Live Chat 2/21

Will all questions (every last one) get answered? ‘Cause last time some weren’t answered


So I have noticed that character icons seem to be categorized in different color hues:
image image image image image image !

Is there a purpose for this?


That’s good feedback Ignasio. We’ll think on that one.


Do you think the red skills will be able to give them (old heroes) a new refreshment? I think of elastigirl or ralph that are the very first heroes we get.

Yes! We have been giving older hero Red Skills with the aim of making them more relevant, and we’re going to keep that up on a regular cadence. We’re also going to start up polls like we do with old hero refreshes to ask you who you want to get Red Skills next.


Good question! The answer is… they don’t mean anything. We just pick out colors that look good with the specific character.


So what you’re saying is… blue fits with almost every hero?


What caused the update to be delayed?

Bugs during testing @Chief_Lionheart_XLI. Bugs


What do you mean with the IP for the trial teams? Still dont get it

And ending the chat, we will have the patch note

Will you add hero chips and badges to guild request or it isn’t worth to wait? What problems with it?

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I tried asking this the last time, but the session right after I asked, so i hope it is okey if I try and ask again :-).

I have been a bit unsure if Kingdom Hearts characters are possible for Disney Heroes as I am not sure if you at Perblue have the right permission/license to have Kingdom Hearts characters in the game.
I don’t know if this is something you have the permission to answer, but I am wondering if Kingdom Hearts characters are theoretically have a chance of coming to Disney Heroes?

I know Kingdom Hearts is in both Disney Tsum Tsum and Disney Emoji, though they are puzzle games so not sure if it is as easy for this kind of game and Disney Heroes is a more action and story oriented game.

In any case, thanks for adding so many interesting characters and looking forward to see what the next ones will be no matter if they are from Kingdom Hearts or not :-).


I loved war posters but I know we could never see the new one anymore,
So I wish we could get old one for wall papers.

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Hey there, I’m Epic Mickey on S2 :smile: I do want to first thank all of you for your involvement and hard work to make the game as amazing as it currently is, and I know it can only get better in the coming future!

With the latest addition of Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, I noticed this is the first hero that kind of stays in one place and doesn’t advance towards enemies, choosing instead to stay perched on his rock.

Will there be other characters in the future that would have unique mechanics such as this? In terms of how they could operate compared to others :slightly_smiling_face:


We can go pretty far! And we do and will over time! One thing that’s not always obvious to players (or even to us) is which shows/movies/etc. that Disney actually owns. Some shows, like Gravity Falls for example, are licensed by Disney (not fully owned). There can be many different kinds of licensing agreements, some that are more friendly to us being able to use the characters and some less. So we always ask to see if it’s possible.


Also I think we can get some prizes for our donations in guild?

So they aren’t able to come without Alex Hirsch’s permission?


What happened to the friendship of The Beast, Gaston and Duke Caboom? Are they all scrapped?


Good Q! We definitely have ideas of our own about which characters would be fun to see together. For example, Duke Caboom and Gonzo just needed to be friends! But we have to chat with Disney about our choices; they often have good suggestions for friend pairs that we use as well.


Another good idea. I will also add this to our takeaways list from this chat!

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