Live Chat 2/21

And ending the chat, we will have the patch note

Will you add hero chips and badges to guild request or it isn’t worth to wait? What problems with it?

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I tried asking this the last time, but the session right after I asked, so i hope it is okey if I try and ask again :-).

I have been a bit unsure if Kingdom Hearts characters are possible for Disney Heroes as I am not sure if you at Perblue have the right permission/license to have Kingdom Hearts characters in the game.
I don’t know if this is something you have the permission to answer, but I am wondering if Kingdom Hearts characters are theoretically have a chance of coming to Disney Heroes?

I know Kingdom Hearts is in both Disney Tsum Tsum and Disney Emoji, though they are puzzle games so not sure if it is as easy for this kind of game and Disney Heroes is a more action and story oriented game.

In any case, thanks for adding so many interesting characters and looking forward to see what the next ones will be no matter if they are from Kingdom Hearts or not :-).


I loved war posters but I know we could never see the new one anymore,
So I wish we could get old one for wall papers.

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Hey there, I’m Epic Mickey on S2 :smile: I do want to first thank all of you for your involvement and hard work to make the game as amazing as it currently is, and I know it can only get better in the coming future!

With the latest addition of Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, I noticed this is the first hero that kind of stays in one place and doesn’t advance towards enemies, choosing instead to stay perched on his rock.

Will there be other characters in the future that would have unique mechanics such as this? In terms of how they could operate compared to others :slightly_smiling_face:


We can go pretty far! And we do and will over time! One thing that’s not always obvious to players (or even to us) is which shows/movies/etc. that Disney actually owns. Some shows, like Gravity Falls for example, are licensed by Disney (not fully owned). There can be many different kinds of licensing agreements, some that are more friendly to us being able to use the characters and some less. So we always ask to see if it’s possible.


Also I think we can get some prizes for our donations in guild?

So they aren’t able to come without Alex Hirsch’s permission?


What happened to the friendship of The Beast, Gaston and Duke Caboom? Are they all scrapped?


Good Q! We definitely have ideas of our own about which characters would be fun to see together. For example, Duke Caboom and Gonzo just needed to be friends! But we have to chat with Disney about our choices; they often have good suggestions for friend pairs that we use as well.


Another good idea. I will also add this to our takeaways list from this chat!


I posted this last week in the guild leader forum and nobody has gotten back to me. I want sure it gets attention as it can fix a major issue in this game

Are there any characters that Disney has specifically requested that you add in promo for a new movie or anything like that?

Thanks)) i really fan of this game and I have a lot of ideas))

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Probably Mickey Mouse

Sorry if it too much :sweat_smile:


Beast and Gaston’s second friendships are in the works! Their mystery friend is a hero who has taken a long time to finish.



high-pitched scream!!!


Like in the Looney tunes will say. He/she finally do the right turn in Albuquerque.


I have a question regarding the skill levels of PvE opponents.

It’s my opinion that the levels of the PvE opponents should be consistent with player hero max levels, particularly in friendship campaigns. Example: at lv 90, the player’s hero skill levels are capped at 90/90/70/50, whereas the opponent’s levels are 90/90/90/90. At 160, players cap at 160/160/140/120 while opponents are 160’s across the board. If the numbers from those skills continue to increase exponentially, how many more level cap raises will it take before PvE opponents become too much for the assigned heroes in friendship campaigns to overcome? It’s not like we can swap in another hero to counter; we can only use the heroes assigned for that chapter of the campaign.

We’ve already seen the massive increase in difficulty from the recent Mr. Incredible refresh, particularly in the Joy/Olaf campaign, where a healer and a low-powered tank are expected to defeat a hero that gets ridiculously powerful at 50% health from his blue skill. Since the blue skill for the opponent is already 20 levels higher than the equivalent player hero would be, making it a challenge to go one on one with the player’s own Mr. I, how could Joy and Olaf possibly be expected to overcome him before he crushes them? Without spending a lot of resources to fully enchant, advance mods, maybe even spend chips to rearrange mods from how you would normally want to be set up for other game modes, all to pass this one stage?

Not everyone can play at that maxed-out level. It begs the question, are certain friendship disks intended to only be accessible by a minority subset of Challenge-level players? Is this “working as intended”? If not, what is PerBlue doing to alleviate this? I would really love to see some feedback on this.

Thanks for reading.

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