start of combat” doesn’t actually Scare at the start of combat like Barbossa’s Tia Dalma Disk does for Study… it only Scares after a delay, and by then its already too late to do any real effects in battle with your team…

And Meilin Lee’s Blue Skill lets her fly by enemies without doing any damage to them at all.

And last one I can find, Luca & Alberto’s White Skill… I’ve seen them take damage or die before they finish riding across the screen, where they are supposed to be invulnerable to being targeted.


About Scrooge: his green skill knocks enemies way too far and in the wierd direction. Sometimes he pushes creeps all the way to the backmost of his team’s side, and when he uses white skill the coins dont connect with them resulting in 0 damage done no matter how many coins he got.

Proposed solution:

  1. reduce knock back range and/or make it so his green skill only pushes people towards their side, not Scrooge and his team’s.
  2. replace knock back with a mini stun or slow, anything but knockback.
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