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Happy Monday! We’re looking forward to chatting with you again today! Let’s get started!


So what gave you guys the idea to create this whole game with its plot line of Disney characters being trapped in a City full of enemies?

So originally we planned to release DH with Ralph Breaks the Internet. So setting the game in the Internet just made sense. Additionally, having “virtual” versions of all the classic Disney characters helped resolve a lot of narrative issues in terms of: why would these characters be together, different timelines, etc. HTH!


First question.
(Its kinda off topic)
Why will this thread close in 10 years?

Also. What is the reason for not being able to choose what your characters do? Like another RPG?

Like what skills they do.

And how do you choose quotes?

When making heroes for movies not released yet like Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Toy Story 4, do you guys get a sneak peak of those movies so you can plan ahead of what they can do in game?


Do you plan to release more costumes in the future?


Hi team PB,

Cheeky question, are you able to share any information or hints of any features you’ve been working on :blush:

Are there plans for a rarity beyond Red? :zipper_mouth_face:


Yes we do! It’s a really fun part of the job. Sometime early versions of movies can be rather different from the final result. Movies go through many iterations of story and art before being released (just like games). In the very early phases, we just get to see concept art or early art. Later on we might get to see a screening for a key movie.


Wow! Lucky ducks :grin:

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Does that mean you saw Frozen 2 early? And if so, did you like it :slight_smile:

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Niste nesimțiți cei de la PB

We’d love to add more costumes to the game. The challenge is that they require as much back-and-forth with Disney as a brand-new character. We also need to make sure we’re being faithful to characters by only using costumes that the character actually wore in a movie/TV show, etc. So costumes end up being complex to produce. We’ve decided to focus on new characters right now and don’t have plans for additional costumes. Never say never, but it’s unlikely.


I put the question in the past live chat but wondering if you answer. How do you decided what will be the backstory of this characters. Like why you choose for example the Young version of Simba rather that the adult one?

Va băgăm bani sa va băieți joc de noi

Frozen 2 was not one we got to see early unfortunately. But we did get some sneak peaks at new character art!


Wow I’m jealous! I would love to see the movies sooner and be able to talk with Disney?

Are you guys accepting applications?


Puteti sa ma si blocați imi faceti chiar un bine . Nu meritati nici timpul de l-am pierdut scriind.

Another question i have: if City Watch is making a LOT of trouble to many, many players. Why the teams can’t be generated like the ones from Invasion?

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Honestly I would work for free for PerBlue if it meant I could talk with Disney.


I bet they’d like that too.

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