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Yay! I feel like it has been an issue for a long time and you guys haven’t done anything because you don’t know how to approach it without bothering a part of the community. Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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Are the “deals” created by AI or by a team? Some of the deals offered really make no sense.


What was the thought/development process behind creating “the Inventor” and the colorful cast of “Creeps” we see infecting the City?


I want ask about disk power too. It’ll be never enough.

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Holy crap… never seen that one.

Server 5. With how many people are you guys actually working in total in Perblue? And is the Polaris account only used by 1 single person or do other people at the office have acces to the account as well? Sometimes I think it’s a lot of work for just one person to handle the community with the entire player base.


Thanks for appreciating the unique mechanics of Gerald, Marlin & Nemo! As the total hero roster gets bigger, we definitely look for ways to make their mechanics fresh. So I would guess you’ll see another character who is more stationary.


Who is your guys favorite hero or heroes you made for the game?

What’s up with Kim Possible?

Kim is still in the works! We decided to not have her tied to any schedule, so that we can ensure tip-top quality and authenticity to her character. The good news there is that she’s in progress, but the unfortunate side is that we can’t promise any release date near or far.


Are you able to add characters that are from original Disney attractions like the Haunted Mansion or even the Jungle Cruise sense that’s getting its own movie soon?

Since you guys request the heroes, rather than Disney requesting them… does that mean Star Wars is a possibility? Even with a Star Wars game already existing?

In case this got lost in the chat :slight_smile:


What are these trial teams based on?
In my opinion, for example, RED team characters are based on action heroes. BLUE team characters are based on imaginary fiction. And YELLOW team are based on city living.


Hello :wave:

I would really be happy if the questions will be answered. :slight_smile:

What’s up with Kim Possible ? She was almost done, give disk to already existing hero - Duke, she’s also most wanted character to be added by players now (from May) and anything great…
Kim will be released, there’s some works moved since November?

There’s any plans for another TV shows characters? TaleSpin, Bonkers, American Dragon, Phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls and The Owl House would be really amazing addition for the game, fits perfectly for fighting themed game. And at least pressure for Kim Possible will be slightly smaller, since not only Duck will be given to us.

Do you have possibility to add Fox’s characters now, after Disney bought Fox last year? Simpsons, Ice Age or even Garfield (and of course more)?

Could cap rise be released every 6 weeks, 4 weeks is too tight duration between caps.

What happen also with Kermit and Sadness? They are also main characters of their movies but wasn’t added.

Could ‘‘RARE’’ deals be offered more often, as showed above.

Could backgrounds in invasion fights include all available backgrounds, you did really great ones for newest chapters such as Black Pearl or Bonnie’s Room.

And lastly, for now. What’s the main aim of PB’s team for DH:BM for this year? :slight_smile:


We do manually create almost all of our deals. Sorry if some of them are less appealing. People do look for a broad mix of different resources and items.


Do you have possibility to add Fox’s characters now, after Disney bought Fox last year?

For our purposes, Fox is considered a separate entity than Disney. It wouldn’t be impossible for us to get heroes from Fox properties, but it would be difficult. We don’t have any plans on Fox heroes at the moment.


Will there be an alphabetical rosters?


I believe the Creeps and/or the Inventor was inspired by the real-life Creeper Virus of the early 70s?

This virus’ message pretty much reminds me of how the Inventor just kept on running for the Heroes to catch him…

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