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I posted this last week in the guild leader forum and nobody has gotten back to me. I want sure it gets attention as it can fix a major issue in this game

Are there any characters that Disney has specifically requested that you add in promo for a new movie or anything like that?

Thanks)) i really fan of this game and I have a lot of ideas))

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Probably Mickey Mouse

Sorry if it too much :sweat_smile:


Beast and Gaston’s second friendships are in the works! Their mystery friend is a hero who has taken a long time to finish.



high-pitched scream!!!


Like in the Looney tunes will say. He/she finally do the right turn in Albuquerque.


I have a question regarding the skill levels of PvE opponents.

It’s my opinion that the levels of the PvE opponents should be consistent with player hero max levels, particularly in friendship campaigns. Example: at lv 90, the player’s hero skill levels are capped at 90/90/70/50, whereas the opponent’s levels are 90/90/90/90. At 160, players cap at 160/160/140/120 while opponents are 160’s across the board. If the numbers from those skills continue to increase exponentially, how many more level cap raises will it take before PvE opponents become too much for the assigned heroes in friendship campaigns to overcome? It’s not like we can swap in another hero to counter; we can only use the heroes assigned for that chapter of the campaign.

We’ve already seen the massive increase in difficulty from the recent Mr. Incredible refresh, particularly in the Joy/Olaf campaign, where a healer and a low-powered tank are expected to defeat a hero that gets ridiculously powerful at 50% health from his blue skill. Since the blue skill for the opponent is already 20 levels higher than the equivalent player hero would be, making it a challenge to go one on one with the player’s own Mr. I, how could Joy and Olaf possibly be expected to overcome him before he crushes them? Without spending a lot of resources to fully enchant, advance mods, maybe even spend chips to rearrange mods from how you would normally want to be set up for other game modes, all to pass this one stage?

Not everyone can play at that maxed-out level. It begs the question, are certain friendship disks intended to only be accessible by a minority subset of Challenge-level players? Is this “working as intended”? If not, what is PerBlue doing to alleviate this? I would really love to see some feedback on this.

Thanks for reading.

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Disney doesn’t really request characters from us. It’s more the other way around. So when there are big movies coming up, like say one about a Chinese warrior princess, we definitely ask for them.


What gives y’all the idea to release the characters that tied with the movie?

Mulan confirmed? ooooooo


A indirect very direct.


Any gold rework coming? You made skills more expensive but really didn’t increase gold output at all… It is insane now the amount of gold needed to max a skill…


IP stands for Intellectual Property. Intellectual Properties are distinct movies and TV shows of the same universe. The Incredibles is one Disney IP, another example would be the DuckTales TV shows.

All heroes of the same IP go into the same Trails teams. We decide which IP goes into which team colour based on the first hero of an IP to enter the game. We consider factors like how balanced each team colour is in that moment, as well as the hero’s role and how many of each type are in each team. After that, every hero of that same IP that goes into the game is added to the same team colour.



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Thanks Mighty Queen. This is something we can take a look at.

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will it be possible to vote for characters who will enter the game
(but not straight)

Can you cut the timer on free diamond crate? 48 hours it’s too much. Also most of items in it is frustrating


Server 16 why are the deals so bad on this server needs to be the same across the servers

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